Thursday, June 10, 2010


(The testimonies of encouragement we received of late from world-over serve as cold drinks in scorching summer heat to our soul! Thank you for writing in. They are published below. – Duke Jeyaraj)

When I was in Hyderabad four years ago, I heard your message in the Word & Deed School about the Holy Spirit, in a youth conference. And I was blessed so much. – A Young Man from Bangalore.

I have never heard the kind of bold preaching you did when you came to Delhi, on topics such as sex, all my life. – An Assistant Pastor in New Delhi.

I watched the YouTube video featuring your message, “Premarital Sex: Preity Zinta Vs The Bible” placed on your Facebook wall. It was a good message. – A young man from Bangalore.

I thank God for giving you His grace and the boldness to speak to youngsters on the subject of sex. – A Osmania University Professor in Hyderabad.

I enjoyed every bit of your preaching during last year’s BTCYF youth camp in Mumbai.... Will you be present this year too?? – A young Man from Mumbai.

I have heard your wonderful teachings and I praise God for His great work through you. You have been a great blessing to me. – A Young Woman from Vizag .

The Issue 21 of The Days Of Your Youth magazine which you sent me in the PDF format via email was excellent. Congrats! I just sat and read every word at one trot. I have never done something like that for a long time. No wonder it attracts youngsters. Keep going. – The Pastor of a Leading Church in Pondicherry.

I enjoyed the latest issue of your magazine and the videos you have uploaded on YouTube – A Research Assistant in the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, The United States.

I want to give some of The Days… to my friends, and also the some students in the UESI group here. You have a lot of fans of for The Days... magazine here in Vasai – A young college going girl in Vasai, Mumbai

I like the way you attack the wrongs in the modern society that are approved as right by youngsters of the same society, through your writings in the magazine, The Days... A former Santhosha Vidhyalaya Student now a nurse

It’s a joy to receive your emails, Duke. – The CEO of Alfred Allan Advertising Inc.

Wow!! Amazing preaching! I love the story of Uriah, a true LOYAL servant to King David and the Lord. I’m also a soldier in the US Army – A soldier in the US Army commenting on Duke’s YouTube video, “Uriah Question To David & Missions”.

A lovely creative poem with Gospel message at the end (referring the Dhoni in Mount Dharamshala Vs Christ in Mount Golgotha poem that Duke wrote). Keep up the good work. Enchanted. – An Associate Pastor and Writer in Hyderabad.

I was greatly blessed from listening to some of your messages that you posted on YouTube. I am a high school student from the United States and I found what you said was refreshingly straightforward and I could relate to almost everything you mentioned. I have yet to hear someone be so candid about such a topic as sexual immorality. – A high school student studying in Egg Harbour Township High School, Atlantic County, New Jersey, The United States.

Here comes a quick note to let you know that I too was quite happy to read that article by you on watching movies on your website, TheDaysofYourYouth.comA worker with a Christian Organization in Australia.

I have started watching all the DVD's that you had sent here to the United States. – An Indian living in the United States.

Practical Bible Book Book Summary study of the book of Proverbs which you lead, Duke, really has opened my eyes in many aspects. I realized that the book of Proverbs is absolutely contemporary. I'm waiting for the next such study at your base. – A young man who works for Accenture in Hyderabad