Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Duke Jeyaraj

9:38 am. November 12, 2007. Rainbow Hospital Operation Theatre.
Dr. Pranathi Reddy and team in action. Evan's stomach sliced open. A baby surrounded by silvery slime is fished out. "Dale Nathan, your son, has a baby sister!", the doctor announces as she holds the bundle of joy planted by God in Evan's womb. I was there. In the Operation Theatre - thanks to the American-like style of functioning of this Banjara Hills hospital. It was the most unforgettable sight I had ever seen. I was numb with excitement - a proud daddy of a girl baby. I kissed my wife on the forehead, as the doctors worked away to sew up her stomach. "What have you planned to name her?" asks Dr. Pranathi. "Datasha!" I say. "Dat is the Bible Word for Royal Command!" Big dreams for our tiny baby - weighing 3.52 kg and 50 cm long at the time of birth. That's what we've got. She would carry out the Royal Command we have from Above - The Bible. She would preach the "Royal Command" to many. That's our dream. In fact, when Evan became pregnant, I wrote a poem for her. The first gynecologist we saw said that Datasha should be aborted. "She is not properly formed," she stated. As soon as we heard that, we were fighting back the tears. We were fighting on our knees - God who gave her to us, in this first place. We took another scan of Evan's womb. "The baby is alive and well!" - this scan report told us. A miracle! After that miracle, I took out my pen. Poetry flowed. May I share with you what I wrote for my wife, believing God would give us a girl baby, long before she was born?

Evan, I didn't think God would give us another one, honestly,
But when we came together this February,
God put in your womb a little one he planned for from eternity
Once that happened, I had so many a dream in a flurry
"Will she be as cute as Halle Berry?
Will she be a blessing to many and make hearts' merry?
Will she to millions God's word faithfully carry?"
Take one look at her angelic face - that's what we need to do for our problems and pains to bury
The day will come, when I will called, "Daddy" by this little fairy,
My heart will skip a beat when she would one day ask, "Dad, how do I look in this saree?"
My eyes will be moist with happiness and heartache when she does marry
Evan, the one who put her in your womb will give you the strength to deliver this baby
Forget the first scan report, our pretty little princess will soon hit home, don't worry!

Datasha hours after she was born

Duke and Evan with their new born baby Datasha

Monday, December 10, 2007


Turning Darjeeling Youth into Jesus' Darlings!
The past two months seems as if they were just two days. They rolled away so fast. In the month of October, Duke was invited by Col. Ghissing to preach in the first inter-church youth convention in the Himalayan town of Darjeeling. Close to 500 youth from churches as diverse as Church of North India and the Assemblies of God attended. The wor
ship sessions lead by Bro. Binod aided by multi-church choir was electrifying. Duke preached five messages that melted the hearts of the youth. Bro. Solomon Rai of Gangtok did a wonderful job as Duke's Nepali interpreter. It was a sight to see the pastors of the various churches sit in the front row to listen to the messages with rapt attention. Duke gave an altar call after each of his messages. The young people responded in large numbers. There were occasions in which the floor of Roberts High School Auditorium (the venue of the meeting) became wet by the hot tears shed by the young people followed by the heart-rending messages. The climax was the unquenchable passion with which the youth came forward to commit their lives for ministry involvement. A young BYM Missionary, Sylvester John, enthusiastically manned the books-CDs counter for Duke. That Ministry products worth Rs.1500/- were sold. Duke's wife, Evan was nine-months pregnant when he went to preach in Darjeeling. She managed to stay alone by God's grace! See the photos attached shot during the camp to relive the awesome moments of this camp!

Not famous, but faithful!
On the way back, at Kolkata, Duke's youngest brother who works as National Director, Bridge of Hope, with Believers Church, arranged that Duke speak to the North East Staff of the Believer's church. Now, the Believer's Church (GFA) is the largest Christian organisation in the world. Duke's message was titled, "Not famous but faithful". A powerful prayer time followed. The Bishop of that region and the State Overseer spoke of the immense blessings that message brought. Whatever literature and CDs of Duke was left after the Darjeeling meeting was sold at Kolkota - a sale worth Rs. 1700/- Sijo drove an exhausted Duke to the Kolkota airport so that he could fly back to Hyderabad by Indigo Airlines. Duke distributed his Gospel Tract, "Bubbly outside, yet empty inside" to interested co-passengers and the air-hostesses.

