Monday, November 3, 2014


Pastor Sammy Thangiah, the son of Rev. Paul Thangiah, warmly invited Dr. Duke Jeyaraj to preach God's Word during two Sunday Morning services at the New Generation Service of the Full Gospel Assembly of God Church and Worship Center (popularly called FGAG) in Bangalore, INDIA. The dates were 14 September and 21 September, 2014. The church was kind to fly Duke up and down for both the events.

On 14th September, Duke shared a message on why Salvation/Living for Jesus is the greatest of all experiences - an experience which outbeat even the experiencing the using the latest smartphone (Iphone6, Iphone6 plus was just released a few days back). Duke culled-in his main points from the book of Hebrews using the oft-repeated key word, "better", in that book. Duke came armed with a toothbrush, a youtube video, some celebrity pics, and more importantly the anointing of the Holy Spirit for this message, that had the young people laughing, thinking and moving them closer to the Lord. About 275 Google Genners were there. At the end of the service, following Duke's call, a number of youth came forward, gave their lives to Jesus. Repentance for cell-phone idolatry followed. The young people laid their phones on the altar during prayer time and prayed. God graciously and mightily  moved.

On 21st September, Duke shared a direct, no-holds-barred message on Sexual Temptation, in the same Sunase. He talked about how to overcome sexual temptation quoting God's Word - the Jesus method. Even after this message, some youth came forward and gave their lives/bodies/all to Jesus. You can hear the message here:

"He doesn't mince with words...." was one comment by one of the leaders. God was glorified both the Sundays by the powerful preaching of the Word.

Duke was able to meet with Pastor Sheeba Thangiah and thank her for the opportunity given on the 21st September.

Duke was grateful for the wonderful hospitality, generousity and love of the Pastoral team/Youth Ministry Team of FGAG.

During the air travel, Duke gave out the Bubbly/Dhoni tract of his to the air crew, ticketing staff, co-passengers, etc. He used the Psalm 119:65 method of Evangelism by talking about the ESV Bible App. 

Evangelin Duke, Duke's wife, managed the G4 Mission base in Hyderabad during Duke's absence. She managed both the children of Duke, cheerfully and prayerfully.

Monday, October 6, 2014


In the year 2004, Duke Jeyaraj and Evangelin Duke preached God's Word in Lady Doak College Madurai. That meeting was indeed a  blessing to those who participated in it.

Dr. Suka Joshua, the Chaplain of the Lady Doak College invited Duke to speak in the college's student retreat.

Duke Jeyaraj ministered to over 400 students of Lady Doak College in Madurai on 19 July 2014 in their annual Student Retreat. After Duke's stirring salvation message from John 4, a vast majority of the students stood up, prayed the sinner's prayer and gave their hearts to Jesus. Duke split the meeting of Jesus with the Samaritan Woman into 10 sub-events and preached from them. The first event was "The Thirsty" and the last event was "The Ecstasy". You can listen/view  to that message here (three clips):;;

After this message, Duke taught these girl students on what the Bible Teaches about Sex and how humans went on to abuse God's great gift of sex. This message was listened to with hushed silence by the student body. God's Spirit moved among the students. During the message, the students wrote out chastity pledges on the back flap of their Bibles (no sex till marriage pledge). After the message they stood up and prayed to surrender their bodies to Jesus 100 per cent when Duke gave the altar call. You can listen to that daring message delivered straight from God's Word here: As Duke walked to have lunch along with the students, some of the faculty members remarked that they were amazed by the stunned silence of the students who heard the talk. "They will walk out, if the talks during such retreats are not interesting!" they remarked. Duke was encouraged to hear this. In the final session, Duke preached a victorious Christian life message from the lots of 'LET USes' found in the book of Hebrews. The students decided to practice Christian disciples of prayer, fellowship, etc. at the end of this message. You can hear that talk here:

In between the sessions, Duke held a quiz that had oral, audio, picture and video rounds. This quiz entertained and educated the students.  Duke gave out prizes for the winning team amidst applause. By viewing this clip, you can have a glimpse of the audience that heard Duke on this day -

In the next day, Duke spoke to student leaders of Lady Doak College - a selected group of 60 part of the college's campus ministry, the Student Christian Movement (SCM). Duke taught leadership lessons from Jezebel's life, first up, after having summarized the wicked queen's life in an acronym after her very name. You can listen to that talk here: Then Duke shared three more talks - on Bible Meditation (The Longest Book on the Greatest Book), on Life Partner Choice (Genesis 24: Marriage-Romance Q & A from it), on the Missionary Call (from Amos). Each of these messages were well received. Around 15 to 20 students committed for fulltime ministry after the last session. There was a quiz with rounds from the Bible round as well as the secular world by Duke for the student leaders as well which they enjoyed participating in.

