Thursday, November 29, 2012


Want to give away gifts that will bless those and the forever change the lives of those from the Google Generation this Christmas season? Then, consider giving these resources featured above produced by Duke Jeyaraj as gifts. For an online deposit of just Rs.500/- you will be couriered 2 of Duke's hard-hitting books (in the picture) and 4 of his lively message CDs  (two of which are featured in the picture). These gifts will be ideal for both those from the Christian background and non-Christian background.

Please use the following bank info:

Bank: ICICI Bank, Dr. A. S. Rao Nagar Branch, Hyderabad, India
Account Name: Duke Jonathan Goforth Jeyaraj
Account Number: 024401000969
IFSC Code: ICIC0000244

Other banks info at:

Once you transfer the money please text your full-address to this phone number, 0-888-604-0-605. Or, you could send an email to This offer valid for those in India. For those living outside India, please make that amount Rs.1200/-

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


During May 2012, Duke Jeyaraj and Evangelin Duke were invited by Pastor Terry Pragasam and Pastor John Pragasam of Bethel IPA Church Coimbatore to minister in the youth camp of the English section of their church. A vibrant bunch of youth travelled to a Bible College perched beside gorgeous hills just outside the city of Coimbatore looking forward to an intimate meeting with God! And as both Duke and Evan brought relevant messages on topics such as preparing to receive from God, overcoming temptations, Holy Spirit, etc., there was a mighty move of God. Many youth gave their lives back to Jesus. Some spoke in tongues for the first time. There were tears shed in the altar. The questions of the youth were answered in a clear manner by the pastors and the guest speakers. So much about the youth camp which was for the Google Generation youth. There was another camp for the Google Generation couples in a beach resort in the outskirts of Chennai that Duke and Evan were part of this August. Daniel Pravin and his wife, Ruby, warmly invited Duke and Evan to minister in this couples’ camp. Duke preached messages to the couples from different churches who gathered on topics such as “The Cause and Cure for Curses!”, “Why and How of the Family Altar!”, etc. Evan addressed the grown children who had also come to this camp on topics close to their heart.  Duke and Evan combined to conduct fun games such as “Blind Volleyball” and entertaining quizzes (which also edified!).  In short, the couples and families had a whale of a time studying the Word, strolling across to the beach, etc! “We are still continuing to have the regular family prayer we started the day the camp ended!” was one testimony that Duke and Evan received from one of the campers months after the camp got over!



Pastors of different local churches across India were kind to invite, Duke Jeyaraj, “the Google Generation Bible Truth presenter”,   in the recent months to share God’s Word during their respective church’s Sunday morning services. In the month of May, Duke shared the  message in the Bethel IPA Church, one of the largest churches in Coimbatore. His message, “Bible Truth From Magic IPL-5 Moments!” was different and daring. In the month of July, Duke shared God’s Word in the New Life AG Church in Secunderabad – a church of over 4000 people. This church also happens to be the Duke family’s local church. Duke’s message from the book of Malachi, “Marks of a Backslidden Believer!” brought conviction and challenge to the congregation. The church media team referred to this message as ‘the slap of love’ in their Facebook post. In the month of September, Duke preached God’s Word in the St. John’s Evangelical Church in Gunadala, Vijayawada, of the Metropolitan Mission. Duke’s message from the book of Hebrews titled, “Let us…” was god-sent to the believers who gathered. “I still can’t forget the message you preached the last time you preached here – in 2010. And this morning you have preached another unforgettable message!” – this is what one church elder told Duke following the church service. In the month of October, Duke preached in the Living Springs English Church just off the IT Highway in Chennai. His message from the book of Esther, “Two cousins in Multinational Company Service” stirred the hearts of the students from the African Continent and the modern young working professionals who gathered there.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Duke’s wife, Evangelin, was invited to speak by a group of single women, all Google Genners who working in top corporate companies,  in Hyderabad from different churches who were seeking God’s face with regard to their future (August 2012). She blessed this hungry group with a honest message titled, “How long?” She spent time praying for each of them. They were greatly encouraged. She was also invited by Pearl City Church, a leading church in the city of Hyderabad,  to speak in a workshop for working women at their annual Women’s Conference called “Shine Conference” (September 2012). Evan, challenged her hearers – a bunch of working women from different part of Andhra Pradesh – with a message titled, “Shining or Sleeping?” Evan also led in a quiz with rounds from the Bible, Church History and the Secular World on the theme of “Shine” to make every moment of that workshop interesting and inspiring.  Preeti Iona helped her in the logistics of this workshop voluntarily. Evan also got to counsel young people – via phone conversations, via email, via Facebook, via direct talk, etc – who opened their problems to her during the last few months. She gave counsels that were soundly scriptural and thoroughly practical.



