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These talks are rooted in the Bible, practical in approach, wrapped around contemporary illustrations (from the world of Cricket, Music, etc) and compelling to listen to. To receive all these five CDs by courier please send Rs. 300/- using this information:

All DDs may be drawn on any Hyderabad branch of any bank in favor of "Duke Jeyaraj". Some of you, who work in the corporate companies, may find it easier to an online money transfer in the name of "Duke Jonathan G. Jeyaraj" ICICI Bank A/c. Number 024401000969 or Citibank A./c. Number5280774555 from wherever you are to to pay for these CDs by sending a mail to this id: or you could give us a call/send an SMS on +91- 9441352433

Hear what two folks who have heard Duke have got to say about his messages:

For some reason, I think when you preached in your church's youth convention even the cameras sat down and heard the Word! I say this because there is no picture of you preaching in the meetings for the record! I think our official photographer was totally absorbed in listening to the Word! – a youth pastor of a leading church in Kolkota , India.

You can keep crowd listening to you till the end because of the examples you give, which connects people to the actual life situations. Your messages and writings are useful to youth who quickly relate to topics of interest to them. – a young Engineer working with Infosys, Bangalore.

The following five are the VCD messages given directly in English by Duke….



What is the purpose of my life? Can anything or anyone make it meaningful? If you have asked those questions, this Video is for you! A message given to the young people who gathered at the New Life AG Church at Hyderabad during Summer For Jesus, May 2005. This message is an ideal gift for anyone who wants to hear of Jesus for the first time!



What makes the Bible God's Word? Why should I read it at all? How can Bible meditation become interesting? Duke Jeyaraj answers these questions in this message given to the youth who gathered at the New Life AG Church, Secunderabad, May 2005.



He is the most written about character in the Bible apart from Jesus Christ. Who? David. Dave, we shall call him. A challenge from his life given by Duke given to the google generation that gathered at the New Life AG Church, Secunderabad, May 2005.



The latest movie has so much to say about "true romance". What does the Bible have to say about it? Duke examines the answer using the Bible book of Song of Songs as the reference point. Topics such as Premarital Sex, Choice of Life Partner covered in this talk given to 700 yahoo youth who gathered at New Life AG Church at Secunderabad in Feb 2006.



A direct and daring talk given to a group of international students who gathered at the AG Church in Neredmet (Secunderabad) by Duke in Feb 2007. Topics such as pornography, petting, homosexuality, masturbation covered.


These CD covers were designed by Ruby Evangel, an young employee of Sierra Atlantic, an MNC in Hyderabad. Ruby is one of G-4 Mission's most active and creative volunteers.

Duke, the preacher

Duke Jeyaraj, the preacher featured in these CDs, has a blessed calling. Evan calls him, her Hubby. Dale calls him, "Daddy!" The Allahabad University calls him, their B. Tech grad of 1997. The Southern Asia Bible College calls him, their Academic Gold Medal Winner and Grad Speaker of 2001. Young people, in various colleges and churches, call him a captivating communicator, who calls a spade, a spade. And God calls Duke as his donkey, commissioned to carry his unchanging Word for a fast-changing generation of youth! Not bad, eh? And you can call on Duke using his email id ( or phone number (+91-9440327922) if you so desire. SMS Duke your feedback about this message to +91-9441352433. Meet Duke at the Web at .

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Duke Jeyaraj
Have you ever wished that today's writers and preachers would preach like Paul and Jesus? Have you thought to yourself, "Paul quoted from the Athenian poets before going to Old Testament Truth in Acts 17. Will not 21st century Christian communicators ape that to arrest the attention of the audiences?" Have you pondered, "Jesus used the story of a building crash that killed 18 people to drive home a spiritual truth to his listeners about repentance instead of merely repeating and chanting the same old stuff. Will not this generation of preachers use contemporary events and wrap them around Bible truths to make it interesting for the listeners?" If those questions sound like those you have asked, then the following two websites will be mouth-watering and heart-inspiring for you:

Both these sites are maintained by Grabbing the Gadget (Google) Generation from Gehenna (Hell) Mission (G-4 Mission).

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Duke Jeyaraj

At HSBC the breaktime prayer has taken off once again. We read a Bible verse and mull over it as we pray for a few minutes by moving to a corner in the open terrace. I open my Bible and read a verse or two. Then, we cry out to God to save the "Before Christ" (BC) Youth - in terms of spiritual experience - in HSBC and other MNCs in India.

