Monday, October 6, 2014


In the year 2004, Duke Jeyaraj and Evangelin Duke preached God's Word in Lady Doak College Madurai. That meeting was indeed a  blessing to those who participated in it.

Dr. Suka Joshua, the Chaplain of the Lady Doak College invited Duke to speak in the college's student retreat.

Duke Jeyaraj ministered to over 400 students of Lady Doak College in Madurai on 19 July 2014 in their annual Student Retreat. After Duke's stirring salvation message from John 4, a vast majority of the students stood up, prayed the sinner's prayer and gave their hearts to Jesus. Duke split the meeting of Jesus with the Samaritan Woman into 10 sub-events and preached from them. The first event was "The Thirsty" and the last event was "The Ecstasy". You can listen/view  to that message here (three clips):;;

After this message, Duke taught these girl students on what the Bible Teaches about Sex and how humans went on to abuse God's great gift of sex. This message was listened to with hushed silence by the student body. God's Spirit moved among the students. During the message, the students wrote out chastity pledges on the back flap of their Bibles (no sex till marriage pledge). After the message they stood up and prayed to surrender their bodies to Jesus 100 per cent when Duke gave the altar call. You can listen to that daring message delivered straight from God's Word here: As Duke walked to have lunch along with the students, some of the faculty members remarked that they were amazed by the stunned silence of the students who heard the talk. "They will walk out, if the talks during such retreats are not interesting!" they remarked. Duke was encouraged to hear this. In the final session, Duke preached a victorious Christian life message from the lots of 'LET USes' found in the book of Hebrews. The students decided to practice Christian disciples of prayer, fellowship, etc. at the end of this message. You can hear that talk here:

In between the sessions, Duke held a quiz that had oral, audio, picture and video rounds. This quiz entertained and educated the students.  Duke gave out prizes for the winning team amidst applause. By viewing this clip, you can have a glimpse of the audience that heard Duke on this day -

In the next day, Duke spoke to student leaders of Lady Doak College - a selected group of 60 part of the college's campus ministry, the Student Christian Movement (SCM). Duke taught leadership lessons from Jezebel's life, first up, after having summarized the wicked queen's life in an acronym after her very name. You can listen to that talk here: Then Duke shared three more talks - on Bible Meditation (The Longest Book on the Greatest Book), on Life Partner Choice (Genesis 24: Marriage-Romance Q & A from it), on the Missionary Call (from Amos). Each of these messages were well received. Around 15 to 20 students committed for fulltime ministry after the last session. There was a quiz with rounds from the Bible round as well as the secular world by Duke for the student leaders as well which they enjoyed participating in.

Duke introduced G4 Mission literature during both the days and the response for the literature was quite good. All the 20 copies of Duke's book on sex, love, marriage and more, STRAIGHT TALK, were sold out. Here is a video clip of Duke promoting G4 Mission literature:

Duke's three-day ministry in Madurai came to an end when he preached in the Lady Doak Chapel devotion on who the Prudent Student was. You can listen to that talk here:

Duke was also invited to share a devotion for the staff of Thuthi Ministries in Madurai lead by Sis. Sunitha Sugumar. Duke shared from the life of Zipporah to challenge the staff. That talk is hosted here:

The Lady Doak College was kind to put Duke in a flight from Hyderabad to Madurai and back. During the flight journey Duke was glad to share the Gospel with the Regional Manager of a Multinational Pharma Company as well give the Bubbly/Dhoni tract to air hostesses! Preaching is just one way of doing ministry!

Evangelin Duke who could have easily joined Duke during this ministry trip, chose to stay at home and take care of Dale and Datasha, Duke's kids who had school work to complete.

Thank you for your prayers!