When Jesus met the youth
Back at Hyderabad, preaching assignments that arose from time to time kept Duke busy. Two Sundays evenings, spaced between two months, Duke led a Bible study on the books of Jonah and Zephaniah at the home of Daniel and Magadalene. In this flat, at the heart of Hyderabad, it was an educating experience for 15 people who gathered to get into the heart of these unfamiliar books of the Minor Prophets. On November 11, Duke was asked to speak in the Sunday Service of Centenary Methodist Church, Chapel Road, Hyderabad. It was their youth Sunday. So Duke brought a spot-on message from Jesus' interactions with young people. Dambru Anand, the first fulltime worker of G-4 MIssion, the ministry that Duke founded in February 2006, to make God's word relevant for the Google Generation, carried Duke's books and CDs and put them up for sale at this church. Stuff worth Rs.1500/- disappeared.

Andrew in HSBC
The break-time fellowship that Duke leads at HSBC, where he works in, is now seeing new people attend it. Senora Lynette, Duke's cab mate on Saturdays, is doing an "Andrew" - bring people to the 3-minute fellowship at 1:30 am right in the office premises. Samuel Raj, Duke's teammate, joins Duke, to pass out tracts in City Centre - a swank shopping mall with young people hanging out. We must invite those in the highways and the byways and ask them to come in (for the wedding feast of the Lamb), Jesus told us, didn't He?

First Revival, then Reaching!
Bro. Mohan Patnaik, a senior officer with UBS (Swiss Bank) at Hyderabad invited Duke to share the word at Morph - a fellowship of believers working in HSBC. Duke challenged them from the life of Daniel. He used the word DANIEL to outlines features in his life that corporates should emulate. It was an august audience that Duke shared God's word with that November night - an audience that included vice presidents of HSBC's Global Resourcing Centre at Hyderabad. The believers in each corporate office in the world must be first revived. If they are, they will automatically reach the non-believers they rub shoulders with, in their office, won't they?

Writing and Counseling
The Sunday Indian published one of Duke's letters, and guess what, they paid Duke Rs. 3000/-, because it was among the best three letters they received for one particular issue! The Light of Life magazine, carried Duke's article on having a rocking relationships with parents. Apart from writing, Duke could do some counseling as well of late. A couple from the African continent walked into Duke's home cum office at Dr. A. S. Rao Nagar, Hyderabad, and bared their heart with him. They received balanced counsel from the Bible. Duke replies select emails answering questions of young people from time to time as the Lord leads him to. One such email that Duke replied of late was from a young boy who was struggling with the habit of masturbation.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

G-4 MISSION REPORT BY Evangelin Duke

Joyce Meyer Church hears God's Word!

On June 10, 2007, Duke shared God's Word at Pearl City Church of the Joyce Meyer Ministries in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad . He encouraged the church from the Bible to pooh-pooh procrastination. Young people from Microsoft, Oracle, Google, were present that Sunday morning. Following the message people stood up to acknowledge that they were procrastinating in some areas of their life and they were repenting then and there. The atmosphere in that posh auditorium was electrifying.
Books and CDs, featuring Duke's talks and articles were sold for over Rs,1600/- following the service. Duke was particularly happy because, here was one occasion, he could preach directly to the google generation - the audience God has called Duke to make his Word relevant to. Pastor Chaitanya, my old Southern Asia Bible College batch mate and friend, invited Duke over to preach in that church.

Back to School

The Lord took Duke to the School where he first preached his first sermon as a school boy on 6thJuly,2007 I am referring to Ida Scudder School - easily the best school in Vellore where Duke was a student from fourth grade to twelfth grade. On 9th August, 1991, he preached his first ever sermon from stage in the School Assembly, as a 12th standard student. And on 6th July, 2007, almost after 16 years, Duke preached a brief message on finding purpose in Christ - a message based on Ecclesiastes chapter 2 from the Bible. Several students prayed the sinners prayer after that talk.

In CMC - thank God not as a patient!

Two days earlier the Lord took Duke to CMC Chapel where he preached in the Wednesday Fellowship on 4 July 2007 . His message was titled, "Lies The Devil Tells Us". Duke's Scudder batch mate and buddy Dr. Solomon Satish Kumar (more popularly known as Babloo) arranged that he speak in the CMC chapel. Again, several prayed Christ into their lives following that message.

Louder than the loudest sermon

Duke still goes to City Centre, the swank shopping mall in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad , to distribute "Bubbly Outside, yet Empty Inside?" - his Gospel tract for the Yahoo Youth. On one occasion, two of his colleagues at HSBC joined him. At another time, Duke met a young girl who had heard him preach in a Youth Convention just the same morning in the shopping mall while distributing tracts there. I believe what she saw Duke doing spoke louder to her than his loudest sermon on evangelism!