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Duke Jeyaraj

Many Indians follow the game of Cricket religiously. I have found out that Cricket stories are great ways to start my messages to modern youth. The Lord enabled me to rework on a Gospel tract stapled with gripping cricket illustrations titled, "One Day at Centurion Park...One Day at Calvary" with Mark Boucher on the cover. I distributed the xerox version of this tract to interested folk around City Centre, Hyderabad - a swank shopping mall always crowded with modern youth, the kind of crowd this tract is aimed at - during the World Cup Final Week (April 28). I take a walk from the HSBC Global Resourcing Centre which is located pretty close to it during my break times to do that. There is no joy that comes close to doing direct evangelism like distributing tracts! I am also forwarding the soft copy of this tract both to believers and some folk who do not know Jesus including top journalists cia email.
Ruby Evangel, an young woman working in a MNC in Hyderabad voluntarily designed the CD covers of CDs featuring Duke Jeyaraj's messages for youth! Here above, is one cover she designed! There are so many ways in which one can serve God, apart from preaching! Send an email to or an sms to +91-9441352433 to get information about these CDs that are designed to make the Google Generation Go Gaga Over God's Word!
Duke preaches the Word to 200 youth, from all across Tamil Nadu, who gathered at the COSEK 2007 meet - a meeting organised by Karunya Institute of Technology Students at Trichy!

Duke Jeyaraj
(A report of programs in May-June 2007 in which Duke preached in)

This May, it pleased the Lord to give me opportunities to speak in four youth camps organised by four different groups. Each one of those camps were a blessing.

This little fellow teams up with a giant!

The first one was the Youth Camp of the Emmanuel House of Worship Church - a leading evangelical church in Hyderabad with branches around the city. The camp was conducted in a serene catholic premises in Warangal. I brought four messages in the camp, basing each of those messages in the book of Isaiah. One was a gospel message (did not Philip the evangelist use this book to share the Gospel with the chariot-riding Ethiopian government officer?), another one on Bible Meditation, another one on youth issues and a final one a challenge for ministry involvement. Each message was well-received. Several of the 80 youth who attended this camp committed their lives to the Lord and a definite involvement in his Work. Sharing the pulpit with a spiritual giant like Uncle PC Verghese of the EU was an awesome privilege. At the close of the camp, I asked him to pray for me so that I too will have the same fire he has, post-seventy years, should the Lord keep me alive till then. I am grateful to Brother Vijay Burton who invited me over for this camp.

Moist eyes, challenged hearts, crammed up altar

The next youth convention was at the Secunderabad New Life AG Church. I brought four messages again. The theme for the camp was, "Live God Loud!" so I titled my talks this way, "He remained silent so that you could live him loud" (a message based on the cross calling youth for recommitment of their lives to the Lord), "Silenced by God - but why?!" (a study of characters in the Bible who were killed by God), "I will not be Silent" (a ministry-involvement challenge from Isaiah 6) and "The Loudest Temptation of them all" (a challenge for sexual purity). I shared the pulpit with Pastor David, from Bangalore, who is also a visiting faculty at Southern Asia Bible College, Pastor Younus Samuel and Rev. Valson Varghese. Moist eyes, challenged hearts, crammed up altars - those are some words that come to my mind when I think of the response in these meetings. One young lady walked up to me, with tears welling up in her eyes, after my "Silenced by God" message and said that for the first time she realised that God took "little" sins like lying so seriously. I am thankful for Pastor Younus Samuel who invited me to speak in this youth convention that saw over 500 youth attend.

Sin, Cos, Sec, Tan, Cosec and COSEKs!

The third camp God took to me was at Tiruchy organised by a group of Karunya Institute of Techonology Students who called themselves COSEKs (Those Chosen for the Operation of Salvation and Expansion of God's Kingdom). It was held at a farm near Tiruchy, the most centrally located city in Tamil Nadu. 200 young people from all over Tamil Nadu attended. Over 150 were from Karunya and the rest from other other colleges. Some who worked also joined. I brought three talks in this camp titled, "Dare to be a Daniel", "Answers for commonly asked Youth questions" and "Finishing Fantastically". I shared the pulpit with the energetic musician evangelist Freddy Joseph from Chennai, Dr. Jebaraj Samuel, the seasoned Jesus Calls Evangelist and Brother Allwyn Thomas, Ruah Revival Church. The young people testified to the blessing of the messages shared. Literatures (books and CDs) featuring my writings and messages sold for over Rs.4000 in this camp alone! One reason for this enthusiastic response was that Evangelist Freddy Joseph, promoted these like no co-preacher had done. This was an immense encouragement for me to keep preaching and writing without thinking of an early retirement! I am grateful to Thambi Samson who extended the invitation for me to preach in these meetings. He talked about a turning point that came in his life when he was a student at Santhosa Vidhyalaya in a youth retreat I preached in (when I was a student of SABC). And when he told me that he was going to South Korea next month to represent Indian youth in a mega-Christian-youth festival, I was over the moon! It praise God that among the scores of youth who have come to the Lord in over 15 plus years of my preaching ministry there are "fruits that last". It was Gideon Samuel, my cousin brother at Karunya who first put me on to Samson. Thanks, Gidde!

