Monday, December 29, 2008

What You Communicated Compels Us To Carry On


"There are four qualities that go to make the promise in any young aspiring Christian leader come true. First, the 'roots embedded and drawn from good family' II Tim 1: 5. Second, 'the good friends given by God who have shaped, challenged and imparted the Truth' with clarity II Tim 1: 8,9. Third, is the 'Gift and gifts that God alone gives' II Tim 1: 6 and the responsibility of disciplined facilitation of these recognized God given gifts. Fourth, there is the ongoing development of these gifts from God by right care, personal discipline, accountability to God and the Body of Believers and continuing use of the gifts in Servant Leadership II Tim 1: 6. J. B. Philips in his translation, terms it as 'stir up the inner fire'!

Duke comes from 'good stock' - His family gave him a great start. Duke has acknowledged his debt to those who have 'invested in His life' - friends and other models of Christian discipleship. Duke understands intimately the dependence on the Holy Spirit to gift and energize effective Christian discipleship. Duke evidences the commitment to ongoing disciples that help develop and use the gifts of God by being a 'servant to humanity at large and the Body of Jesus Christ in particular.' May the Lord who has called fulfil His purposes and calling in Duke!"

Duke, this is exactly what I pray and desire for you! You are a masterpiece in making!

The Lord bless you always!

- a very senior founding Mission Leader of the Largest Indian Missionary Organisation and World Renowned Preacher
Dear Mr. Duke,I count you as one of the key emerging leader in the 21st century, that's why I am encouraging you. Keep it up, the Lord has got a greater plans for you.

- a senior Methodist Pastor in Mumbai
Hello Bro. Duke, This is ….. (name withheld to protect identity), the nastiest sinner of the whole universe. Bro Duke I happily wanted to recollect that day (12 Dec 2008) when you brought tears out of my eyes when you preached in the MindSpace IT Park Christmas Event.

You know I was filled with an extreme abundant joy, strength, hope in my heart after listening to your message!!. (I could sense that) there was a Super Power (God) in you while you were giving a message to us. My whole body was vibrating with joy, happiness, wanted to cry out LOUD.....

-One person from a non-Christian background who was present during Duke's presentation of the Gospel in MindSpace IT Park Open Air Arena on the 12 December 2008.
Hello brother Duke,
I was very much encouraged by your writings from the past few years...Whenever the Blessing magazine comes ...first we kids used to grab it and fight among ourselves....just to see whether your article is there or not...if it is not there..the mag was given back..if it was there for next 1/2 hr it would be with the winner of the fight for magazine....God bless u sooooooooooo much...

I loved reading your article BECKER FELT IT – THE VACUUM IN THE HEART (A Gospel Presentation for Yahoo Younguns!). It is just superb. Well, in the church I worship with, we distribute tracts once in a month. But, some of the tracts are of a conventional type. I just thought of using stuff from your write up and some other quotes and prepare a tract. I roughly did one, but with prayer...and have attached it with this mail. Brother, if you don't mind it would be good if you allow us to use the information. I would be even more happy if you can read through the text and give suggestions and more innovative ideas, as they instantly flow out from you…

- One Young Indian Student in Australia in July 2005 thro two separate emails (God used this to encourage Duke to start his own ministry in Feb 2006!)

Dear Duke Annan,
Your periodical is truly amazing and distinct from all the other youth magazines. Some of your articles and messages are soul thundering. I'm blessed immensely and i constanly use the same in my preaching to the students. We praise God for your passion to reach out to the gennext.

The tract "Bubbly outside Yet Inside" we distributed to about 75 youth on the eve of Valentine's Day. I'm interested in translating the same in Hindi. Will you permit me? Need is huge and this stuffy tract if translated can a be of great tool to reachout to the city youth dwellers in Rajasthan, M.P and U.P. In the coming 2009 year can you spare us a day for Youth gatherings in Jaipur and Ajmer ....?

