Saturday, September 11, 2010

Duke & Evan's Messages in the English To Malayalam DVD Format

The practical, direct, biblical messages that Duke Jeyaraj and his wife Evangelin Duke preached in a AG youth camp in Kerala are now available in the DVD format. These messages will touch your life and transform it. They are in the English to Malayalam format.

Message topics include:

1. Which Road Are You On?
2. Getting Hooked To The Greatest Book - The Bible
3. What The Bible Teaches About
4. Beating Temptations Like Joseph
5. All About The Holy Spirit
6. Why & How Exactly Do I Tell Others About Jesus?

7. What Shall I Do With The One Life I Have?

These seven messages are spread over 3 DVDs. Price of each DVD is Rs. 50/-. Email us at or call us at 9441352433 if you want a set of these DVDs. One full set including courier charges within India - Rs. 200/- (Rs. 500/- for overseas addresses).