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Duke Teaches On Hottest Topics From The Bible To The Youth of India's Largest Church

Duke Jeyaraj was invited by Pastor Dr. Chadwick Samuel, the senior English Service Pastor for India's largest Church, the New Life Assemblies of God, Saidapet, Chennai - a church with about 30,000 members. Pastor Chadwick is the eldest son of the founding pastor, Rev. Dr. D. Mohan. It was an invitation to speak to a selection of that church's most-modern teens and twenties who highschoolers/college-goers/young single working professionals in a youth camp near in Padapai in the Believer's Church Campus in Chennai. Duke took the early morning flight from Hyderabad, the city where he lives to reach Chennai. Pastor Ben of the NLAG team warmly welcomed him and drove him to the camp site. Over 250 Google Generation youth had gathered in that serene, sleek-looking camp site.

In his opening session, Duke spoke from the book of Hosea. He presented a message titled, THE GREATEST LOVE STORY EVERY TOLD. He underlined the fact that God loved each one of us without any conditions. But He wants us to change, he added emphatically. The message of the book of Hosea, Duke explained was this: you may go to the Red Light area to be a prostitute but that would not put a red light (stop) on God's love for you! But He does not want you to wallow in that Red Light! He wants you to see 'red' (the blood His son shed for you on the Cross), repent and come to Him in faith. At the end of this session, almost all the 250 youth there dedicated or rededicated their lives to Jesus. They did this kneeling down after they raised their hands after Duke gave the call. They prayed the sinner's prayer with Duke. God's powerful presence was evident.

Duke then took three separate sessions on Sex, Love and Marriage for School-goers, College-goers and the Corporate Company Workers. After the Corporate Company session, Duke fielded questions on the subject on topics such as living-in, homosexuality, breaking up with an unbeliever, etc. It was an enlightening time. Duke also asked the group to study Genesis 39 and bring out lessons on beating temptations. The listeners became preachers instantly! Duke also included a session on Parent-Children relationship and Elders-Juniors relationship in his session for the School-goers. They raised their hands to indicate various decisions they prayerfully took after this session like making up with a friend they weren't talking to, for many many days. In the session with the College Goers, Duke was at his very best. Humor coupled with oratory skills coupled with anointed preaching - Duke showed these all by God's grace. The college students loved that session and lapped up every single word. Questions on masturbation and such intimate matters were asked without any hesitation and answered with great clarity. Many youth received deliverance from secret sinful addictions like porn-watching. Some even did not hesitate to raise their hands to indicate their willingness to repent from sexual sin and come to Jesus. The time of prayer was powerful. The 10 ways that Duke explained from the Bible that mankind abuses God's gift of sex, was certainly eye-opening.

Duke's books and CDs were briskly bought in these meetings. Copies of The Days of Your Youth magazine, the mag that wraps Bible truth around contemporary events (online on were also distributed. There was a sale of close to Rs.4000/-. Sis. Suman Jonathan, arranged for the distribution of one of Duke's article, Jesus, the Friend Closer To The Brother, to the campers.

Even as Duke left the camp to take his flight back, he was a satisfied man. The Pastor, Dr. Chadwick Samuel also expressed satisfaction on what the Lord had done in these days. Duke handed over tracts to interested co-passengers in the flight. To God be the glory! Great things he did in Chennai!

Pastor Chadwick invited Duke to share God's Word with the Google Gen of the NLAG Church, the largest in India

After Duke spoke from the Book of Hosea, most of the uth rededicated their lives to Jesus

Duke speaks on 10 ways we abuse God's gift of sex with the college students in the camp

Duke answers questions on hot youth topics after he finished preaching in one session in the camp just for the young working professionals

Some of most 'hip' youth of Chennai attended this youth camp which was organised by NLAG, Chennai

Another picture showing the youth who were there at this Chennai youth camp
After Duke served spiritual biriyani in this youth, there was time to eat real biriyani as well!

Duke makes a point even as he teaches on sex, love n marriage in the Chennai NLAG Youth Camp, this Nov

Several hands went up to make various commitments for holy living during this camp

Youth from Diverse Backgrounds Were Present In this camp that took place in Believer's Church, Padapai, Chennai

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


On October 31st, Duke turned 36. In the same day, there was a month-end mid-night prayer at his base in Kanajiguda. Over a dozen youth turned up. There were youth from the countries of Ethoipia and Cameroon as well as they were from companies such as GE Money. God blessed this time that was earmarked to enter the new month in God's presence. Duke shared from his life in this service using a bunch of Ps (Pampered Duke to Pioneer Duke) and capped it off with a promise message from Psalm 1 explaining to those who gathered what they had to do claim this promise in their life: Whatever he does, will prosper! The story of Duke's life was video-recorded. Couple of youth who were there in this meeting posted messages in Facebook saying how they were blessed by Duke's testimony in this meeting. There was a similar prayer on September 30th. And, God willing, on November 30th, a Tuesday, another such mid-night month-end prayer would be conducted in Duke's base in Military Dairy Farm Road, Tirumalgiri, Secunderabad. What can be a better priority than to enter the new month in God's presence? Why don't you join in?!