Kindly send me the following VCDs featuring your messages.....
1. What the Bible teaches about sex 2. Getting hooked to the Bible 3. True Romantic Love 4. The God who Kisses and Kills. 5. Answers to Common youth questions.6. Taming `tough temptations 7. Finishing Fantastically 8. I will NOT be silent 9. God as a family man. 10. Marks of backsliding 11. Intercession Inspiration and 12. No one can love you like Jesus can.

I have deposited money in your SBI account for the VCDs and magazine.

Our prayers are with your entire team.
Your loving thambi,

- A BYM Missionary in North India

Duke - Great writing - terrific!!!!!!!!!!!

- a former employee of The Times of India
Duke, You have done a great piece of work on the youth front in the article "I am young and from India..."
Could I have your permission to use the material from this article to minister to the youth in our Church... ?

- a Mumbai Pastor

Our founding Pastor, David Wilkerson renders the Bible on the pulpit like a dagger. He minces no words too. Take care Duke.. You are among that tribe.

- a young woman in the US.
Duke, It was wonderful to read your report. It's amazing to see how your ministry is growing. You are definitely making an impact on the modern youth of the city!
Thanks for being such a blessing

- a young corporate employee in Hyderabad
Brother Duke - Indeed, we are very much encouraged thro the interdenominational, once a month, Bible Study you lead at Daniel's place. We are encouraged to study the Word Of God in depth.

- one Corporate Employee
Dear Evan (Duke's Wife) - The girl who heard your message in the AG Women's conference, she broke up with her (unbeliever) boyfriend, the very next day!

- One Young Woman
Hello Bro Duke,
I am working in Dubai for the past 20 months before which I was in Hyderabad for a major part of my life. I am extremely glad to hear about your ministry and your magazine is one of a kind. I am really impressed and have introduced the online magazine to others in our church.

- A young woman in Dubai
Duke, I've heard you speak at the New Life AG church, Hyderadad, quite a bit. I love your messages and love the fact that you have a heart to reach out to the lost. God bless you loads.

– A Corporate Employee
Dear Duke anna - I always thank God for you. Thank you for the wonderful messages you made for the youth. I am in China now studying clinical medicine.i thank you once again.

- a young Indian Student in China
Dear Duke anna .. ur magazines are really nice.. it is very relevant for the present corporate world.. pulls the corporate Christian to grab it n read it.. Praise God for tat..

- a young person from Trichy
Dear Bro Duke,
Thank you for sending your message DVDs in response to my order for the same. I am so blessed by them. I will share it with my friend who works among the youth in my town. I read your magazine. Its too good.... Now I have shifted to Arunachal Pradesh as a missionary.

– A Southern Asia Bible College Graduate in Meghalaya.
Dear brother in Christ,
I have been reading your magazine for just 2 months. It's just straight talk and answers questions with no buttery or flowery speech. Preachers are generally that not so daring in their messages. - a believer from Chennai.

Hi, Bro Duke - I am Joshua, I am from New Life AG Church, Secundrabad. Right now I am in the U.S in the city of Atlanta. I am here to do my training to get my airline pilot's license. I felt so happy reading your Orkut profile. The messages you gave in Summer For Jesus in our church along with the Sunday sermon on Pooh Pooh Procrastination spoke to me a lot. They still speak to me even now, Keep Me in your prayer!

– A young man thro' Orkut Scrap
Whenever I hear you preach, I get the feeling I am hearing exactly what God wants to communicate with this rebellious generation

- a business owner after he heard Duke preach in a church, one Sunday morning.
I have never heard inspirational preaching like this for the last 30 years of my life

