Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear Duke/Evan…..

(Testimonies we received of late…)

It’s good to see you so active in the ministry. Keep up the good work. I appreciate your sincerity and modern approach to ministry. You are doing a good job - breaking away the set patterns and looking for new roads. We pray that God will fill you with revolutionary ideas to reach the youth. I forward your messages to my son as well. – An IFS Officer’s Wife in an European Country.

I bought Evan’s message DVD, “Relationships and Life Partner Choice,” when you came to preach in the Mennonite Bretheren Church, Hyderabad in September 2009. I was blessed by Evan's message in that CD – a message in which she spoke about things should I consider when I go about choosing a life partner. Duke anna, you did a great job at our Youth Retreat. It was for the first ever time that I was in a meeting in which the preacher called youth to the altar to surrender their bodies to Jesus after having taught what the Bible teaches on Sexual Immorality. I've dedicated my body to Christ in that meeting. I remind myself of this commitment everyday. It gives me strength to overcome every wrong thought that pervades my mind. Please give this altar call at every meeting you preach in for youth. – A Young Woman who is in the verge of choosing her life partner

Your concern for the google generation is really praiseworthy. May God make you like Paul, the character you preached to us on, when it comes to preaching to those perishing souls. – A Retired Inspector General Of Police, Hyderabad.

My daughter who is a medical college student received the magazine 'The Days of Your Youth' and is greatly blessed as she read it. – The Mother of a medical college student in Devangere, Karnataka.

It's amazing to see how much Evan and you do in little time. You both must be experts at time management! And I can see that there's a sense of urgency always underlying your ministry activities that is inspiring. We all should have that. We can’t waste time. We have to hurry up and get things moving for Christ before more souls are lost out. Thanks for helping me realize that. – A Young Woman writing from New Jersey after reading our annual report for 2009.

We praise the Lord for all the messages that the Lord has given to you for this generation. – A Blessing Youth Mission Missionary based in North India.

I still remember the long poem you wrote in our School magazine, "Kaleidoscope", after FIFA World Cup Italia '90. You have always been passionate about sports, and its wonderful to see you using this to uncover God's message in contemporary events such as Sachin’s ODI double hundred. – Duke’s School Senior based in the US.

I had goose bumps while reading the paragraph you wrote on Sachin’s ODI Double Hundred – a para that wrapped the Gospel around that event, Keep it coming brother! – an Indian living in Australia.

Evan’s message was WOW for sure. She spoke like a seasoned preacher. Like husband like wife. It was a blessing :-) – An young person who attended the month-end midnight prayer at our base in which Evan preached.

I'm just awe-struck by the content of the magazine and your literature style. Keep on going Duke, you're rocking!! – A former INFOSYS and TCS employee in Tamil Nadu.

My wife told me that great things happened at our church on the Sunday when Evan ministered under the clearly visible anointing of the Holy Spirit. – A Pastor in Hyderabad.

I bought your book, No Beating About The Bush Straight Talk On Hushed Up Subjects, when you came to preach in New Delhi. Many of my doubts were cleared when I readthat book. Please keep coming to Delhi to preach! – A young man in New Delhi.