Sunday, November 9, 2008


Yes, the day finally arrived. It arrived after Duke Jeyaraj and his family had lived almost three full years in Hyderabad. On November 7, 2008, the 90th birthday of Billy Graham, the great evangelist, Duke Jeyaraj, an Indian evangelist to the Google Generation gave his resignation to his manager in HSBC. The Lord definitely lead him to take this landmark step.
Duke has quit his corporate company job so that he can fully devote himself to study of the Bible, prayer, writing articles and travelling and speaking fulltime. Pray for him, his wife and two children!
Working in HSBC for two years and in 24/7 Customer for one year (earlier on) really helped Duke in many ways:
One, he could meet and rub shoulders with the Google Generation, the group he was called to make relevant the Gospel and God's Word to, on a day to day basis understanding their World. The Call Centre industry has people from this generation - the modern youth. Duke's messages after he started working in the Call Centre/BPO industry became increasingly dotted with terms used in that industry and they directly addressed the problems they faced in the light of the Bible. One such message was, IF DANIEL WERE IN DELL. Another message was, IF NEHEMIAH WAS IN NIPUNA. Yet another message was, WHAT MOTIVATED A TENT-MAKER TO BECOME A SOUL-WINNER.

Two, Duke could have breaktime fellowships right in the corporate company office he worked. Duke would read a Bible verse, preach a three or four sentence message from it and lead in an intercessory prayer, all in the timespan of three minutes.This fellowship blessed many. By doing this Duke followed Paul's model of tent-making evangelism (Acts 18:1-4). Duke even had the privilege of leading one person into the sinner's prayer and a relationship with Christ right inside the processing floor of one corporate office after he logged out!

Three, Duke could support his family needs and also divert some funds for the publication of his magazine,The Days Of Your Youth, a mag that wrapped Bible Truths for Youth around contemporary events. This mag and Duke's Gospel tract, Bubbly Outside, Yet Empty Inside, were widely distributed in the two corporate offices he worked. Even people who were not from the Christian backgroud grabbed them from Duke's desk because of the interesting nature of the articles featured. Upon receiving the tract one girl remarked to Duke, "This is my story told... I am bubbly outside, yet empty inside!"

Duke used his leaves wisely to travel and preach even during his three year tenure in the corporate world. Even when Duke worked in the call centre industry, he travelled (sometimes by Air, sometimes by Train) to Mumbai, Pune, Kolkota, Kavali, Vellore, Coimbatore, Warangal, Vijayawada, Yercaud and other places to preach in meetings organised by various groups. Of course, he had to turn down many invitations because of lack of leaves and other constraints. In October 2008 alone Duke had to say no to preaching invitations to go to Vizag, Nagpur and Asansol. But now, the direction from the Lord was that he needed to fully available for travelling and preaching God's Word to the google generation all over the planet. Duke, now no longer tied to any earthly fulltime job, will also devote much time to writing now. He had one carton box full of message outlines he developed during his personal devotions - messages he preached all across India. These messages will be converted into articles from time to time.

Please pray for Duke, his wife, Evangelin and his two children. Duke is certain that the Lord would supply all his needs (personal and ministerial) according to His riches in glory even though no person or organisation has promised to underwrite these regular recurring expenses

Thursday, November 6, 2008

G-4 Mission Ministry Report by Evangelin Duke
The months of August and September was truly God blessed. The Lord went before us in each of the programs we preached in and made them all a blessing. Let me give some details so that you can divert all praise to the Lord who made it possible.
The Best Buddy!
On August 2, Bro. Artaban invited Duke to preach in the fellowship at his home in A. S. Rao Nagar, Hyderabad. It was the eve of Friendship Day. Duke was moved by the Lord to preach a message titled, "Why Jesus can be your best friend". At the end of that message many bowed to recieve Jesus as their best friend. Among those who bought CDs featuring Duke's messages following that meeeting was a Pilot in training!
Without Him We Can Do Nothing!
On August 9, Dr. Abraham Stanley and his wife, Sharmila, drove down to our home in A. S. Rao Nagar, Hyderabad. We had a meaningful time of prayer and intercession together. Prayer is the acknowledgement that without Him we can do nothing!
Tears of Repentence!
On August 16, 2008, Duke and I were invited by the Youth For Christ Coordinator for Hyderabad, Ebenezer, to preach in an exclusive camp for girls from the North East part of India who are students in Hyderabad. Duke's first message to these 16-somethings from Ezekiel 16 was titled, "A Sex Addict Gets Saved!". Tears of repentence were seen following that message. In the next session, I taught these hungry young girls how to keep their purity in an impure world. They listened with rapt attention and made a pact to be pure at the end of the message.