- A medical doctor after she heard Duke preach

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

G-4 Mission ministry report by Evangelin Duke
In the months of October and November, the Lord used us in his Vineyard, very graciously. Let me give you the details so that you can join in giving God the praise.
After your miracle…
About 400 people were there, eager to listen to God's Word. Where? - The spacious prayer hall of the Jesus Calls premises in Secunderabad. Duke was given the mike after a warm welcome by Bro. Bhushnam. Duke's topic was differently titled, "After your miracle..." He challenged the listeners with what God expected them to do following a miracle they received. A senior couple came forward to testify how that message was the need of the hour. Duke spent time praying for sick. We believe that apologetics (the challenge for the mind), Bible-teaching (the challenge for the soul) and miracles (the challenge for the body) must be integrated into our ministry. We have a long way to go in this regard. And we are fasting and praying for this to happen!
Serving the Bible in a kitchen!
This meeting took place in a restaurant. Wong's kitchen they call it. It is in Hitec city, Hyderabad. Duke was there upon the invitation of Pastor Chaitanya, Duke's Bible College room-mate, to bring God's word for one Sunday each in October and November. Duke's messages challenged the congregation that met in Wong's Kitchen - a congregation full of corporate crowd. In one message, Duke used the character of Nehemiah to challenge his listeners with his topic- "If Nehemiah were in Nippuna..." In yet another message, given on yet another Sunday, Duke used the character of Paul to challenge his hearers with the message titled "What motivated a Tent-maker to become a Soul-winner!" The corporates in that church were motivated to plunder hell in their "Dell" (the corporate company they worked for) through life and lips. A powerful time of commitment followed. These two talks, along with two other talks that Duke gave to a largely corporate crowd are available in one MP3 CD. Contact us at +91-9441352433 for details.
Zechariah and Haggai studied
Duke led two practical summary Bible Studies for people from different churches on two Bible books, Haggai and Zechariah at the home of Bro. Christopher at Dr. A. S. Rao Nagar, Hyderabad. He used the names of the prophets who wrote these books as acronyms to summarize their message in an interesting and inspiring way. Only when we get back to the Bible, we will see personal and church revival - this conviction drives us to have studies like these!

Birthday bash turned to a Gospel Meeting!
On November 12, our daughter Datasha celebrated her first birthday. On the roof of our home we called for a meeting. We invited our neighbors from different faiths to be part of that meeting apart from our family and ministry friends. The number swelled to 45. In that meeting Duke wrapped the miraculous story of her birth with the Gospel. Dr. Nallaraj Edward and his wife too shared the Gospel through song and through Bible verses.

Abhimanue and his wife Trishna join in for the celebration of Datasha's first birthday at the roof top of our house

Evan in conversation with our neighbours who not only were fed with good food on Datasha's first birthday but also the Gospel from the mouth of Duke wrapped around the miraculous story of Datasha's birth

Three of our volunteers, Shruti Joy, Florussel Satya and Santhosh William, joined us for the celebration of Datasha's first birthday - an event we used to share the Gospel with neighbours who needed to hear of Jesus!

Tracts Distribution
Duke wrote the story of Datasha's miracle birth in the form a Gospel tract and invited people who came to take it. We distributed what was left to couples who were coming in and out of Anu Test Tube Baby Centre in Hyderabad - the most talked-about Test Tube Baby Centre in Andhra Pradesh.

Talking about tracts distribution, Duke distributed our other Gospel tract for the Google Generation, Bubbly Outside, Yet Empty Inside, to the young corporate employees of Infosys. They were waiting for their company bus, the same way Dale, our little son, was waiting for his School bus in the main road near our home in A. S. Rao Nagar. Do we look for changes to tell others about Jesus when we are waiting somewhere doing nothing?

On December 1, 2008, World AIDS Day, Duke distributed yet another Gospel tract of ours which wrapped the Gospel Message around AIDS awareness in the ECIL area of Hyderabad. No day is a wrong day to tell others about Jesus!