I have attached one photograph from the Tiruchy meetings - a meeting that was held in an old fashioned revival tent! The father of one of the key organizers of this program - Prasad, a Karunya Student - came forward to give his farm to host these meetings. May the Lord bless Him for this noble gesture.

Harsha Bhogle given The Days...

When I waiting to board the Indigo flight to Chennai enroute to Trichy from Hyderabad on 25 May, a surprise awaited me at the airport lobby. I saw Harsha Bhogle, the acclaimed cricket commentator who works for ESPN Sports Channel and Vijay Adhiraj, noted Tamil Serial Actor, waiting to catch flights like me. I walked up to them, exchanged pleasantries and handed over The Days of Your Youth mag to them - a mag that had the Gospel creatively wrapped in some of its pages. And guess what - they took it! And I saw them flipping the pages over and mulling over its contents! On the way back, I distributed the freshly reprinted Gospel Tract, Bubbly Outside, Yet Empty Inside? in my train journey from Tiruchy to Chenai, Chennai to Warangal, Warangal to Secunderabad to select co-passengers. Direct evangelism makes me ecstatic! Thanks to the folks who sent in offerings so this tract originally titled, Aishwariya Felt It: The Vacuum in the Heart, could be reprinted.

Messages that moved youth

The final camp I ministered in was a Youth For Christ Camp at Andhra Pradesh Bible College, Miyapur, Hyderabad. Over 109 youth had registered and took part. I preached three messages that were centredaround the Second Coming of the Lord - the theme for the camp. One was titled, "The Day of the Lord", the other was "Revelation photographs speak" and the final one was "A Coming that inspires our going after the lost". After my Revelation Photographs message, one young man walked up to me to say that he was cut at heart. Several youth recommitted their lives to the Lord and pledged to become donkeys that would carry Jesus into the colleges, call centres and communities without the Gospel thro' life and lip. "Your messages make me want to do something for Jesus in this one life I have" - that was one encouraging testimony I received in this camp, from a young person. The YFC Director for Hyderabad, Ebe, graciously invited me over to preach in these meetings.

Amply supplied!

Each of the organisers in these four meetings gave us an offering. We praise God for their generosity. Like Paul we can say, "We are amply supplied!" We will use that money to continue to produce literature that will make the Google Generation go gaga over God's Word!

When Jesus Enters Your Home...

Meanwhile I joined my larger family from my mother's side for the annual family reunion at Chennai. It was a joyous occasion. I shared the message, "When Jesus Enters Your Home" in that meet.The seed idea for this message was came to me when I translated for Evangelist Mohan C. Lazarus' messages into English for telecast in God TV, some time back.

Preaching isn't the only way...

Your earnest prayers made such a huge difference in these. Thanks. My wife, Evan, who is now pregnant, bravely stayed alone when I had to take off from home, with only my 3-year old son, Dale Nathan, for company for most part during those non-stop programs. I thank God for giving me such a life partner who is not only gorgeous, but gutsy! I glorify God for giving me a wife who is not beautiful but bold! Earlier, Dale stayed with my parents in Vellore for a good 20 days and enjoyed every minute of their love, affection and attention. As I have already noted, there was good response for the messages on CDs of yours truly put up for sale in these meetings. We sold over 80 CDs alone in these camps and almost same number of books. One reason was that the CDs were packaged attractively and creatively - thanks to the newly-designed CD covers done by Ruby Evangel, a young lady working in an MNC in Hyderabad. There are so many different ways to build the kingdom of God, apart from plain preaching and Ruby is a great example of that! I have attached one of the CD covers that she designed so brilliantly in this email. Earlier, Solomon Paul, a young man who works in Sap Labs in Bangalore, created a googlegroups id for our ministry contacts. Some of you are reading this e-mail because he went an extra mile to do this task! Vomiting sensationOn the writing front, the Light of Life magazine, perhaps the most widely read Indian English Christian magazine, published two of my articles for youth in the months of May and June. After I left Blessing Youth Mission, I was praying that God would open the door for me to regularly write in a Christian magazine of repute, so that I could continue writing the way I did for Blessing magazine. I am glad God has heard my prayers! The Cricinfo magazine of the famed Wisden group in the United Kindom, published one of my letters in their May issue. You know what - I feel light only after I write. Till then, it is as if I have a vomiting sensation! I need to also take up the work of preparing the next issue of The Days Of Your Youth magazine immediately. While the task of wrapping Bible truths around contemporary events is exciting, it is also exacting. So I need special grace to do it!

Preaching in Jubilee Hills

God willing, I preach in the Hillsongs-Joyce Meyer Ministries Church at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad on the 10th June. Pray for me please!

Till all of the Google Generation Hears of Jesus,

Duke Jeyaraj

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