Duke introduced G4 Mission literature during both the days and the response for the literature was quite good. All the 20 copies of Duke's book on sex, love, marriage and more, STRAIGHT TALK, were sold out. Here is a video clip of Duke promoting G4 Mission literature:

Duke's three-day ministry in Madurai came to an end when he preached in the Lady Doak Chapel devotion on who the Prudent Student was. You can listen to that talk here:

Duke was also invited to share a devotion for the staff of Thuthi Ministries in Madurai lead by Sis. Sunitha Sugumar. Duke shared from the life of Zipporah to challenge the staff. That talk is hosted here:

The Lady Doak College was kind to put Duke in a flight from Hyderabad to Madurai and back. During the flight journey Duke was glad to share the Gospel with the Regional Manager of a Multinational Pharma Company as well give the Bubbly/Dhoni tract to air hostesses! Preaching is just one way of doing ministry!

Evangelin Duke who could have easily joined Duke during this ministry trip, chose to stay at home and take care of Dale and Datasha, Duke's kids who had school work to complete.

Thank you for your prayers!

Thursday, July 31, 2014


A Duke Jeyaraj poem on the FIFA World Cup 2014 Final in Brazil with an important message at the end

The FIFA World Cup 2014 trophy was brought out to the grand ground by Mr. Puyol and Ms. Bundchen
 Into the Maracana Stadium not far away from the statue of the One in Rio who from the dead, is risen!
The most watched televised program in the World – this, about the World Cup 2014 Final, was written
“Who will triumph, team Germany or Messi’s Argentina?” – with this question, crazed fans were smitten
 As both teams attacked and defended with equal enthusiasm – the pressure in the stadium increased like in an oven,
Early in the game, German Kroos’ potentially-goal producing gift, by Argentine Higuain was not taken
 When what he thought was a goal was flagged off as ‘off side’, the celebrating Higuain was shaken
At the stroke of half-time Hoewedes’ header bounced off the post with the Argentine goalie frozen
Early extra time arrived and Palacio, by lifting the ball over the goalie, Argentina’s account he almost did open,
 Thanks to Jerome Boateng’s gutsy defending, Lionel Messi’s finishing was far from a perfect ten,
In the 113-minute, the 22-year old Mario Goetze volleyed-in a goal with a World-class sheen,
And in disgust the Argentine coach Sabella asked his defenders, “Where have you all been?”
 When Messi shot wide the 122-minute, 35 yard free kick, his team’s last chance to equalize, his face was ashen,
The name of unified Germany in the list of FIFA World Cup winners, after 24 long years was seen!
And that Joachim Loew's German team was the best in the planet – this was clearly proven!

Germany’s Schweinsteiger had blood on his face but was yet in the field by the time of the final siren,
He reminded me of the One who came to give a gift more precious than the one gift to Argentina, mistakenly given by Kroos, the German!
 I am referring to the gift of forgiveness from sin which Jesus came to give by shedding blood as predicted by the Bible penmen,
He was the only One to be born on this earth without the help of the male semen,
Every sin of ours were laid upon Him on the Cross – no sins were excluded, not even the “sins that involve the hymen”,
 We must take a U-turn and come back to him to receive this forgiveness like the boy in the Gospel record who once ate from the pigpen!
If you do that, then you will have a joy that is unspeakable while on this earth and go to live eternally in the glorious place where the streets are golden!
 And now we must be ready to meet Jesus, for he shall return to this Earth to judge everyone, all of a sudden.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Duke Jeyaraj Graduates With A Doctor of Ministry Degree: A Report and Thank You Note!