The Gospel for a good old man
One very senior man from a Hindu background came for this meeting upon our invitation. He listened to the Gospel attentively during this meeting. Shortly later he was in his death bed. Duke and I went to see him. Duke again shared the Gospel with him. He got up from his bed, held Duke's hands and started crying like a little child. Duke prayed with him. The next day, he lost his memory and within few days he died.
Seven straight days of intense prayer
For seven straight days in the month of November, I got to lead two young people in daily prayer. Duke would join in for sometime. He brought God's Word on different practical topics – fasting, intercession, family, taking care of the body, Holy Spirit and keeping the fire till the end. It was a powerful and blessed time! On the day when the terrorists attacked Mumbai, 26, November 2008, we were in prayer. God poured out an unusual burden in my heart for India on that day. I was not just praying – I was groaning out to God in the Holy Spirit. I am sure that there were many others praying for India at the very same time. These prayers, I believe, moved the Lord to move His Hand of Protection upon Mumbai so that the damage caused by the terrorists was curtailed. Their plan to blow up the Taj did not materialize, as we all know!
The story of God's Grace grippingly shared in Mindspace!
On December 12, 2008 Duke made a moving presentation of the Gospel to over 150 corporate employees at Mindspace Raheja IT Park, Hitec City, Hyderabad, in a Christmas Celebration event. Duke began his talk with the narration of the Mumbai Terror Plot and connected with the Salvation Planning Meeting in Heaven. The audience listened sitting on the edge of their seats. Duke ended his 20 minute talk with the sinners' prayer. One young man came to Duke to let him how how he was shivering under the power of God and that he was in tears following that thought-provoking, contemporary events-wrapped Gospel presentation. Corporates from CSC, Bank of America and IBM were there among others in this event organised by the believers of CSC, with Franklin Lalwadi and Suryakala talking the lead along with others.

Duke made a moving presentation of the Gospel at Mindspace Raheja IT Park, Hitec City, Hyderabad on Dec 12, 2008

Over 150 corporate employees from companies such as CSC, Bank of America and IBM listened to Duke that day

Writing in obedience to God's call
The call from God to write is something that Duke takes very seriously. He sometimes has to turn down certain preaching invitations so that he can find time to write what God has laid in his heart. Light of Life, India's leading Christian magazine, published two of Duke's articles recently, titled thus: When Called To Compromise; Ways To Witness This Christmas! Duke's article "Jackie Chan Vs David" was translated into Tamil and published in the Voice of the Shepherd magazine, coming out of Vellore in September 2008.

Over 28,000 Hits!
Every week, Duke continues to post an article on our official ministry website,, managed so very well by Santhosh William, our hard-working volunteer. This site now has over 28,000 hits! Talking about hits, I am happy to let you know that the Youtube videos of Duke, now live, is seeing a steady stream of hits as well.

From His hand to yours!
The task of publishing this magazine is quite a challenge and consumes a lot of time. First, Duke collects secular magazines and takes time to go through them. Then, he fishes out interesting events around which Bible truths can be wrapped while staying sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Then, he writes the articles. These articles are then edited by the team of voluntary editors – Stephen Jothiraj, Shruthi Joy and Madgalene Daniel. Simultaneously, photos that will go alongside these articles are fished out by Florussel Satya and Gideon Samuel Gnanasekaran. Navamani Kingsley and Ruby Evangel design CD covers that need to be advertised on the magazine. Duke prayed a heart-warming prayer in the wedding of Ruby Evangel on 10 December. Ravi Alamothu, apart from choosing photos page-engineers the magazine. It is uploaded on the web by Santhosh William. Part of the magazine is uploaded onto our blog by Fenella Prince. Once the magazine is printed, Bro. Christopher along with his friends helps us in the posting.

Duke prayed a heart-warming prayer on the wedding of Ruby Evangel, one of our ministry volunteers on December 10. Ruby has creatively designed the covers for the CDs of Duke's messages

There was a record-breaking response for the message CDs, Books and the Magazines of Duke at the Cornerstone AG Church in Hitec City when Duke preached there two Sundays spread over October and November 2008

Four of Duke's gripping talks to employees of Corporates at various occasions are all available in one MP3 CD, the price of which is fifty rupees. Navamani Kingsley of Delloitte designed this CD cover, for Duke

We value your supplication and support. Thank you for holding the ropes even as we plunge to grab the Gadget Generation from Gehenna!