Trust created

On July 6, 2007, we handed to the Tamil Nadu Goverment documents that were required to register Grabbing the Gadget (Google) Generation from Gehenna Mission (G4 Mission) - the organisation we began by faith in Feb 2006 - as a Trust. Duke's father helped us in this process. Shortly later, we received the registration number for G4 Mission from the Government. This was something we have been wanting to do for quite sometime. Now it is done. Praise God! A former State Bank of India Officer and an Indian Bank Officer, two folks older to Duke and not related to us by blood, have agreed to be a part of this Trust. I thank God for them.

Outlook - Have a look!

Outlook magazine carried Duke's letter on Sunil Gavaskar's harmful influence upon Indian cricket recently. The Sunday Indian – the recently launched newsmagazine – published a letter of Duke in which he creatively compared the forced Babylonian Exile with the voluntary exile of IIT and IIM trained youth to global corporations in the US. The Light of Life magazine carried Duke's article on the New Living Translation of the Bible titled, "A Bible Version, You Will Go Bananas Over!" in their July Issue. The very same magazine, reportedly read by over 25,000 people, all over the world carried his purity challenge for youth, The Safe Sex Hoax! in their September issue. We pray that several youth will choose abstinence after having read that piece. Duke's book to be published by OM is in the second stage of editing. He solicits your prayers as he has got more work to do!

Oracles from the Lord for Oracle-employees

On August 11, Duke spoke to the believers from top corporate companies like Wipro, Oracle and Satyam at a retreat centre at Ghatkesar, near Hyderabad. Most of them were alumni from Karunya Institute of Technology. These sharp young minds lapped up the message from the book of Daniel that came to them titled, "What if, Daniel were in Dell (a corporate company)?" Following that talk, Duke brought principles from the Bible to help them choose their life partners wisely. They were all ears. Both these talks were video recorded for distribution among those who couldn't be there as these talks would be relevant to corporate youth world over. The young people in that meeting picked up Rs.1000 worth of CDs and books by Duke, following that meeting. Thank you Thambi, K. Santhosh William for inviting him over. The young people blessed us with a very handy and sleek coffee-maker.

Duke with Alumni from Karunya Institute of Technology

Sathyam shared at Sathyodhayam
On August 12, Duke did two presentations in the Person-to-Person Counseling Seminar at Sathyodhayam, Tarnaka, Hyderabad . One presentation was on the present condition of Indian youth. Duke used the word INDIAN to outline their condition. He then went on to talk about what could be done in response. Duke's second presentation threw light on what the Bible had to say about crucial youth issues - especially the sexual issues. One participant remarked that Duke was the second preacher he had heard who spoke so forthrightly and frankly on the subject. It was God who enabled and burdened him to do that. Mr. Samson Gandhi, the director and founder of the PTP counseling ministry apart from helping Duke answer tricky questions that followed his presentations, drew pencil sketches to keep hyper-active son, Dale Nathan, away from Duke, as he spoke! How kind of him and how marvelous! Mrs. Sneha Jayakumar was the one who warmly invited Duke over to speak for the first time in this PTP Counseling Seminar. The PTP Counseling ministry blessed us with an offering.

Duke's presentations in the Person-to-Person Counseling Seminar with his son Dale Nathan

An early morning email that made the day

On August 15, Duke preached three messages to youth from two denominations. One was Emmanuel House of Worship. The other was the Baptist Church . Duke used the book of Malachi to describe the marks of a man who has lost his freedom - the marks of a man who had backslidden. A powerful time of getting back to God followed. In his workshop kind of a message he preached on relating smoothly with parents, elders, friends and the opposite gender. Duke called for a commitment to the God who make even our enemies shake our hands as he brought the message to conclusion. Several youth committed their lives to the Lord and decided to repair broken relationships and break unwanted relationships. Duke got an email from one young man who worked in Dell, the following early morning, talking about how he committed his life to Jesus following the message at the Baptist Church . We were elated. Such emails prevents us from going into early retirement from youth preaching. More books and CDs were sold like hot cakes - for over Rs 1500. Brother John Wesley (from Emmanuel House of Worship) and Brother Daniel M. (from the Baptist Church - a person who also works for OM) were two people who were kind enough to invite him to speak to their church youth that long day. Both churches gave us an offering for the ministry rendered for which we are grateful.

Shankar Dada Tract

On the same day - August 15 - a group called Sakshi arranged to distribute 50,000 Gospel tracts which Duke along with others helped write, based on the Chiranjeevi-starrer Shankar Dada Zindabad. This tract wraps the Gospel around the story of a goon who embraced Gandhigiri after leaving dadagiri. Duke gave the copy of this tract to the auto-driver who drove him back home after I returned exhausted preaching three messages in the two churches on August 15. He received it gladly.