Duke celebrated his 36th birthday on 31 Oct, the day when there was midnite month end prayer in his base

Duke's wife, Evan watches as Duke cuts his birthday cake in this meeting

About a dozen youth from the Corporate world attended this meeting that began at 11 pm on Oct 31st

There was time for tea n fellowship following this month end midnite meeting

It was interesting to note that two young men, one from Cameroon and one from Ethoipia were in this midnite monthend prayer

Duke summarized his life to the Corporates who came for this Midnite prayer

Friday, November 19, 2010


The Youth Arise team lead by two young men, Ashirwad and John, invited Duke and Evan to preach in their annual youth convention in Narsapur, a sleepy coastal town in Andhra Pradesh, October 15-16, 2010. Over 700 young people turned up. After the first message which Duke from the book of Galatians titled, Solemn Facts About Salvation, many young people came forward knelt down and accepted Jesus as Savior, confessing their sins after repenting from them. After that, Evan taught the women on Relationships and Wise Life Partner Choice while Duke taught the men on Sexual Immorality. The sessions were proved enlightening, enthralling, educating and life-changing for the audience. After this session, Evan preached on 8 Bs that would help youth beat temptation and live a holy life. The youth who were serious about overcoming temptation came forward and spent time at the altar after this message. The next day, Duke taught the youth about the Holy Spirit and the blessing he brings into a young person's life. At the end of the message young people were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. In the last session, Duke challenged the young people for witnessing. Many youth made practical decisions like, "I will start a prayer cell in my college" after this message. Duke also called those who wanted to commit their lives for full time ministry forward. And a bunch of youth did. They climbed on the stage and the servants of God present in the hall prayed for these youth. Duke gave practical instructions to them like this: "Marry only a believer who has committed his/her life for fulltime ministry!" Overall it was very blessed camp in Narsapur. Duke and Evan stayed back one more day after the convention and enjoyed a day visiting the beach. God, first, Family, second, Ministry, last is the right order! The stronger the family bond, the more effective will be the ministry! Duke also encouraged the core team of Youth Arise to keep the fire burning in a session with them the day after the convention. Duke's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jeyaraj took care of Dale(6) and Datasha(2), the kids of Duke n Evan, when they were away to preach in this convention. God bless them!

700 youth were blessed in the Youth Arise Youth Camp at Narsapur in which Duke n Evan preached this October

Narsapur camp, at the altar

Evan preaching on beating temptation in Narsapur

Bible, Brotherhood, Blood, - Evan listed the Bs to beat teamptation in Narsapur

Young people in Narsapur was quite interested in the preaching of the Word by Duke n Evan this October

There were young people who committed their lives for fulltime ministry in Narsapur after Duke gave the challenge

Duke encouraged the core group of the Youth Arise Team that organised the Narsapur camp to keep the fire inside burning
Duke Jeyaraj was invited by Pastor Pastor Younus Samuel of the Youth Alive, the youth ministry of New Life AG Church, Secunderabad. This event was called Life Ho To Aisi. The meeting took place in Millennium Gardens, a wedding reception place in Secunderabad. After a power-packed, thrilling, dose of songs, choreos, skits, Duke preached to the 1000 strong Google Generation from companies such as Google, Delloitte, Dell, Genpact, Bank of America present and various top city colleges present there using the text of John 10:10, "I have come to give you life - life to the full!" God had put in Duke's heart to speak from John 10:10 on 10/10 (October 30th)! Duke talked about three things the Devil would do in this message which began with a line about the movie HISSS before talking about the full life Jesus came to offer. He went to talk about cancer-stricken Hollywood actor Michael Douglas in this deeply-moving gospel presentation. "Only Jesus can fill that vacuum in your heart!" - Duke asserted. At the end of it, there were over 100 youth who came forward to receive Jesus as Savior. Some were fighting back their tears. There were friends from Islamic background, Hindu background, Nominal Christian background etc in this group. God was clearly moving mightily that evening! They were taken backstage and counselled by the core team of Youth Alive. Preaching in events like this has underlined Duke's basic call - to be an evangelist to the Google Generation!
Duke in New Life AG Church Life Ho To Aisi, Oct 2010

Duke calls those who want to accept Jesus as Savior to come forward...

