Friday, May 4, 2012


Tract Distribution Ministry Report

Transforming mere seat-warmers in the church into soldiers of the Cross is one of the priorities of Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna (Hell) Mission, a ministry to modern youth founded by Duke Jeyaraj. In accordance to this goal, in the past three months, tract distribution outreaches have been planned and executed. On a chosen Saturday, some of those who are part of the Bible Study group that meets once a month at Duke Jeyaraj's base have had the privilege of doing Gospel Tract Distribution. The tract written by Duke titled, "Bubbly Outside, Yet Empty Inside?" was used for this event. In the month of February 2012, tracts were given in the Cineplanet Complex, Kompally; in March 2012 at the Secunderabad Railway Station (where this pic was taken); in April 2012 tracts were given just outside InOrbit Mall. 3 joined Duke in the Feb. month outreach, 6 joined the March month outreach and 9 joined the April month outreach. Just outside InOrbit Mall when Duke gave the 'bubbly' tract to a bunch of young people, he told them that the tract explained how to find true peace. "That's what we need!" - one of the girls in the group said. We thank God for this growing outreach. Some New Testaments and Bibles were given out also in these outreaches in which youth from different local churches working in different corporate companies took part. To join the next tract distribution, please call 8886040605.