At the AG Church

On August 18, evening, when Duke was holidaying with his brother Kingsley and my sister-in-law Beryl at home, he got a call from Pastor Younus Samuel – Duke's team mate in God's big Kingdom in grabbing the google generation from Gehenna. He wanted Duke to speak at Youth Alive - a regular Saturday Youth Event at the New Life AG Church - that same evening. Earlier on 15th August, 3000 youth had walked into the New Life AG church for the first ever time to watch a gripping evangelistic drama. The 18 th August event was sort of a follow-up. Duke's talk laced with Word quotes and Westlife lyrics was well-received by the yahoo youth who gathered there - over 700 of them. Over 60 of them walked forward and asked Jesus into their lives when the altar call was given.
The following day, it was indeed a rare honor to preach to about 6000 people (combined count) who attended the 3 Sunday Morning Services of the same church - our home church in Hyderabad - the AG church. Pastor Valson introduced Duke to the crowd warmly. Duke's message on procrastination was used by God to bring a sense of urgency in the lives of the believers who had gathered. There were those who surrendered their lives to Jesus as well, for the first time. The offering given to us by the Church was very generous. We thank God for his abundant provision, even through the local church, in the execution of his mission among the google generation, through us, in a small way!

Narrow Miss!

Our three-year old son, Dale Nathan, my brother-in-Law Kingsley and his wife Beryl, were in the Lumbini Park , Hyderabad, exactly one Saturday (the 18 August) before the Shocking Saturday (25 August) blast that killed many there. Duke should have been with them too. But since Duke had to preach in the Youth Alive Service at the AG Church, He did not go. We are all alive because of God's sheer grace!

Book by Book - Long Look!

Daniel and Magdalene, blessed by the Lord with a sprawling flat in the heart of the city of Hyderabad, located near the famous Villa Marie College , were desirous of starting an Inter-denominational Bible Study for those serious about deep Scripture Study, right at their home. Duke liked the idea and promised to join them. On the 26 August, we had the first gathering that saw over 15 people attending. Duke distilled the message of the book of Hosea using the letters spelling the name of the prophet himself - HOSEA! Others too shared their devotional thoughts on this mind-boggling and heart-warming Bible book! Uncle Nallaraj Edward of IEM brought in quite a number of folks for this Bible Study. After feasting on spiritual food for over an hour and-a-half we finished off with physical food - thanks to the Daniels! We will meet there, every fourth Saturday of the month, to study a new Bible book.
And when I was away in Trichy preaching a few days later, the Daniels took good care of my seven-month pregnant wife and son by opening their homes for them to stay in.

Meeting Dad at the Airport

On 31st August night Duke left by Indigo Airlines to Chennai to preach in the FMPB Youth Camp at Trichy. As he was waiting to catch his flight, he met with his Dad, Mr. A. Jeyaraj, who was in transit on his way to the US for two months of ministry. It was short, sweet time of fellowship.

A Fantastic Camp that put fire in young hearts!

Over 300 young people attended the FMPB Camp at Trichy. For those of you who do not know, the FMPB is the largest Christian Organisation in India (with over 1700 full-timers) supported largely by Indians living in India. Duke brought three messages to the youth who gathered at Shalom Garden owned by Brother Ravindran. One on holy living and overcoming temptation. Another on Intercession. Yet another message that Duke preached was a missionary challenge from Isaiah 6. The response to each message was remarkable. Mr. John Kirubakaran, the General Secretary of FMPB challenged the young people in the Sandhya and other key sessions. His Tamil was flawless, his illustrations, contemporary and the young people who heard him were broken. Brother Augustus, another senior missionary from FMPB challenged the youth from the life of David. Duke was part of the team that answered questions that bothered the young people – especially questions on sex, love and marriage.

At the end of the camp, we must have had at least 60 young people committing their lives for fulltime ministry. Praise God! Duke had two translators into Tamil for his English talks in this camp and we thank God for them. We thank Pastor Jerry Daniel and Brother Vijayakumar who translated one talk each of Duke into Tamil. For one talk he used a new language - "Tam-lish!" The messages he preached in Trichy are already available in the VCD format. Brother Yesudian of FMPB extended a warm welcome for Duke in the camp and conducted the camp with the help of a very talented team that included a very articulate young man called M. Newbegin. Books, Message CDs worth Rs.2500 were bought by hungry-for-spiritual-food youth. The FMPB also blessed us with an offering. A very friendly chartered accountant, Mr. A. Victor Samuel, lent his car so that Duke could be dropped in the Trichy Railway Station after the camp. Giving tracts (Bubbly Outside, Yet Empty inside) to the air hostesses and to some co-passengers in the train between the Chennai-Trichy route was specially satisfying. Preaching to large crowds is no substitute for personal evangelism!