Duke Jeyaraj conducts a Bible Study at his base in Hyderabad, every month on a selected Sunday evening, month after month. In the period of February to October 2012 (nine months) Duke lead nine different Bible Studies. The following books, at the rate of one full book per month, were summarized for the Google Generation which gathered by Duke: Colossians (March), I Thessalonians (April), 2 Thessalonians (May),  Luke (July), Acts (August), Hebrews (September) and James (October). Duke used the name of the Bible book as an acronym for that book’s message and uploaded the outlines so developed onto The video recordings of these messages are available on Young people who were from different companies  such as Dell, Deloitte, Axis Bank, Infosys, TCS, IBM, Mahindra Satyam, HSBC, Cognizant, IBM, Amazon, etc attended. People accepted Jesus, received the Holy Spirit baptism, learnt how to overcome temptation, etc, in these rare, rocking studies.  A fun game/quiz and worship preceded the Word time. Preeti Iona led in worship superbly. In the month of Feb., Duke brought out lessons on sex, love, marriage, from the story of Moses and Zipporah. In the month of June, Duke led a Bible Study that brought Bible lessons from the IPL-5 .

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Duke Jeyaraj
Young people from 19 Indian States. Over 1500 of them atleast. From Kutch to Kohima. From Nagarcoil to New Delhi. From Madurai to Mumbai. From Gurgoan to Goa. Were all there at the National Youth Conference of the Assemblies of God in Hyderabad during October 23-25, 2012. It was indeed a great joy and a wonderful privilege for me to minister to them along with choice servants of God across India and the world - thanks to warm invitation of my local church pastors and National Youth Ministry leaders of AG - Rev. Valson Varghese and Rev. Younus Samuel. "7 Google Generation Sins We Must Repent Of From Proverbs 7" was one message I preached to the whole crowd covering topics such as rebellion against elders, flirty talk, petting, actual premarital sex, starting with Marlon Samuel's batting in the T20 World Cup Final. "Jesus loves you just the way you are. There is no doubt about this. But he loves you far too much to leave you just like that. He wants to transform you. That's why he destined that you hear a message from Proverbs 7 in this convention," I told my young friends. The altar was crammed with young people getting right with God, surrendering their lives to Jesus afresh, fighting back their tears. It was God's Work. During the workshop time, I could teach the young people from God's Word the secrets of overcoming temptation taking on very interesting questions along the way such as "Why did God even allow 'passing pleasure' in sin?" Also, was honored to be part of a Talk Show for the whole crowd, where God gave me grace to talk about perils of pornography and bust the biggest excuse people use to watch porn which is, "I am watching porn to learn sex technique which I will only use inside of marriage." Other hot topics were covered brilliantly by other experts and I thank God for each one of them. And yes, I also got to speak to over 40 pastors who also turned up for this event on "Ministering to the presentday youth understanding their culture!". In this talk I named the youth of today using five phrases - The Google Generation, The Gadget Generation, The Twitter Troupe, The Hitec Herd, The Facebook Folk - and explained who they were. I challenged my hearers to minister to them like Amos (attacking the sins they lived in boldly), like Jesus (wrapping Bible truth around contemporary events - Lk 13:1-5) and like Paul (including reference from the secular world in their messages - Acts 17). Two of my books, NO BEATING ABOUT THE BUSH STRAIGHT TALK ON HUSHED UP MATTERS and GOODNEWS FOR THE GOOGLE GENERATION, were enthusiastically bought by young people in this camp. Even as I am typing this, I am getting up to clap for the volunteers of the New Life AG Church, Hyderabad. Their tireless hard work was like a cog in the wheel for this historic, destiny-changing youth camp!



