Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The G-4 Mission ministry report, May to July 2008, by Evangelin Duke
Youth Taught!
May to July 2008 we did what we could to redeem the rediff generation from condemnation. Let me give some details so that you can glorify God with us. Two Saturday evenings in the month of May, Duke taught a small group of hungry youth at the office of the New Life Assemblies of God, Secunderabad, following Pastor Younus Samuel's invitation. One Saturday, he spoke on the topic, "Preaching to Today's Youth". He based his talk on the life of Prophet Amos. The following Saturday, he spoke on the topic, "The Last Days of History". It was a summary of the important events to take place in the last days of the history of this planet. The youth were blessed and built up in their inner man.

Wrong Ideas About the Holy Spirit shattered!
On the Sunday morning of 25 May 2008 Duke preached God's Word in the Zion Pentecostal Church, Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Pastor Immanuel Paul welcomed him warmly. Duke and Pastor Immanuel were in the same college briefly in Vellore during which time they began a prayer fellowship. Duke's message to the audience of over 700 people in this church, which is the first Pentecostal church in the town of Vellore was on the Holy Spirit. With his Dad, Mr. A. Jeyaraj, interpreting into Tamil, Duke explained most commonly-found wrong ideas about the Holy Spirit and corrected these ideas in the light of the Bible. At the end of the message he lead a prayer for the Holy Spirit Baptism.

Annual General Body Meeting Held!
On the same day (May 25th), later in the evening, in the premises of the Living Word Missionary Church, Anna Nagar, Chennai the first General Body – Board meeting of the ministry that publishes this mag, G-4 Mission was held. Mr. Y. Silver Ramesh, a person who has worked in some of the International Branches of the State Bank of India and Mr. Navamani Xavier, a senior officer with the Indian Bank joined this meeting. Both these individuals were a great source of encouragement and guidance to Duke during his formative years as a Bible College student in Bangalore and a youth pastor in New Delhi. Duke's father, Mr. A. Jeyaraj and uncle, Pastor A. Gnanasekaran also joined this meeting. The report and accounts of the ministry that Duke began in February 2006 to modern youth named Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission (G-4 Mission) were presented. This ministry was registered with the Tamil Nadu Government on the 4 July 2007. The Holy Spirit's guiding presence during this meeting was unmistakable.

Mabel Weds Pramod!
On June 14 Duke was part of the pastoral team that conducted the wedding of Shweta Mabel, the first regular supporter of our ministry, in the city of Bangalore, with Pramod Ninan. The travel to Bangalore in train with young friends from Hyderabad was exciting. A young couple, Satish-Jennie graciously hosted us in their lovely home in Bangalore during this visit.

Sick Healed – soul and body!
On June 20, a Friday, evening Duke was invited by Bro. Bhusnam to preach to over 700 people who gathered in the Jesus Calls Prayer Hall near Secunderabad station. Duke's message on what would happen if Jesus entered someone's home was eagerly received by an audience that included friends from different faiths. People were saved, healed and Spirit-Baptised during the time of prayer. Four people came forward to testify that God healed them during this service.

Truth Take on Money!
On June 28, a Saturday, Duke shared what God's Word had to teach about money to a small group of corporate employees in the premises of CBN in Hyderabad, upon the invitation of Mr. Mohan Patnaik, a senior officer with UBS (Swiss Bank). The audience were surprised to hear that we (Duke and I) shunned Credit Cards and any sort of loan during our seven years of married life, though we began it with a monthly income of Rs.3000!

Lesser Known Bible Books Studied!
At the centrally-located home of Daniel-Magdalene at Somajiguda, we continued our monthly lesser-known summary studies of Bible books each of these three months. The books of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Lamentations were covered. It was encouraging to see an Ethiopian student, a senior officer with HP, corporate employees of Dell and Genpact, a leader of Indian Evangelical Mission and a couple of independent pastors join us for this interdenominational Bible Study at different times. Duke used the very word ISAIAH and JEREMIAH as an acronym to summarize the messages of these two Bible books in a practical way unearthing deep Bible truths. With the completion of the study of the book of Lamentations this month, by the grace of God we have been able to complete the bird's eye view study of 12 different Bible books in 12 months starting in August of 2007. Send an SMS to us at +91-9441352433 and we will send info about when the next Bible Study would be.