Duke in the FMPB Camp at Trichy
Vibrant Volunteers!
Navamani Kingsley, a wizard with computers when it comes to designing, a young man who works in Delloitte is the latest in our expanding team of volunteers. He designed apt and attractive covers for Duke's message CDs. Ruby Evangel, the design maestro from Sierra Atlantic also chipped in. Florussel, Fenella and Solomon Paul help in the website uploading. Uploading is no longer a tedious job - thanks to this trio. Shruthi Joy and Steve Jothiraj edit the articles Duke writes before they go to print. Their scissor work and sculpture work is sizzling! Monica Priyanka helps in preparing PowerPoint presentations for Duke's messages. Wesley Titus manned the ministry products of our ministry at Trichy Youth Camp voluntarily. Bro. Christopher Tharalla, Bro. Chitti Babu, Bro. Emmanuel help us regularly in the posting of this magazine. Sridhar drove us to preach in various meetings in Hyderabad. God bless you, guys. Thanks to Brother Vijay Burton, a one-stop website carrying the message and ministry news of the G-4 Mission, www.TheDaysOfYourYouth.com is now set up!
On God TV, by God's Grace!
The Jesus Redeems ministries, from time to time, uses the videos in which Duke has translated into English the messages of Evangelist Mohan C. Lazarus in the God TV show on Monday nights ( 9:30 pm). The last time they did that was on the 3 rd September, 2007. It is an honor to put into English words, the clear, simple and uncompromising messages of a man, who is used by God to touch thousands and thousands. You have read the names of different church denominations and different para church organizations in above paragraphs. It remains our prayer that this small ministry functions beyond denominational and organizational walls. And boy! How the Lord is answering that prayer more than what we could ask or imagine!

Bank Account Opened....
For over one and half years after God enabled us to start Grabbing the Gadget (Google) Generation from Gehenna Mission (G4 Mission) we were receiving funds for ministry into Duke's personal bank account. Right from day one, we desired to open an account in the ministry's name. Now having registered this inter-denominational, inter-organisational ministry to modern youth, which is supported solely by Indian Christians who are interested in the seeing the google generation grabbed from Gehenna (Hell) with the Tamil Nadu Government in July 2007, we were able to open a Bank account in the name of "G4 Mission" at the Karur Vysya Bank - the oldest private sector bank in India and the nearest bank to our office-cum-residence at Hyderabad. Duke's Daddy, Mr. A. Jeyaraj, did all the ground work for this using his years of experience in handling finances of Blessing Youth Mission faithfully.
3-minute fellowship at HSBC!
The break-time fellowship Duke leads at HSBC's GSC at Road No.10 is rocking! Three-sentence messages, Three-minute intercessions - it is all happening there! Duke joined Samuel Raj, his HSBC colleague and gave tracts at the near-by hub of modern youth, City Centre. Oh that all corporate offices will have such fellowships which can also serve as witnessing hubs! Paul's preaching of the Gospel was not limited to the four walls of the Church, do you recall? He preached while inside the prison, the Bible tells us. He preached in the lecture halls of top educational institutes of his day, we discover. He preached in the open market place, we read. And we must follow suit. Duke cannot be at different places at one time, can he? The responsibility falls squarely on each one of us working in corporate to shoulder this responsibility. If not you, then who? If not now, then when? If you don't start it now, when will start it?
With that probing and penetrating question I end this seemingly endless ministry report.

Sunday, August 12, 2007



The Days of Your Youth Magazine is a one-of-a-kind magazine that wraps God's unchanging Word around contemporary events for a fast-changing generation of youth. We invite you to subscribe for it. The subscription is Rs. 100/- for two years. You will get 12 issues in those two years. See the end of this piece for an easy way to pay.

Video Messages for youth preached, by Duke Jeyaraj, are available on the following topics
Just in English ….
1.Finding Purpose in Life (A Gospel message from Ecclesiastes for youth)
2.What The Bible Teaches About Sex
3. Getting Hooked To The Bible (A Challenge for daily Bible Meditation with practical tips on how to do it)
4. Close Shave With Dave (Character study on the life of David for Youth)
6. True Romantic Love (A talk from Song of Songs talking about true love)
7. No One Can Love You Like Jesus (A talk based on the last 12 hours of Jesus' earthly life in which he supremely showed his love for you)
8. The Same God who Kisses can Kill too! (A character study on characters found in the Bible who got killed by God!)
9. Answers to Common Youth Questions (Frank answers from the Bible to common youth question on topics such as Marriage, Healing, Masturbation, Secular Music and Movies, Ministry Involvement, etc)
10. Beating Sexual Temptations (Three practical ways to beat sexual temptation explained in the light of the Bible)
11. Finishing Fantastically (What we must do to keep the fire going in our hearts after the camp is over - a message from Paul's life)
12. I will not be silent (A challenge from Isaiah 6, which make you want to do something for Jesus in this one life you have!)
13. Sinking Ship not Called Titanic (A message by Evangeline Duke – Duke's Wife on how you can relate in a God pleasing way with parents, elders, friends and the opposite gender)
14. Duke Youth Talks MP3 Collection (A selection of over 15 messages that Duke has preached to youth across India on topics such as salvation, temptation, Bible Meditation, sexuality and evangelism, etc in the audio format) This CD is ideal to listen to, during car drives, train journeys or flight journeys.
English translated into Tamil simultaneously
15. Do You Have It In You? (A challenge to youth from questions found in the Bible)
16. Wrong Ideas About Missions
17. Choosing…Your Best Friend and Life Partner
18. Beating Sexual Temptations
19. The Habits of Jesus
20. Duke English to Tamil Messages MP3 Collection. This CD is ideal to listen to, during car drives, train journeys or flight journeys.