Duke Jeyaraj, on 9th March 2014 graduated with a Doctor of Ministry degree from Southern Asia Bible College, Bangalore (Centre for Global Leadership Development as it is called now). On March 8th, Duke made a presentation of the synopsis of this project before an august audience that included SABC Faculty, SABC board members, Assemblies of God World Mission South Asia leaders, current Doctor of Ministry leaders and prominent local church pastors (hear that speech here: Duke was particularly happy that his local church pastor, Rev. Arlene Stubbs was there. Duke’s first boss post Bible College graduation, Rev. Robert Jeyaraj was also there in this meeting. Duke and Evan were overjoyed to meet with him and pray with him.

Duke also was privileged to be asked by Dr. Basant Prakash, the Dean of Southern Asia Bible College to speak on behalf of the graduating Doctor of Ministry class on the graduation day (see that message here: This was the second time Duke had such an honor, having spoken as a Masters of Divinity Graduate in the SABC graduation in the year 2001 (see that talk here: God is good!

Duke’s project guide was Dr. David Balasingh, a man of God who did back-breaking and brain-storming work with Duke for close to 18 months on this project.

Duke’s project title was this: Developing Strategies for making disciples of India’s Google Generation world over.

For this project Duke interviewed 109 IT/ITES professionals by travelling in person to cities such as Trivandrum, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurgaon and Kolkata, apart from folks in Hyderabad, the city he lives in. By phone, he also interviewed IT/ITES folk working in prominent companies such as Ebay, Google, etc., in the United States, Australia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc.

Duke began this course in 2009. This nearly-five year journey was possible because God raised a dear family to pay for Duke’s course fees. Also, the supporters of G4 Mission – all Indians – were kind to keep supporting Duke as he studied and ministered. Duke’s family, especially his dear wife, Evan, was of great support. All the wives of the Doctor of Ministry graduates were honoured by SABC for supporting their husbands in the Doctoral journey. She managed the family and the ministry base during the times Duke was away researching or studying. Sis. Sandhya Rodrigues, helped in many ways for this project.

Sandeep Pasupeletti, Arpal Paul, Benaya Vikram and Solomon Hegeler and Nithiraj K were four young IT Pros who helped Duke analyse the raw data of his research through MS Excel sheets/diagrams/graphs.

Pastor Sam Varghese and Pastor Rincy Cherian (Trivandrum). Rev. Dr. Y. D. Jeyaseelan (New Delhi). Rev. Vivek Dhindorkar and Rev. P. Abraham  (Mumbai).  Rev Nana Dar and Rev. Stephen Dar (Pune). Rev. Austin Carter Jones and his dear wife Sis. Jothi Zippiya (Chennai). Rev. Dr. Ivan Satyavrata and Rev. Jacob Matthew (Kolkata). Rev. Anil Alexander (Navi Mumbai). The pastors listed above not only gave Duke the necessary permission to interview IT/ITES professionals of their church for this project but also warmly invited me to preach from their church pulpits during the research phase of this project. Some of them went out of their way to even arrange for Duke’s accommodation when he came to visit their church for my personal work. These pastors are a living example that there are servants of God who place the Kingdom of God before all else!

Duke’s kids were of special help to Duke for this project. Dale and Datasha. Dale would ask, “Daddy, did you complete chapter 2 yet?” And you can bet that encouraged him to go all the way to complete this project. Duke’s daughter Datasha would say, “Daddy, why are you on Facebook, when you need to finish your D. Min. project?” She was like Duke’s Prophet Haggai who encouraged God’s people to finish the rebuilding project!

Sister Bindu in the D. Min. department was another person who was very helpful for Duke in this project. Her responses to Duke’s emails/SMSs were as quick as Usain Bolt sprinting abilities!

Dr. Jacob Cherian and Dr. Pravin Kumar Israel  fast-tracked Duke to join this D. Min. course (I was the youngest in my cohort of 14) with not even a decade completed post his M. Div. degree graduation in SABC.