Some of the most modern girls of St. Francis College in Hyderabad heard about Jesus when Duke preached a message from Ezekiel 16 to them this August

The girls from North East India whom Duke and Evan preached to in an Youth For Christ Camp this August

An young girl takes notes as Evan teaches on keeping one's holiness in the same Youth For Christ camp

What Duke preached in the Youth For Christ is available in the DVD format. The message is titled, "A Sex Addict Gets Saved!". Email to get this DVD delivered to you for Rs.100/- only including courier charges

The Hip Hear of Him!

On August 1, 2008, Pastor Younus Samuel requested Duke to go over to St. Francis College for Women - a leading women's college in Hyderabad to preach God's Word there. Mrs. Uma Christadass, the History professor there, received Duke warmly. Over 150 hip girls heard Duke preach a very relevant and riveting message to them. At the end of the message there were quite a few of them who repeated the sinner's prayer with Duke to receive Jesus as their Savior. Our mag which wraps Bible Truths from contemporary events, The Days Of Your Youth, disappeared as soon as Duke put it for display.

Revival or Funeral Ezekiel!
On August 24, 2008, Duke lead the Bible Study in the home of Daniel and Magdalene at the heart of Hyderabad on the book of "Revival or Funeral" Ezekiel. He summarized and made relevant that book's message to a group of people from various churches, corporate companies and even countries! Contact Duke at 09441352433 to know when the next such Bible Study will be held.

Unforgettable Occasion!
On the same Day, Pastor Valson Varghese dedicated Datasha Abigail, our daughter in the New Life AG Church, Secunderabad before 3000 people. Duke's testimony about how the Lord gave back still-in-the-womb Datasha's life when the Doctor declared that her heartbeat was absent blessed the audience. Our ministry friends joined us on the stage on that unforgettable occasion.

Apt and Annointed!

On September 4, 2008, Duke was invited by the Nune Family to share God's Word to them in their family gathering, the OM Campus in Hyderabad being the venue. Duke's message titled "When Jesus enters your home..." was apt for the occasion and preached with annointing.

Duke preached on the topic, When Jesus Enters Your Home, at the Nune Family Get Together in Hyderabad this September. The Lord blessed the message

When Pastor Arun Andrews appreciated....

On September 6, 2008, Duke was asked by the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) to do a session on ' Meaning' for a group of young people from various churches in Hyderabad. The young people sat at the edge of their seats and listened to his presentation. Pastor Arun Andrews, the observer deputed by RZIM for this meeting, had words of appreciation for Duke following the meeting.

Duke gave a compelling presentation on the subject of "Finding Meaning In Life" at a RZIM organised event in Hyderabad. At the end of the presentation young people gave their lives to Jesus who alone can give true meaning to Life

Waiting time to Witnessing time!

Duke's article on "Cool with Comrades?" appeared in the Light of Life magazine - a magazine read by the Christian community world over. When Duke travelled to Vellore to sign papers regarding the G-4 Mission work, he distributed the tract, "Bubbly Outside, yet Empty Inside?" - a Gospel presentation for modern youth which he himself wrote to interested co-passengers. While waiting to pick up his school-returning son, Duke distributed the same tract to some students of Sai Sudhir College in A. S. Rao Nagar. Waiting time can become witnessing time - can't it?

Over 20,000 hits!
Duke posts a new article that wraps Bible Truth around modern events in the site, every Monday. One post is titled, "September 11, still speaks!" Now we have over 20,000 hits on this site within a few months. Praise God!

Three minute meeting!
Duke takes time to meet with fellow believers in HSBC to share God's Word with them and intercede and pray for call-centre youth of India. These meetings last about three or four minutes.

Neighbours nudged!
Of late, I am meeting with two young women close to our A. S. Rao Nagar home to pray with them and share spiritual truths with them. On one such occasion Duke lead us in a Bible Study from the book of Amos.

Your support to our little work to impact modern youth is greatly appreciated. The Yahoo Youth must be yanked towards Yahweh! The hip youth should hear of Jesus!