Even as Duke's voice went thro the Speakers, the Spirit's convincting voice was heard within many hearts

102 young people, including youth from different religious background came forward to receive Jesus that day
102 young ppl gave their lives to Jesus in Life Ho To Aisi event. Some fought back the tears

A hushed silence swept over the venue, a wedding reception shed, during the time of prayer at the altar

On October 9, 2010, Duke Jeyaraj was invited by Pastor Younus Samuel to preach in the God@Work service of New Life AG Church in Hyderabad. About 500 people from the Corporate World, Government Sector were present. Companies such as Google, Dell, Delloitte, Accenture, Genpact, Bank of America were represented. Duke spoke from the life of Joseph on overcoming temptations at Work from the Bible chapter of Genesis 39. Duke used the acronymn JOSEPH to outline 6 crucials lessons on overcoming temptations at work in what was a powerful, practical talk in which he referred to Narayana Murthy, Rajinikanth, etc. At the end of this talk, several young working professionals indicated their willingness to be Josephs in their place of work during the time of prayer. Duke's resources - message CDs, Magazines, Books - sold briskly after this event. Contact us at 9441352433 if you want a DVD copy of the message that Duke preached in this event. God bless you!

500 young people came to hear Duke speak on Beating Tempations at Work in New Life AG Church in Hyd on 9 Oct
The audience at New Life AG church were treated by a gripping talk on how Joseph beat his temptations at work by Duke

Lord, I want 2 be like Joseph in my work place - so says a young man who was in Duke's message on Joseph in New Life AG church on 10 Oct

On October 10, a Sunday, in the evening. Duke lead a practical summary study in the book of Exodus for the Google Generation (about 20) that gathered in his Kanajiguda Base. In the crowd was a young man from Cameroon. This was the 36th such book he is summarizing after moving to Hyderabad following God's dictates, 5 years ago. Duke used the acronym EXODUS to outline the message of the book in a relevant way for modern youth. Shruti Joy lead in the Worship with Thamba. Duke teaches in this study with a view of making disciples of Christ out of the modern youth. He taught on delegating work and its importance under one of the points he shared. He began the study with a reference to an interesting time in World Cup Football 2010. Duke loves to wrap Bible Truth around contemporary events. There was an exciting game also played which Joy lead before Duke spoke. There was a time for fellowship following snacks that were served. The next Bible Study in this series will be in January 2011 first week's Sunday.
20 turned up in Duke's base to be blessed by the practical summary study on the book of Exodus

The time of Worship during the Exodus Bible Study at Duke's base on 10-10-10

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


A ministry report
The Lord took Duke Jeyaraj and his wife Evangelin and made them a blessing for over 2000 youth who gathered in a large auditorium in Loyola College, in the city of Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. The Metropolitan Mission, under Rev. Dr. Ebenezer's leadership organized this program. This pastor's son Joel took the lead in organising. Bill boards with pictures of Duke and Evan were put up all thro' the city of Vijayawada running up to the meeting. On Oct 2, 2010, it was raining in the morning. People prayed. Rain stopped. And 2000 youth from all over came in and heard the Word.

In the first session, Duke explained why Jesus can be a young person's most understand friend, starting off with a quote from the mouth of Telugu movie star Mahesh Babu. At the end of the message over 75% of the audience stood up and received Jesus as Savior. Next, Duke's wife, Evan, preached on how the youth could beat temptations. She talked about 7 Bs to beat temptations. She stopped after each point to lead the youth in prayer. Several hundreds committed their lives for Holy living. In the final session, Duke came back to explain why that particular time could present the audience the very LAST CHANCE OF SALVATION. The power of God came down. Over 500 youth came to the altar to give their hearts and lives 100% to Jesus. Among them, about 25 people came up to the stage as Duke challenged them to giving their lives for fulltime ministry. As the servants of God started laying on of hands on these youth, they began to be move in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. One young man fell to the floor without anyone even touching him, leave alone pushing him. God was clearly there! Youth were in tears, repenting and committing their lives to Jesus. It was an unforgettable day in Vijayawada. It had witnessed one of its largest ever youth convention! To God be the glory, great things he had done!

The next day, after Evangelin greeted the crowd, Duke spoke to church that organized this event - the St. John's Evangelical Church. He spoke from the Bible character of Uriah.God blessed the message that challenged the church to become soldiers for Jesus instead of being mere seat-warmers! Thank you for praying.