Duke was taught by some of the finest faculty and ministry leaders available in this course. Rev. Dr. Steve Lim. Rev. Dr. J. P. Taylor. Dr. Jean Daniel Pluess. Dr. Lois Olena. Rev. Dr. David Wills. Rev. Dr. Raylynn Wills. Rev. Dr. Jacob Cherian. Rev. Dr. Ivan Satyavrata. Rev. Dr. David Clarence. Dr. Prabhu Guptara. Rev. Dr. John Higgins. Dr. Ajit Prasadam. These teachers taught Duke priceless lessons that in-effect gave eight different lenses (we had eight modules) to view Modern Young Working Professionals. Dr. Olena, apart from coaching Duke’s D. Min. cohort in Project Writing, was kind to assist Duke in several ways. She emailed Duke the resources to make this project better.

His class mates in the D. Min. cohort  kept telling me, “Duke, you can finish this D. Min. by 2014,” and those reassuring words from these eminent men and women (including the General Superintendent of the South India Assemblies of God, Rev. .V. T. Abraham) meant a lot.

Dr. Grace Royappa. This post-doctoral research scientist’s counsels were of immense value to Duke as He progressed in this project. Her input in this project cannot be gain-said.

Eugene Pandian and Lima Eugene. Dr. Abraham Stanley and Mrs. Sharmila Stanley. Danny and Sylvia. They were “Aquila’s” and “Priscilla’s” who warmly opened their homes to me when Duke had to be in Bangalore/Chennai, researching and meeting his guide.

Arpan Paul, Nithiaraj Komalaraj, Benaya Vikram, Sandeep Pasupuleti and Solomon Hegeler. These four busy Modern Young Working Professionals used the Microsoft Excel program superbly, using all of their creative energies, to bring out several pie-charts, graphs, illustrations to demonstrate pictorially the findings of this project.

Bro. Christopher Tharalla, Lima Eugene, Benajamin Taylor, Abhinav David. These folks took time out from their busy lives to root out mistakes from the doctoral project manuscript.

Florussel Satya , Pratyusha Nakka and Miss. Edith Mary. These precious people were willing to stay with Evan, Duke’s wife during the times of Duke project-related long travels.

Ms.Namrata Shrestha and Mrs.Sneha Robert. They were God-sent to deftly shape Duke’s project into the Turabian format!

K. Jagadeesh (Chennai), Uncle Daniel (Mumbai), Mayur Doriel (Kolkata), Sheju Jacob (Bangalore), Stephen Jothiraj (Bangalore). These friends drove Duke around and hung out with me while he visited their respective cities they lived in to do research for the doctoral project work.

Kondai, the entry inspector, British Council Library, Chennai. He supplied Duke plain white sheets to write notes on while I researched in that library for my project.

Duke was gifted with a MacBook Air and a Dell All-in-One PC by two friends whom we will leave unnamed. Both these machines made Duke Project Work a lot easier.

It was the Lord Jesus who called unworthy Duke to minister to the Google Generation. God moved the famously indecisive Duke to choose this project topic by his warm tugs. God sent people to help the helpless Duke to sew up this project. This project was about “the Lord.” To You be the glory, honor and praise! Yes, Duke can be called  Dr. Duke now but he would  like to be known as a donkey who carried Jesus to the Google Generation in the one life he had!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


(Duke Jeyaraj puts the India-Sri Lanka T20 World Cup Final 2014 held on 6 April 2014 in Dhaka in poem and drives home an important message at the end!)

“Will the T20 World Cup 2014, be Captain Cool’s 3rd World Cup win as India’s Captain?”
 "Would Lanka’s Twin Towers end their T20 Careers on the peak of the Victory Mountain?"
Well, for the die-hard Cricket fan, these pre-match questions were the oft-asked refrain!
 With Kohli’s big-hitting in the 16th, certainly past 170, seemed to go, the Indian batting train!
 With him was Yuvraj, the 6-sixes-in-1-Death-Over man all geared up, one and all to entertain,
 But alas, he batted for 21 deliveries seemingly without applying his brilliant, big-hitting brain!
 His rusty, slow-coach 11, Kohli’s valiant efforts, seemed to send straight to the drain!
 What was worse, even Dhoni could make only 4 runs off 7 balls, that too after much strain!
 Raina, who plundered 17 runs in 1 Over in the Semis never got to bat and that was insane!
 With 19 scored off the last 4 – how well did Malinga & Co, the Indians at the end, did contain!
The accurate wide Yorkers they sent down could have landed in an on-pitch proverbial grain!
 Theirs was one of the best ever Death bowling efforts seen in a T20 game – this was plain!
 The Lankans were off the blocks in the 130-run target chase set for them like a Great Dane! 
Just-in Sanga’s catch wasn’t taken by Mohit and unhappy Dhoni pushed back his mane!
Sri Lanka still needed 53 in 45 with 6 wickets remaining when Mishra dismissed Thirimanne,
But the match turned conclusively when from Thisara Perera’s bat, a barrage of sixes did rain!
 Sanga & He ensured it was Lanka that took with it the T20 World Cup home in their plane!
 Kohli hugged Sanga the legend, swallowing his bitter disappointment and hiding his pain,
 In fury, stones were thrown at Yuvi’s home – he was seen that sad night as a terrible villain!