Rev. Dr. B. Ebenezer, the Executive Director of Metropolitan Mission, invited Duke Jeyaraj and Evangelin Duke to preach God's Word in the Mega Youth Festival Organised by his ministry in Vijayawada on 2 October 2012. Despite drizzle and the fact that two other major youth events were on in the city at the same time, over 2500 youth from Vijayawada and nearby towns filled a huge auditorium in the Loyola College in Vijayawada to be drenched in the rain of God's Word put in the context of young people and the issues they face.
The poster that invited youth for this program said: He looks at you(th); He loves you(th); He is Jesus. Mark 10.21. Duke's first message based on Jesus' interaction with the rich young ruler drove home the message that while Jesus loved young people just as they were, they had to repent from sin and come to him in faith. Duke explained the cross of Christ in this simple, direct, message which was interpreted into Telugu. And several of the youth, came forward, knelt down and accepted Jesus.
Evangelin Duke preached next. She walked and talked about how young people can develop God-pleasing relationships with people in their lives - parents, elders, friends and the opposite sex. The climax was of that authoritative Bible teaching session was her clear, crisp, captivating teaching on how young people should relate with the opposite sex with Biblical boundaries clearly drawn. At the back flap of their Bibles, the young people wrote statements that vowed to stay away from all forms of pre-marital sex as Evan challenged them to do it. At the end of that session, young people came forward to get right with God in the area of relationships.
In the final message of the Day, Duke began by the assertion that there was only one life to live and there was no chance of anyone being reborn as a fly (as the popular movie Eaga tries to suggest). So, that one life, had to be lived for Jesus, Duke pointed out. He used the Bible character of Amos to challenge youth to surrender that one life fully to Jesus and for his Kingdom work. Young people came forward to give their "one" life for Jesus and his great work. Moving scenes were witnessed.
For well over one hour after the meetings, some young people came to the stage to interact with Duke and Evan and pray with them. "I have decided to get involved in doing God's work passionately. Please pray for me."; "I want to beat temptation to lust and live a holy life. Please pray for me."; "Every word of what you spoke was to me. Please pray for me." - these were some of the requests from the young people's mouth. A man who was tormented by demons was prayed over by Evan Duke. After prayer, he got up as a calm man! The days of the supernatural did not end in the Bible days!
This program featured good exhortations for the young people from Rev. Dr. B. Ebenezer and Rev. Noel Ebenezer as well. Pastor's younger son, Bro. Silvanus Joel ably assisted by Bro.Vara Prasad, a teacher in a college, was the brain behind this mega youth festival.
Dale, 8, and Datasha, 4, were also with Duke and Evan during the event. Dale took notes of his parents' messages and took some pictures too!
Earlier, on the 30th September, Duke preached in the Sunday service of St. John Evangelical Church, Vijayawada. His message from the 'Let us' statements of the book of Hebrews challenged and encouraged the believers. There were requests that he make available the outline of this message which would bless any church congregation in this planet! In the same evening, Evangelin preached a practical message on how to shine for Jesus to the church congregation.
While en route to Vijayawada, Duke's T20 Gospel tract was handed over to several co-passengers. Preaching to large crowds is just one small way of doing ministry - Duke and Evan believe.
Pastor Ebenezer and his church team took wonderful care of Duke and his entire family during the fruitful ministry trip and they are grateful.
October 2, 2012, Vijayawada - 2500 young people were blessed in the Mega Youth Festival organised by the Metropolitan Mission in which Evan and Duke had the privilege of preaching God's Word in. Commitments for salvation, holy living and ministry galore. "This is God's Work. We rub our eyes - we can hardly believe it!" - Psa 118:23, The Message. Thank you very much for praying.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Dear Bros/Sis in Christ,

Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Hope you are all doing good by God's Grace and continue to do so as your soul prospers.

We are writing this note as you had participated in our Special Meeting for Chennai Professionals which was held on 14th May. We were glad to see you on that day and we believe that you were greatly blessed by that meeting.

In the similar fashion, we have also organised another meeting to be held on Saturday, 20th Oct 2012 around 5.30 PM. Please find below the invite for your use.

