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We at G4 Mission have a passion to see mere seat-warmers in the local church be transformed into soldiers in the Kingdom of God. So, when an opportunity is given for us to share God’s Word in a local church, we preach keeping that in mind. Between November 2012 to Feb 2013, Duke preached in the Sunday Church service of eight different churches, after a warm invitation by the senior pastors of those churches. Here is a list of those churches: the Capstone AG Church (Hitec City – led by Rev. Chaitanya Gera), the Good Shepherd CNI Church (Mumbai – led by Rev. P. Abraham), the History Maker International Church (Navi Mumbai – led by Rev. Anil Alexander), the Abundant Life AG Church (Chennai – led by Rev. Senthil), the New Creation AG Church (Chennai – led by Rev. Jegil), the Life Fellowship (Trivandrum – led by Rev. Sam Varghese), the Victory Church (New Delhi – led by Dr. Y. D. Jeyaseelan) and Trichy City AG Church (Trichy – led by Rev. Dr. Norman Bhasker). Duke’s messages of encouragement and challenge that brought about comfort and conviction in these churches among the believers were titled as follows: You Can Burn Me, But I Will Not Stop Burning (Witnessing) for Jesus! (Revelation 11 study), Bible Animals That Preach!, Bible Questions That Challenge, Lessons From Christmas Characters (preached twice), Have You Grown To Be This Jeroboam?, They Were Killed By God – But Why?, and Soldier or Spectator (Uriah Character Study). Duke included an illustration of a British soldier who was a mere spectator to the atrocities happening around him, narrated in the book pictured in this page (post), in one of these sermons. A senior church leader told Duke after one of these sermons, “This is the first time I am hearing someone preach an entire message from the life of this particular Bible character you preached from! We were blessed!” Some of these messages have already been uploaded onto Duke’s Youtube channel:



“The Devil trembles when he sees even the weakest saint on his knees!” We have heard that being oft-repeated. We at Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission do not believe in merely praying for our ministry, but that prayer IS ministry! So, keeping this mind, an intercession time for the nation of India, the world at large, and for the Google Generation called the FOUNTAIN OF TEARS AGAINST MOUNTAIN OF FEARS FASTING PRAYER was planned. This prayer time is based on Jeremiah 9:1 – “Oh that my head were waters, And my eyes a FOUNTAIN OF TEARS, that I might weep day and night, For the slain of the daughter of my people”. It is also based on Jeremiah 9:10 – “For the MOUNTAINS I will take up a weeping and wailing…” The first meeting held on June 8, Saturday between 10 to 3 p.m., drew 13 people working in different corporate companies and hailing from different churches (AGies to Emmanuel House of Worship). After a time of prayer for the problems of the nation, we took time to pray for needs of individuals present which was for a godly life partner, mostly. God’s presence swept our base! Two short messages, one by Duke and another by Evan blessed those who came. Post the fasting prayer, there was a time of rich fellowship and a lip-smacking idly late-lunch. Moving on to talk about two other prayer-meets: Duke ministered in two early morning services of the 40-day fasting prayer of the NLAG, Secunderabad, during Lent Season 2013. “Gifts of the Spirit put in g-i-f-t-s” & “This Judas Can Be You” – were the two message that Duke preached. In Life Fellowship, Trivandrum, Duke shared a message titled, “Don’t give up!” Duke’s messages strengthened the believers.



If young people are reached FIRST, India will be reached FAST! This, we at Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission, strongly believe! Revived young people make fantastic, fast-moving witnesses for Jesus, don’t they? Keeping this mind, we accept invitations from churches to minister to their young people. Between November 2012 to June 2013, Duke Jeyaraj ministered in five youth meetings/youth camps. The Emmanuel AG Church, Pune, the Mark Buntain Memorial AG Church, Kolkata, the Trichy City AG Church, Trichy, the Centenary Baptist Church, Hyderabad, and the CSI Wesley Church, Musheerabad, Hyderabad were the five churches which had Duke Jeyaraj minister to their youth during this period. Duke preached messages from unlikely Bible passages (like, Ezekiel 23), on taboo topics (like, sex, love, marriage, etc.,), with great results (like, young people, some fighting back their tears, surrendering their head, heart, hands, heels, to Jesus). The message that Duke preached in Kolkata, “Still Single?: Here are some possible reasons why,” was uploaded on his youtube channel: The outline of one of his messages to the Baptist youth was titled, “Popular UnBiblical Alternatives To Marriage Questioned,” and this was uploaded to A browser from Australia said that he was blessed by that upload. Duke’s wife Evangelin (Evan), joined him to minister along-side him, some of the time in these meetings. During her message on secrets of winning the battle against sin to a bunch of CSI church youth in Medak, she moved the youth to lift their Bibles and vow to use the Bible as a ‘sword’ to overcome Sin and Satan (see picture). Questions that young people asked were answered with courage and candidness, and without compromise by the duo of Duke & Evan.


Many Indians from other faiths would never normally walk into a church or attend a Christian meeting or view a Christian TV program. One of the best ways to give these precious folk the Gospel is to distribute tracts with interesting content to them, so that they could read these, right where they are. The volunteers of Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission (G4 Mission) used Duke’s two interesting tracts – the ‘bubbly’ one and the ‘Dhoni’ one – to distribute tracts in 6 different tract outreaches held between January to June 2013, in various parts of Hyderabad. Places like the Begumpet Railway Station, outside Uppal Cricket Stadium (just before an IPL game), the Hitec City Railway station (where over 500 tracts were given to MNC employees), Rajiv Gandhi Circle of Malaysian Township, Suchitra Circle on Medchal Highway, Outside Yashoda Hospital Somajiguda, etc., were covered. Some volunteers, testified to the stunning way some of those who took the tracts, stood rooted to the ground, to read what was given to them! Post these tract distributions, Duke would gather the volunteers (right on the road-side) and teach them a 3-minute Bible meditation on evangelism and missions before leading them in intercession. During his train/flight travels Duke continues to give these tracts to nearby, interested folks. In Chennai Airport, Duke had the joy of giving one of these tracts to Tamil Movie actor Atharvaa! Everyone – from rickshaw puller to the rich and famous – must be saved! If they must be saved, they must first hear of Jesus! That’s why we at G4 Mission do tract distribution regularly!



Between April to June 2013, the Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission (G4 Mission), conducted three Bible Book summaries at its rented base (pictured in this page/post). The books of John, First John and Second John were studied during this period in three different meetings. After a soul-stirring time of worship, which Evangelin Duke would lead in, Duke Jeyaraj would conduct a fun activity.  For example, during the IPL month, a quiz on the IPL was conducted (the picture clues he used are this page/post).  After this, Duke would teach the hungry Bible-lovers from different churches of the city, working in different corporate companies/studying in different colleges, who would gather. The Emmaus experience became the experience of those who came – their hearts were warmed by the no-nonsense teaching of the Bible packaged around contemporary events Jesus-style (Luke 13), Paul-style (Acts 17). They were told what they needed to hear, rather than what they wanted to hear via a memorable, original ‘acronym’ outline. Poisonous teachings like the ‘hyper-grace’ teaching, popular with the Google Gen, were exposed as false by the exposition of the Word. These Bible studies were uploaded onto Duke’s youtube channel: so that they would benefit a larger audience.  Folks from Chennai, from Singapore, etc., connected with us to say that they listened to the Youtube-uploaded Bible Studies of Duke and were blessed!