 When the numb-in-pain Yuvraj pondered, “Why are stones thrown at me by all and sundry?”
I recalled the One who refused to pick up a stone and throw it at a woman caught in adultery!
 He told her, “Leave your life of sin!” much to fury of those who watched him from the gallery!
 This “He” is Jesus, the God-in-flesh who came to release us from life’s purposeless drudgery!
 Repent from sin and turn to Him in faith, you will spend your life with him joyously in eternity!

(Log onto to read more such presentations by Bro.Duke Jeyaraj where the Gospel is wrapped around contemporary events, Jesus Luke 13:1-5 style).

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Duke Jeyaraj scripts practical tips to write exams well from the life of Paul

Here are my ABCs that will gear up students for the tough season ahead even as the examinations inch closer. These exhortations are given in a random order so that they would orderly fit an A-G acronym. Some of the exhortations are supported by an incident in the life of the most brilliant student we get to meet in the entire Bible—Paul. Here they are:

ATTEMPT questions for all the marks in your exam paper. If we don’t even attempt to answer all questions we are showing contempt towards God who loves to bless any honest effort. If your efforts were zero then even if God multiplied it a million times it would be still a zero! Before Paul achieved anything for Jesus we read that he tried to “attempt” things for Jesus (Acts 9:26).

BURN the midnight oil. Chances are that for some unavoidable reasons you have started dusting your textbooks just before the exam season. What do you do then? There is only one answer: burn the midnight oil and sacrifice sleep. If you can stay up late or get up early to watch live cricket action out of Australia and New Zealand then surely you CAN do the same for the sake of your studies. You must! If Paul had a task to complete he would not mind tossing aside sleep (2 Cor 6:5; 11:27).

CONCENTRATE when it comes to doing well in exam. What matters most is how much concentration you put in your studies and not just how long you study. It is about quality rather than mere quantity. It is about how deep you can go into your subject. Forget your friends for some time. Turn off the TV for a while. You can catch up on the latest Cricket action little later. Concentrate. Paul was quite adept at that. He wrote, “I decided to concentrate only on Jesus Christ and his death on the cross” to the Corinthians (1 Cor 2:2).

DIVIDE equal time to answer each question you know the answer for. You may know the solutions for all the problems printed in your Maths paper. But solving them on the answer sheet will only give you the marks due to you. Because Paul was a good time- manager, he could confidently tell the folks at the Ephesus church to “make the best use of the time, because the days are evil” (Eph 5:16).

ENJOY the entire exam season. Don’t think of them as a “necessary evil.” When I was in Bible School, some of my most enjoyable times were the exam times. Boy, it was fun! You see, your mind will never entrap what it never enjoys. Paul taught young Timothy about a “God, who richly provides us with everything to enjoy”—your God and my God (1 Tim 6:17). If God has provided us “with everything to enjoy,” the word “everything” includes most definitely studying and examinations!

FEAR the Lord because that is the beginning of wisdom (Prov 1:7). Doing daily devotions even during exam time, praying before you start to study or before you start to write an exam, refusing to copy, etc are pragmatic ways you show the fear of God amidst an increasingly God-defying generation of students. Paul was a stand-out student in Gamaliel’s school before he met Christ, before he had the fear of the Lord. But guess what? He confesses that all that he accomplished outside of a relationship with Christ was “rubbish” (Phil 3:8).