The LORD Almighty is mustering an army for war - Isaiah 13:4 - Here is the promise which God gave for this meeting. We believe that God is looking for a person like you and me to take part in His battle and reach many lost souls by introducing Christ's Love to them.

We are also taking this opportunity to say a word about our guest speaker Bro. Duke Jeyaraj, founder of G4 Mission - Grabbing the Gadget Generation from Gehenna Mission, a young Indian Engineer turned Bible College Gold Medalist turned Youth Speaker.

Please do come and participate with us and be greatly blessed.

God Bless
Chennai Profit Team.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Historic National-level Youth Conference Coming Up In Hyderabad - Join In & Don't Miss!

Duke Jeyaraj

One of the reasons Evan and I chose to live in Hyderabad and go about doing the itinerant ministry to youth from this particular city is the wonderful way God brought the ministry of Youth Alive into our lives. I was invited to speak in a Youth Alive Camp way back in 2002 for the first time by Rev. Younus Samuel and there was no turning back in what was a superb, God-ushered relationship between Youth Alive and G4 Mission, the ministry to modern youth I founded in 2006, from then on. For those of you who do not know, Youth Alive, is the youth ministry of the New Life AG Church, Hyderabad. Under the able leadership of the Senior Associate Pastor of the New Life AG Church who is also the National Youth Coordinator of the Assemblies of God of India's National Youth Ministry, Rev. Valson Varghese, a National Conference for Youth is being organised this October. I am happy to let you know that I have been invited to be part of the team of speakers for this event, which I believe will be history-making. I urge you strongly to join this conference if you are a young person or send youth you know for this conference if you are leader to youth or a pastor or a parachurch organisation leader. They will be blessed. They will set on fire for the things of God in a remarkable way! When they return from this conference they will be a blessing to your fellowship/local church, I am sure.

Few Details for this Conference:

Dates: 23-25 October, 2012
We're inviting youth between 15 - 30 years old - Unmarried Single Youth ONLY to participate.
Married people are not permitted unless they are serving as Youth Leaders / Directors or Chaperones.
These leaders will oversee the Youth from their local Churches.

The Registration fee is Rs. 500 (for 3 days) This includes food & lodging for outstation participants. (Actual cost is Rs 1100 per person) Travel needs to be borne by the participant or sponsored by the local Churches.

ONLINE REGISTERATION: GO ONLINE AT and register online. Or contact - 040-66385451 immediately. 

3000 young people from all over India are expected for this conference.

Young people from over 17 Indian states have already decided to come!

Don't miss out. Make immediate plans to come for this rocking, rare, event which will refresh and revive you!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Duke Jeyaraj will summarize the message of the Bible book of Hebrews in this rare, rocking, refreshing once-a-month, inter-denominational Bible Study for the Google Genners. In the past, Duke has summarized 50 such Bible books to small groups spread over four years. In this study hot topics such as,

Can I ever lose my salvation? Once saved, always saved?

What does the Bible mean when it says, 'the marriage bed be pure' (Heb 13:4) (does it mean we change bedsheets often?!)

How do I turn my back on backsliding once for all? Is there a way?

Why is Jesus 'better' - Why is Jesus unique - in a world of multiple religions?
Angels - do they exist at all?

What is Jesus upto these days?

Struggle against sin to the point of shedding blood.

Is church attendance that big a deal?

Meeting Jesus in the Old Testament.

Prosperity Theology - Is it biblical?

Should we still practice the Sabbath?


These and much more!

Venue: Duke's base in Hyderabad - just behind the only Petrol pump on the Military Dairy Farm Road - Kanajiguda area, Tirumalgiri, which is 3 km from Tirumalgiri junction just 200 meters from AWHO and 1 km from St. Andrews School, Old Bowenpally.
Date and Time: 2 Sept 2012, Sunday, 6 to 8:15 PM

Bring your buddies for this Bible Study. An interesting game/fun time before the Study as always. In the past young working professionals from companies such as Dell, Deloitte, Infosys, TCS, IBM, GE, Cognizant, HSBC, etc have joined in. College students have also been part of this Bible Study.

For more info, text/call - +91-8886040605.

Click the following link to see video of the last Bible Study on the book of Acts which Duke lead last month: 

Event invite design by Joel Joseph, G4 Mission volunteer based in Hyderabad.