No preaching; Yes prayer!
Of late, the Lord has been increasing our burden for prayer. So starting from the month of May, each month we meet at the home of Dr. Abraham Stanley and Mrs. Sharmila Stanley in Hyderabad for this very purpose. There is no preaching in these meetings - only praying! We use newsmagazines to provide us prayer points.
In Pune!
Pastor Tennison Peter of Mumbai invited both of us to share God's Word to the youth of Mumbai and Pune in the beautiful campus of the Union Biblical Seminary in Pune during July 12-13. It was a camp organized by BTCYF, one of Mumbai's most active inter-church youth organizations. Duke preached four messages, while I did two. Subjects like salvation, relationships, sexual temptations, Holy Spirit, Life Partner choice and excuses people give for non-involvement in ministry were taken up and given Biblical treatment wrapped around contemporary illustrations. The Lord blessed each of the messages shared. Though this camp was not for UBS students some of them stood dead in their tracts to listen to the openair Sandhya message of Duke from Genesis 39! The young people made definite commitments to the Lord. All the CDs and Books we took along with us were sold out in no time! When our children fell sick during the camp, the family of Daniel Esau came to the rescue.

During the singing time at the BTCYF Youth Camp at Pune....

Some of the young women who attended the BTCYF Youth Camp at UBS, Pune, in which Duke and Evan preached in.

After being feed by the Word of God preached to them by Duke and Evan, some of the campers of the BTCYF Youth Camp at UBS, Pune, taste physical food!

Duke makes a point while preaching in the Sandhya Session of the BTCYF Camp at Pune from Genesis 39. "The broom temptation came before the bed temptation for Joseph!" he said.

Duke's daughter joined Duke and Evan when they ministered to youth at the UBS Campus in Pune. Here she is snapped by one camera!

Using G-Talk for God Talk!
We continue to counsel and offer spiritual help to youth who seek that sort of help, through one on one meetings and through counseling e-mails. One young person heard what God's word had to say about Boy-Girl physical intimacy before marriage during one such session. Using G-Talk Duke gave Bible counsel to a young man in England!

Seeing a CD as a missionary!
The DVDs and MP3 CDs featuring Duke's messages to modern youth have now traveled to countries such as the United States, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Republic of Slovenia, Singapore, Malaysia apart from India. We see each CD as a missionary carrying Yahweh's Word being made relevant for the yahoo youth to different locations in this planet.

Missionary Journey in a train!
We still keep handing out to interested co-passengers Duke's Gospel tract for modern youth, Bubbly Outside, Yet Empty Inside? during our train journeys. Emmanuel, an Ethiopian student joined Duke to do this during our journey from Hyderabad to Bangalore train journey.

Prayer goes on without Duke!
In HSBC, where Duke works, the midnight 3-minute fellowship continues. Duke was happy to see the prayer going on even when he could not join it. God has raised other leaders to continue it even without his physical presence! The Lord helped Duke excel in his work in HSBC. He was one of the three people awarded a bonus of nearly Rs.10,000 by the management for his excellent performance in April 2008. Daring young people to be like Daniel in their place of work remains our passion and priority.

Thank you for your support and supplication. We value it very much. We have miles to go and many promises to keep before we sleep.


Hello Brother Duke,
I was one of the guys who attended your classes in the AG's office yesterday. It was a great class.Your enthusiasm passed on to us actually. I was fasting and praying to the Lord that that the day should be a blessing to me and He answered me by sending you to teach us. - Chandrashekar. M, Hyderabad

Dear Duke,
This to thank you for the good overview you had taken the group (at the home of Daniel-Magdalene) on Isaiah within a short span. Indeed, I have been personally encouraged to take in depth study on Isaiah.
- Peter Prince, With Hewlett Packard, Hyderabad.

Dear Brother,
I received you magazine. Thanks a lot. It really helped me a lot in my life and its always encouraging to me.

- Kunjini Dumjan, Darjeeling.

Dear Duke, Thanks for the mail and for the magazine. The contents have been brilliantly put in the light of Gods word.
- Philip Samuel, Hyderabad

Dear Duke,
First of all I would like you to know that its a blessing to receive your mails.I feel privileged when you send the updates and ask us to pray. I feel we all are a team. I really appreciate all that you are doing.
- Shanthi Dasari, Hyderabad

Duke Annan,
Thanks a lot for your article on beating sexual temptation. It is a great help for comprehension and practical use. May the Lord use you to write many more such articles

– A young pastor

Yesterday I watched your DVD (featuring the messages, "The God Who Kisses Can Kill Too" and "The Day of Judgment"). It was awesome. It spoke to me.
– A young woman

Dear Duke,
May the Lord enrich your two lives as you press on in partnership of obedience to the Lord! Your poetry is beautiful! Glad to hear from you
- Dr. Samuel Kamaleson,Founder FMPB and World Renowned Preacher

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