These CD messages are soundly biblical, intensely practical, illustrated with contemporary events and designed to make the yahoo youth yearn for Yahweh. Each VCD each costs Rs. 50/-. Indicate which all CDs you require. If you want all the 20 VCDs just sent Rs. 1000/- giving us details of your full address, with pincode and cellphone number. See the end of this piece for an easy way to pay. See the end of this piece for an easy way to pay.

Four books for youth by Duke Jeyaraj in the photocopy-spiral bound format are available.
One is called YOUTH HOWS (Answering 20 how questions of youth such as "How to beat sexual temptation?").
Another is called YOUTH WHYS (Answering 15 why questions of youth called "Why pre-marital sex is dangerous?").
The third book is called YOUTH WHENS (What youth should do when they are in various situations in their life – like when invited for a booze party by their friends, for example).
The fourth book is titled STRAIGHT TALK ON HUSHED UP SUBJECTS WITHOUT BEATING ABOUT THE BUSH. (What the Bible teaches on subjects brushed under the carpet like beating sexual temptation , choosing one's life partner, Orkut, Internet Porn, etc. Some of the chapters of this book are found in Youth Hows and Youth Whys.)
Each book is priced at Rs. 100/- including courier charges. All the three books together for just Rs. 350/-. You will get one message CD free with each book you buy. Again send us your full address with pincode and cellphone number to receive your copy.

A Ton For One Thousand Five Hundred!
If you want all the books, CDS and a five year subscription to this magazine, pay Rs.1500/-. Again, sure you send your full contact information. See the end of this piece to pick up an easy way to pay.

"Wow!" Website!
Meet Duke Jeyaraj online at
http://www.thedaysofyouryouth.blogspot.com/and http://www.dukejeyaraj.blogspot.com/ and get to see articles that wrap God's Word around cricket heroes and matches and other contemporary events that will evoke your "Wows!" and warm your heart! The website http://www.g-4mission.blogspot.com/ gives information about the latest ministry and ministry products of Duke Jeyaraj.

If you have an account with ICICI Bank you can do an online transfer to the account of "Duke Jonathan Goforth Jeyaraj" ICICI Bank A/c. Number 024401000969 (12 digit number). Even if you do not, you could walk into any ICICI bank in the country use their cash deposit cover, put in cash, write my account number, and hand it over to the concerned customer service rep. You do not have join a Q to do this. The rep can punch in my account number and verify to you that it is the account of Duke Jonathan Goforth Jeyaraj. The cover will be opened before video cameras and the amount you deposit will reach my account in two hours. What is more you would get an instant receipt from them. You would be required to leave your mobile number in that form. The Bank will call you in case what you have written is not clear. So there is nothing to worry. Do send an sms to +91-9441352433 whenever you do this, so that we can check the account and quickly acknowledge. We appreciate your partnership in this small ministry that makes Yahweh's Word relevant to Yahoo Youth.

Here is our contact address:
The Days Of Your Youth,
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A S Rao Nagar, Hyderabad 500 062,
India. Email –
Phones - +91-9441352433 or +91-9440327922

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Duke preached in the Youth Camp of the Emmanuel House of Worship Church - a leading evangelical church in Hyderabad with branches around the city. The camp was conducted in a serene catholic premises in Warangal in the month of May 2007. Duke brought four messages in the camp, basing each of those messages in the book of Isaiah. One was a gospel message (did not Philip the evangelist use this book to share the Gospel with the chariot-riding Ethiopian government officer?), another one on Bible Meditation, another one on youth issues and a final one a challenge for ministry involvement. Each message was well-received. After the frank youth issues talk in which Duke talked about what the Bible teaches on sex, one of the organisers told Duke how such a message was the need of the hour. Several of the 80 youth who attended this camp committed their lives to the Lord and a definite involvement in his Work. Sharing the pulpit with a spiritual giant like Uncle PC Verghese of the EU (sitting in the front row in the photo attached) was an awesome privilege. At the close of the camp, Duke asked him to pray for me so that I too will have the same fire he has, post-seventy years, should the Lord keep him alive till then. Brother Vijay Burton who invited Duke over for this camp.
A unputdownable book by Duke Jeyaraj
Straight talk on “Hushed-up” subjects without beating about the bush!