I was glad that five young friends of mine joined me for the tracts outreach in the Kacheguda Railway Station that was geared to give the Gospel to the techies from Hyderabad working in Bangalore, who used the 7:05 PM train on a particular  Sunday evening of last month. At least 100 such young working pros received BUBBLY OUTSIDE, YET EMPTY INSIDE? - a cool, uncompromising, contemporary-events wrapped Gospel tract by yours truly (u can read that tract at This picture was taken then. This Sunday evening, 19 August evening that is, between 5-6 PM, there would be a similar tracts distribution outreach near Duke's base on Military Dairy Farm Road just outside a series of posh flats/duplex houses. You may live in a posh flat, but life would be still flat, if you do not have a living relationship with Jesus who died on Cross for your sake! Pray for this event! Join in, if you can! "Everything is possible for him who believes!" (Mk 9:23)  

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Testimonies of encouragement that Duke Jeyaraj  and Evangelin Duke have received via the web and through SMSs of late

Beautifully explained, Duke... thank you so much :) - a medical doc from Chennai to one of Duke's FaceBook posts about Thanksgiving Day on Job 1

Bro. Duke, an immense blessing is your life and an inspiration to follow THE LORD more passionately!!! – One Young Man From Hyderabad

Duke, you are a great blessing to Generation Now in India! - A Youth Pastor from Kolkota

Duke Annan, I like your working status on FaceBook which goes, "sweats at travelling and presenting Bible truths for the Google Generation." Not everyone will do this work. Appreciate it greatly. – A homemaker living in the United States

Duke, you are my favorite preacher – A corporate professional working in Hyderabad
Duke, I am always encouraged by the way you write to connect to this generation. Speaking their language is what helps to bridge the gap. Thank you brother for being an inspiration for many – A professional of Indian Origin living in Singapore

Duke, Love the way you link the Good News with current world affairs!!!! - Stephen Samuel, Wilson College Student, Mumbai

Bro. Duke, Thank you dear brother for this article of yours (‘Hell Talk: Kajal Agrawal’s & Jesus’) which many of my doubts about hell – A pharma student in Hyderabad
Dear Duke, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, had an inter-collegiate event called PULSE that drew students from throughout India. The tracts that you supplied (‘Bubbly Outside, Yet Empty Inside?’) were of great use as we gave them to youngsters who attended this event. And we gave copies of your magazine (‘The Days Of Your Youth’) too – a medical doctor living in New Delhi

The Lord bless you Bro. Duke for posting these timely prophetic messages to our generation on FaceBook! May the dear Lord enable you to write more and more of this stuff! – a Regent College, Vancouver, Canada, grad after reading Duke’s article, Death: A Perspective by Steve Jobs & The Scriptures

When you spoke, Bro. Duke about 10 different sexual sins and how to beat the temptation to commit them in Coimbatore on the 26 January 2011 at the Bethel IPA Youth Convention, I was there. I noted them all down in my Bible. I am consciously avoiding those 10 sins, by God’s grace! – A young woman living in Coimbatore.

Dear Duke Jeyaraj, I am delighted to hear that you preached a message titled, “The Combination Champion” in the Synergy Christmas Event to over 1000 folks in Bangalore (December 2011). Why don't you share the content of the same on your website and in your news letter so that many more could be brought to Jesus?  Also you could share the content of the Bible class you led at your base. I am personally interested. I shall be grateful to you if you could forward the above in my email ID. When you come to my city you must spend a day with our college students. Keep up the great work you are doing. You are indeed a big blessing to so many people. – The Principal of a Roman Catholic Secular College in Madhya Pradesh.

I love this (Duke’s new way of sending ministry news via mass email through It is so professional! Yes, we need some professionalism too!! It was lovely to read this newsletter and update. I went through the latest edition of your magazine cover to cover. – A Indian living in the United States

We learned many new things in the Bible Study that you led at your base, Duke anna. I enjoyed every moment on that day. – An Infosys employee living in Hyderabad.
Duke, since you are the only preacher I know who writes a lot, travels extensively and talks to the hitec crowd and youth, my wife and I thought the Ipad will be very useful in the ministry.  Hope you like it.  And please let this be anonymous from our family to yours. Thanks. – A corporate company leader working with a leading multi-national company who lives in a particular Indian City (via sms) after sending Duke the Ipad as a gift.