GOOFING UP in one exam paper does not mean you are no good in that subject or that all is over. It just means you should work more hard in the same. Just a little more! So don’t give up! If that subject is Chemistry you will do well to write out the complex equations a dozen times before the exam, instead of flipping through them as you perhaps did. If that subject is Maths you would do yourself a world of good by solving the problems step by step instead of reading the already solved problem like it was an Enid Blyton’s Novel! Forget what happened in that exam and face the other exams with a fresh mind. Paul’s counsel is relevant here: “But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead” (Phil 3:13).

I could take you till we reach Z. But I guess you’ve to return to your study room…!

(Duke Jeyaraj is the founder of Grabbing De Google Generation 4m Gehenna Mission, a ministry to presentday people supported by Indian who are blessed by his writings/messages. Find out more about this ministry by liking

Wednesday, February 5, 2014



On the 25th of January, 2014, Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission (G4 Mission) planned a tract distribution for the area of Sainikpuri - posh locality in Secunderabad full of Google Generation youth. Five young people joined Duke in this outreach. Around 200 folks were reached with the Gospel through the "Bubbly" and "Dhoni" tract that day. Duke, Arul Johnson had a chance to meet with a gun-man and share the Gospel with him personally that day. That gun-man was given a Gospel booklet as well. Nagaraj and his friend Hareesh gave tracts to students in their college buses as well in the A. S. Rao Nagar area. We have only one life to live. It will be soon past. Whatever we do for Jesus will only last.

Post the tract distribution, Duke and these friends stood on an empty plot to pray for God to bless this evangelistic effort. Post that prayer, Duke shared a brief 12-minute message on heart-warming truths that could be learnt from Eshter Anuhya's heart-crushing end. Esther was a TCS techie was murdered (and perhaps raped) during January 2014.

That message can be heard here:

Though only five people were there when Duke shared it, thanks to the above link, over 100 people have listened to it!


Duke brought a message that challenged believers who gathered on the miracles that Jesus repeated during his ministry in a thanks giving meet which Jethin Noah, a dear friend, organised. Jethin was leaving to the US for work. That challenging message Duke shared in that occasion is found here:

Post that message, Evangelin Duke led in a powerful prayer of blessing. It was indeed a joy for Duke to preach in a meet which was chaired by some prominent Baptist church pastors of the city of Secunderabad.


On 2 February, 2014, at the G4 Mission rented base in Hyderabad, a Bible Study was held. Over 15 plus Google Genners joined. Hudson, not only brought couple of his friends, but played the guitar during the worship. Duke explained from the Bible how one can handle romantic rejection in what was not only a soothing talk but also a challenging talk. You can listen that talk here: (audio) (video)

On 2 March (Sunday) Duke will lead a Bible Study on being useful in God's Kingdom for Google Genners. This study will be a summary of the Bible book of Philemon.



“Whether we write lyrics or craft legislation, sell homes or teach classes, design spaces or open franchises, prayer is a critical part of the creative process. Don’t just brainstorm; praystorm.”  - Mark Batterson

A Call To Modern Young Working Pros To Praystorm!

Join the

Fountain of Tears Against Mountain of Fears Fasting Prayer
(A time of intercession for Google Gen based on Jer. 9:1,10).

With Dukes.

Prayer for Burning National/International Issues, first.
Prayer for Pressing Personal Needs, finally.

On 8th Feb. 2014 (Saturday).

10 am to 3 pm.

at The Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission Base in Kanajiguda (Behind Petrol Station).

Call +91-8886040605 for more details.


Duke has finished the last chapter of his doctoral course research project paper with Southern Asia Bible College. Now he is preparing the appendix for this project paper. Please pray. The graduation is slated for 9 March 2014. Meanwhile, if you or someone you know can voluntarily help Duke with proof-reading of this project, please reply by this mail or call Duke at 8886040605. We would greatly appreciate it!


On March 8, Saturday, Duke has been invited to speak to the youth of the Indira Nagar Methodist Church, Bangalore. Please pray.


We have a need for an AC for our base where we hold monthly Bible Studies and Fasting Prayers for Google Genners.

If you have a phablet (phone with screen size 6 inches and above) which you sparingly use or don't use, and can consider giving it for our ministry use we would appreciate it (It could serve as a single gadget Duke may need to carry during a ministry travel - taking calls, writing articles on it, and preaching messages from it).

Pray about these needs!

Contact us if you are led  by the Spirit to give!

You may use the bank info at or