Saturday, July 30, 2011


Duke Jeyaraj's messages, available in the video format, have blessed the Google Generation immensely. Unfortunately, none of these videos are available in the high definition formate, which is fast becoming the standard for acceptable video quality around the globe. Duke endeavors to start producing message discs of his in the 1080P HIGH DEFINITION (HD) format pretty soon.

Messages of Duke, shot through a HD Camcorder would be eventually be uploaded onto so that it becomes available to a world wide audience. Given this need, would you consider sponsoring the buying of a HD Camcorder for Duke and his ministry, the G4 Mission? Or are moved by the Holy Spirit to possibly buy one and give it to Duke? Or would you kindly pray about giving a used HD Camcorder to this ministry if you have one already and want to give it away so that you can go for an updated model?

Plus, there is also a need for a 3G-enabled TABLET (We are talking about Apple I-PAD/BlackBerry PlayBook/Motorola Xoom/Samsung Galaxy Tab,etc) for Duke and his ministry. Up-to-date communication devices like these always come in handy for greater effectiveness, reach and better sermon delivery.

Also, there is a need for a printer that prints directly on CDs for this ministry. This device will help improve the look of Duke's message CDs. A used but still-in-good-shape personal computer like an Apple I-Mac would be of great help to our ministry as our present system is constantly giving trouble.

Please pray and give as the Lord would lead you to. Thank you for taking time to read this. Feel free to contact us at this email id - or this phone number - +91-8886040605 in this regard. You could also message us at