The city of Vijayawada was filled with posters such as these coaxing youth to come for the 2 Oct rally and 2000 of them came!
Pas Ebenezer, his son Joel and their team organised the Vijaywada Oct 2 programme
2000 youth came for 2 Oct prgramme we preached in
500 youth came to altar to give their lives to Christ in Vijayawada
The Holy Spirit convicted many youth in a powerful way in the Vijayawada meetings

One young man went down as the power of God came down without anyone touching him in Vijayawada

About 25 youth committed for fulltime ministry and came to the stage to indicate it in the Vijayawada meeting

Duke preached 2 messages, one on Jesus, the Best Buddy Ever and another on Why No One Should Postpone Salvation

Evan preached one message to whole audience on how to beat temptation. She talked about 7 Bs

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Duke & Evan's Messages in the English To Malayalam DVD Format

The practical, direct, biblical messages that Duke Jeyaraj and his wife Evangelin Duke preached in a AG youth camp in Kerala are now available in the DVD format. These messages will touch your life and transform it. They are in the English to Malayalam format.

Message topics include:

1. Which Road Are You On?
2. Getting Hooked To The Greatest Book - The Bible
3. What The Bible Teaches About
4. Beating Temptations Like Joseph
5. All About The Holy Spirit
6. Why & How Exactly Do I Tell Others About Jesus?

7. What Shall I Do With The One Life I Have?

These seven messages are spread over 3 DVDs. Price of each DVD is Rs. 50/-. Email us at or call us at 9441352433 if you want a set of these DVDs. One full set including courier charges within India - Rs. 200/- (Rs. 500/- for overseas addresses).

Friday, August 27, 2010

Duke Speaks On Human Trafficking From A Biblical Perspective

In an event that Nireckshana organised Duke spoke on the subject of Human Trafficking from a biblical perspective in Hyderabad. Christians and pastors present were challenged. "We must boldly talk to our presentday youth about sex from a biblical perspective. I have been doing this all these years, across India," he asserted. An American Pastor also addressed the crowd.

Duke Speaks in SPG Church In Youth Sunday Evening

In the last Sunday of July, Duke was invited to speak in the SPG Tamil Cathedral, a church close to the Secunderabad Station by Santhosh William. About 150 folk braved rain to attend this youth lead service. After a grand presentation of a choreography, skit and songs, Duke preached from Hebrews 11 a message titled, What Would You Still Be Upto When It's Time To Go? Some young people redicated their lives to Jesus. Florussel, our volunteer, was there to record that message. Theo, another volunteer of ours, was there to help with the Book and CD stall. There was a sale of Rs.2500 of Duke's youth resources - books and CDs.


On July 31, 2010 15 young corporate employees, including those from Accenture, Infosys, etc, attended our month-end midnight prayer (11pm-1am). It was the highest for a midnight prayer at our base thus far and such a joy to start the new month in God's presence. Joseph lead in worship and Duke shared a word of encouragement from the Bible about the God who enables us to walk with held held high! Prophetic prayer was offered by Sunita Wilson and Evangelin Duke.


On August 1, 2010 (World Friendship Day), in the evening Duke presented the Gospel to 300 folks who gathered for the Tirumalgiri Fellowship's Annual Open Air Meeting. Duke presented Jesus as a friend closer than a brother in that passionate message that drew youth from rural as well as urban background. We had about 20 youth come forward to receive Christ.


On August 8, 28 young people (and some older folks) from various churches and corporates joined us for the Song of Songs Bible Study that Duke lead at his base. Joy and Joseph lead in worship. Joy lead in an engaging game that excited the audience and drove home a message. Duke brought out lessons on sex, love, marriage, porn and more from the Bible book of Song of Songs using the name of the book as the acronym for its message in a blunt and blunt way. This was the 34th such Bible Book summary study that Duke has lead after moving to Hyderabad in October 2005. Young people rededicated their lives to Jesus for a life of holiness. The talk was video recorded. The DVD that contains this message is advertised in this upload.


On August 14, Independence Day Eve, Duke presented the Gospel to a group of boisterous and bubbly college students of Hyderabad, about 1000 of them, in Youth Alive's AZAADI program in the Millennium College premises. Duke used the acronyms h-a-p-p-y to describe the wrong routes today's youth choose to find happiness before presenting Christ and His Cross as the only source of happiness. We had 40 youth come forward and accept Jesus as Savior.


Both Duke and His wife Evangelin Duke, spoke to the youth of the Secunderabad Clocktower Wesley CSI Church in their retreat in a Catholic Seminary in Uppal. Using the story of the Rich Fool from the Bible Duke preached a salvation message after which about 15 youth accepted Jesus as Savior. Then Duke taught them why God created sex and how man went on to practically explain the 10 ways man has abused this precious gift. Evan shared principles to keep in mind while choosing a life partner to the youth. The young folks surrendered the bodies to the Lord Jesus after talk two and dedicated their lives for holy living.