A practical approach to topics such as Sexual Temptation, Boy-Girl Physical Intimacy before marriage, Life Partner Choice, True Romance, Internet Porn, Orkut, movie-watching, peer pressure, Is safe sex possible, etc in the light of the Bible, wrapped around contemporary events.

Some chapter titles….

1. Shahrukh In DDLJ Wouldn’t Do It Even In A Dream! (The dangers of Premarital Sex)
2. What the Bible Teaches About Sex
3. Beating Sexual Temptation
4. How Far Is Too Far
5. Peer Pressure Sent Packing
6. The Master and Masturbation
7. Nuts About The Net?
8. The Hole In Nicole’s Heart Which Porn Couldn’t Plug
9. Is Movie-watching cool?
10. Is Orkut Obsession Okay?
11. Prudent Life Partner Pick
12. True Romantic Love
13. The Bible on Boozing
14. The Bible on Drinking Alcohol
15. The peril in PC Games
16. Is it all about money, honey?
17. Can I backslide for a little while and then quickly get back?
18. Reading the Bible Imaginatively (Case study – Genesis 39)


Will someone tell me what the Bible says on sexuality and related subjects frankly, without beating about the bush? If that is your question this book by Duke Jeyaraj comes as the answer. It is rich in biblical content, practical in approach, wrapped around contemporary events and written in everyday newspaper English. This book will make the Google Generation go gaga over God’s Word!

To get this book couriered to your home, send Rs. 100/- to….

Duke Jeyaraj
LIG B 316
A S Rao Nagar
Hyderabad 62
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The following are the new VCD messages featuring Duke Jeyaraj’s powerful and practical messages for modern youth, full of contemporary illustrations, directly given in English between May 22 to June 2, 2007:

1. No Body Can Love You More!
Duke describes how Jesus supremely showed his love for you in the last 12 hours of his earthly life using 11 ‘s’ words.

2. Killed by God – But Why?!

A Character study of Characters in the Bible killed by God.

3. Beating Sexual Temptations
Duke explores three ways to beat sexual temptation including a detailed explanation of how God created sex and how man went on to abuse this awesome gift.

4. Answers to commonly-asked youth questions
Duke answers questions such as, “How can find God’s will in my marriage?” “Why am I not healed?”, “What does the Bible say about Secular Music and Movies?”, “What does the Bible say about Masturbation?”, “Why should I get involved in Ministry?” etc.

5. I will not be Silent!
A challenge given from Isaiah 6 as to why we must get involved in God’s ministry.

6. Finishing Fantastically
Duke talks about how we can keep the fire going long after the Camp gets over in this message from Paul’s life.

Each new VCD costs Rs. 50/-. Use the bank account info found in this site to place your orders. Or send an email to
We are glad you wrote….
(Testimonies received through emails)

Your message touched me, Duke!
I felt God speaking to me during the third message that Duke Jeyaraj preached in Summer for Jesus Youth Convention at the New Life AG Church, Hyderabad, on May 24, 2007. The message was titled 'I cannot be silent' - a passionate challenge for witnessing from Isaiah 6, geared to youth. I had to lead worship for the first time, the same day and to be honest I was tensed. But the message encouraged me. It was a challenge from Above.... “Don’t disappoint God. Be bold in what you are doing for God and He will help you!” I knew God was calling me to do His will. I started writing a prayer during the message time. It went this way: “I cannot do it on my own. I need you Lord. Here I am ready to do Your will. Have your way in me. Blind the audience towards me and open their eyes towards You and Your Kingdom. You lead your people through me as You want!" The message also said nothing is impossible for God, and this strengthened me, and I said " I’ m gonna give You the best, Lord" Thank God, for such a powerful, encouraging message – it was a blessing!
-Sarah Gracy, Hyderabad

Your magazine was a blessing, Duke!
Hi Duke, Two Sundays back you gave me the magazine you write for, The Days of Your Youth in the New Life AG church, Hyderabad. That issue had two articles on choosing one’s life partner. These articles were a blessing for me. Do you have a softcopy of the same? Or incase I need more of it how can I collect it from you? I'd like to share it will some friends here at the prayer group I have in my company (a MNC).
- a young woman who works in one of the leading MNCs in Hyderabad

Your website is wonderful, Duke!
Hi,You may have been conferred upon so many adjectives about your gifts. I echo them all. -An young woman in the United States.

