Sunday, August 28, 2011


On January 26, 2010, Duke Jeyaraj, preached in the Bethel City Cathedral, a leading church in the city of Coimbatore upon the invitation of Rev. Terry Pragasam. 1600 young people from various parts of the city and the state of Tamil Nadu showed up, despite having the option of attending other events in the city featuring leading speakers. In his first message, Duke called for sexual purity by preaching a message on this not-often-openly-talked-about subject, from the Bible, using presentday illustrations, without beating about the bush. Surprisingly, when Duke, moved by the Spirit, called those who were repenting from sexual sin to come forward after this talk, there were rows of young men and women, who came forward! A powerful time of commitment followed. Just before lunch, Duke preached yet another message. The Bible text he chose was from Psalm 78. Starting with a story from George Bush Jr.'s autobiography, He went on to talk about Ephraim who turned back on the day of battle. In this very practical message, he outlined ways to overcome temptation without turning back. And as the Spirit lead him to do so, Duke finished with a energetic ministry involvement challenge. When the clarion call for ministry involvement (presently, whereever one was) and fulltime ministry (down the line) was given, over 70 per cent of the audience responded! The move of God was unmistakable in that meeting which also featured the message and music of Bro. Isaac Joe! After this meeting, Duke was invited to the studio of Bethel City Cathedral to be featured in an interview on what the Bible Teaches on hot youth issues.While travelling to the city of Coimbatore by air, Duke took the opportunity to pass out his Gospel tract, "Bubbly Outside, Yet Empty Inside!" to some of the airline staff. Preaching is just one way to be a witness for Jesus, is it not?


Testimonies of encouragement that Duke and Evan have recently received for which they say, “Thank You!”

My Dear Servant of God, Brother Duke,
I was 8 when you preached in a youth camp in Germany, in the year 1998. At the age of 13 I saw the video copy of those messages for the first time. By now, I have watched those videos over 100 times to speak the truth! I am so blessed! We hardly hear preaching like this, these days! – A Sri Lankan Tamil Pastor writing from Germany.

Note – The 9 messages that Duke preached in that 1998 youth camp referred to in this email in the country of Germany are now available with us in a 3-DVD pack. Contact +91-888-604-0-605 for details.

Dear uncle Duke,
Nice to see you on YouTube. I saw 4-5 clips of yours there at The point you make in one of your YouTube videos from the book of Leviticus Chapter 18 and from 2 Samuel 11:27 to show that porn-watching displeases God really touched me. I got the confirmation that porn-watching is indeed a sin. – A Young YouTube User.

I got your book, STRAIGHT TALK, from one of my friends in India. It is mind-blowing. I gave to one of my friends in Italy. She emailed me to let me know that it is very useful and she wanted to her express her thanks to you. – An Indian Student in Messina, Island of Sicily, Italy.

Hi bro Duke!
I have never met you. But my sister has! Actually she's the reason I eventually heard about you! She was in this meeting you had preached in the town of Srikakulam, two years back. After she came back home from those meetings I really did see a change in her attitude and behavior toward me. She asked my dad to make photocopies of your book for her friends and I ended up having a copy as well. I am following the practical suggestions you talk about in your writings to win my battle over sexual temptation. – A 15-year old writing from Vizag, Andhra Pradesh.

After a week of packed schedule of meetings with Bro. Duke, I was urged in my spirit to write a note to you. I believe that whoever attended the meetings were truly blessed. Though I attended only few sessions the amount of impact the sessions had on me was tremendous . In the first place, I was wondering why we have to have these week-long meetings. But my mind changed when I attended the PROFIT Thursday fellowship session in which Duke outlined the message of book of Nehemiah using the acronym N-E-H-E-M-I-A-H. It was awesome. The climax came in the camp. Oh what a time we had, especially the last two sessions when Bro. Duke was recapped all the Pillar Points, he and his wife made. God spoke to me and made the whole purpose of the event very clear to me. I am so much encouraged by the fact that GOD is taking our Fellowship into a new Level and giving us newer dimensions. I know how we started very small in Cuff Road (in Singapore). Sometimes 10 would attend, sometimes it was just 2 people! But I was so overjoyed to see over 50 professionals attend the camp. As I was speaking to Bro.Duke personally about his ministry, he mentioned one thing which put so much burden on me and rekindled the fire in me. This is what he said: “Though I am speaking and ministering to many professionals, my access to them has now been limited , for I am no more a corporate company employee. But you have the access card to your company – something I don’t have. I cannot enter the premises of your company to conduct a spiritual meeting or to witness for Christ. But where no fulltime preacher like me can go, God has given you access to go! Use this opportunity!" Oh, my God! What a thunderbolt! Let us go after the lost in our offices without delay! – A young professional from Singapore who was part of the meetings Duke and Evan addressed there recently.

Thank you Bro. Duke and Sis. Evan for re-energizing us by revealing to us the hidden mysteries from God's word. We are truly blessed. God bless you both to be blessing to even more. Amen. – A young professional writing from Singapore.

Dear Brother Duke,
I really was blessed by your message on 5 ‘B's to beat temptation and the Tri-Relationships (parents/patrons/pair) which you shared in Christ Church, Singapore. What a practical way to defeat sin you have brought out! I am sharing your book, ‘ Straight Talk’, to my colleagues and to some of my students. It is really an eye-opener , first of all to myself. – A teacher writing from Singapore.


Duke Jeyaraj was invited to speak in the Marthoma Residential School in Tiruvalla, Kerala, by the Principal of the School, Mr. M. M. Mathew on 28th January, 2011. Duke shared God's Word in the assembly of this school, with both the students and the faculty present. He spoke from "befores" found in the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 12. He lead in the sinner's prayer after that penetrating message. After the assembly, Duke spoke just to the senior students from Ezekiel 23, the chapter with the story of two wayward sisters. He pointed out how these two sisters were like presentday youth and merged his presentation with the Gospel. There were teens in that group who drew closer to the Lord Jesus after Duke's frank talk. All of them were given a free copy of this magazine. Some of them were looking at Duke's book, STRAIGHT TALK, very keenly.

Duke was also invited by the prayer fellowship of the SRM College in Chennai (a bunch who were spiritually shepherded by Pastor Chadwick Mohan) to speak in a meeting hosted in a large auditorium right inside their campus on 7th April 2011. SRM is India's largest multi-stream private university. About 800 students gathered. Many there were in a meeting like that for a very first time. Speaking to a boisterous group of college students can be a challenging task. But God gave extra grace to Duke to carry this out well. Duke weaved the Gospel around magic moments of the Cricket World Cup 2011 and called for the students who wanted to give their lives to Christ to come forward in an attitude of repentence. Around 50 came forward. There was a holy hush in that swank auditorium. And these folk who came forward were lead in the sinner's prayer. Earlier that day, musician Stephen Devassy, the NLAG-Chennai Worship Band, the SRM Prayer Fellowship Worship Band also performed. The pictures of the second row were shot by Pranta Nath, a skillful photographer and one of the students of SRM College.