Today, I found myself browsing through Christian websites and I must say your site, www.TheDaysofYourYouth.Blogspot.com is indeed overwhelming.I would like to congratulate you on the woderful work that you are doing. May God continue to bless you as you continue to serve him.The articles on this site such as the one on Anna Nicole Smith, the Playboy centerfold, 20 Excuses Young People Give To Marry An Unbeliever (just to name a few) really touched my heart. Had I been equipped with this kind of stuff when I was still a teen, I wouldn't have made the choices that I did then. But now that God, through His grace, has given me this opportunity to touch other people's lives by distributing this magazine to my friends and neighbors, I am grabbing it with both hands. Let me put it this way: I am currently living in a town where moral values are in lack and I know that this magazine, through God's help, will surely touch lives here in my town.
- Fatima Madinga, Pretoria, South Africa

The Days of Your Youth is the magazine published by G-4 Mission

The Goal of this Magazine
This magazine serves as the voice of Grabbing the Gadget Generation from Gehenna Mission (G Power 4 Mission) – an interdenominational youth organization founded by Duke Jeyaraj in February 2006. Its vision is to crisply and captivatingly connect the world of yahoo Youth with the Word of Yahweh so that young people would remember their creator in the days of their youth. Its burden is to make unchanging Word of God relevant to the fast-changing World of Youth. G Power 4 Mission is funded by the freewill offerings/donations of individual Indians interested in the fulfillment of the above-mentioned vision and goal

Subscription for this magazine
The subscription for this magazine is just Rs.100/- for readers within India (and $10 for readers outside India). You will get at least 6 issues per year when you subscribe. Life subscription is Rs.1000/- .

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The address for sending the subscriptions and posting money orders is as follows:

The Days Of Your Youth,
C/0 Duke Jeyaraj, LIG-B-316,
Dr. A. S. Rao Nagar, Hyderabad 500 062,
Telephone: +91-9441352433 or + 91-9440327922

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All DDs may be drawn on any Hyderabad branch of any bank in favor of “Duke Jeyaraj”. Some of you may find it easier to do an online money transfer in the name of “Duke Jonathan G. Jeyaraj” ICICI Bank A/c. Number 024401000969. Or walk-in to any ICICI branch in India and do a cash deposit in the same account. If you do so, the money you sent, will reach us, in two hours time. Send a SMS to +91-9441352433 after such a transfer, so that you can receive an acknowledgement.

Editorial Team
Shruti Joy
Evangelin Duke
Steve Jothiraj

Photo Fishing for the magazine
Florussel Sathya (She has shot some pictures in this magazine as well)

Students of Karunya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, who call themselves COSEK (Chosen for the Operation of Salvation and Expansion of God's Kingdom) invited Duke to preach in Tiruchy to group of over 200 students. Youth who were not from Karunya were also there in this meeting held in a farm house near Tiruchy, the most centrally located town in Tamil Nadu. In his first session, Duke shared a challenge from Daniel's life using the acronym DANIEL itself. The youth were forearmed as to what to expect in the corporate world and how they could live for Jesus there. In his second talk, he answered common questions youth ask on topics ranging from Marriage to Masturbation, Healing to Harvest Work! The youth testified to the clarity and authority of the answers given. In his final talk, Duke, explained to the youth how they could keep the fire going after the camp was over in his message from Paul's life titled, "Finishing Fantastically". A record sale of literatures and CDs produced by G-4 Mission followed. Evangelist-Singer Freddy Joseph, the co-preacher in this camp, promoted these literatures and CDs featuring Duke's messages.

COSEK (Chosen for the Operation of Salvation and Expansion of God's Kingdom)

Duke was asked to preach God's Word by Hyderabad Coordinator of Youth for Christ, Mr. Ebenezer, in the Youth for Christ camp at the AP AG Bible College in Miyapur, Hyderabad, India. Over 100 youth attended. Duke preached three messages. The first one was on The Days of the Lord. Several young people committed their lives to Christ following that message. The second talk Duke gave was on word pictures found in the book of Revelation. Duke used them to challenge youth for daily Bible reading and regular fellowship. One young person walked up to Duke to say, he was cut at heart after that talk. The final talk Duke gave was titled, " The coming that inspires our going after the lost!" Duke used the imagery of the two witnesses in Revelation to challenge youth for witnessing! Several youth stood up to commit their lives for witnessing for Christ. When Duke shared the story of how the first fulltime preacher of Youth for Christ, Billy Graham, was saved, the campers were at their edge of their seats! There was brisk sale of Duke's book, "Straight Talk on Hushed Up Subjects Without Beating About The Bush" and CDs.

Youth for Christ camp Duke spoke in from May 31, June 1 and June 2, 2007