You and Evan akka have been a great blessing in my life, Duke anna. The Bible studies you led which I have been a part of at various times when I was in India, really helped me to check my walk with God from time to time and gave me a better understanding of Him. – An Accenture Employee of Indian Origin living in Australia.

Dear Bro Duke, Thank you for taking your time and talking to me other day. It was encouraging and thought provoking. I am especially happy that you confronted me right away and explained my mistakes that I committed before God and with my wife. I am, infact, looking for a person like you who puts God's standards first instead of pleasing people, Trust me, I had bad experiences in India with a few so called pastors who always try to please people and compromise on God's truth. – A young married professional living in Canada after an hour-long counseling phone call with Duke. 
Hello brother Duke, Your article published in the Youth For Christ mag, YouthTube about Amnon is very good.  – A Gitam University student living in Vizag

Hi Duke annan, You'd may never know me. But you were my inspiration to write right from when I started reading "Arrows", the mag you once edited for Blessing Youth Mission, from my class 9. I am an avid Bible lover and a cut-throat sports enthusiast and in you, I found the perfect blend of both. – a production engineer with BHEL, Trichy
My husband and I are enjoy reading your books – an Indian couple living in Jersey City, The United States

I would like to appreciate Duke Jeyaraj for yet another wonderful article ‘Lessons from The Dirty Picture’, which Light of Life (LOL) magazine carried. He had dealt with a very sensitive issue of this era beautifully and left a polite, but stern note for the reader, in that article. I equally appreciate the LOL team for their courage in publishing such thought provoking articles. I wish God raise many such people like John the Baptist in preparing the world to repent and turn around to God with humility. – a woman living in Coonoor in a letter to the editor of Light of Life magazine – one of India’s leading Christian magazines.
 I prayerfully wish to congratulate Duke Jeyaraj for his praiseworthy, Biblical, knowledgeable article, ‘Lesson from the Dirty Picture’ (published in Light of Life, Feb. 2012). He has given us and all the Christian generation in the present times, the Christian Truth revelation to the world, as it is the need of the hour. – a reader of Light of Life magazine living in Mysore in a Letter to the Editor.

The column "You can’t crawl out of hell" by Duke Jeyaraj (published in Light of Life, Nov. 11) was useful to me in more than one way. I’m glad that LOL publishes such useful articles, that too on a regular basis! The article is clear and well-classified. – a reader of Light of Life magazine living in  Coimbatore in a Letter to the Editor

Dear Bro.Duke, I had not heard about you until this morning when I picked up a book you had written, which my daughter was reading. I glanced through the contents of the book and I must say I was really impressed with your writing. I went on to your website and read through some of the articles you had written. It is a very unique style of writing that you have and that is definitely a gift – The father of two teen-aged children living in Guntur

Bro. Duke, I follow your blogs ( and your website (  I particularly appreciate your writings on how to overcome sexual temptation. They really helped me to guide youth in this part of the world. Thank you. - a Hyderabadi working in Cognizant Technology Solutions living in Cypress, California, The United States.

Dear Brother Duke, I read your magazine, The Days Of Your Youth and watched some of your videos on YouTube ( They are quite daring and relevant to the present generation!! It is really necessary to the modern young people as the devil pulls more people into his traps every day. I am going to give your magazine to one of my students in college. I would like to subscribe to your magazine and want to buy your book STRAIGHT TALK. – A college professor in Chennai
Dear Bro. Duke, I just want to thank you for the wonderful message on 5 characteristics of a backslider, from the book of Malachi which you preached on the 24 June 2012 Sunday Service of New Life AG Church, Hyderabad. I watch their services online once in a while and I am so glad I watched the Sunday's service you preached in. There were two points (though they are others) which you mentioned which put a thought in my mind: 1. Where you said you are preaching this message on the backslider as though you are sitting among the congregation and you want to hear it yourself. Great thought! I wish most of today's speakers think like this. 2. You had a great testimony about giving one's best years to Christ's mission rather than save it for later and at one's own convenience. One last thing, do you have "Grabbing the Google Generation" messages online which we can read or hear? – A young man of Indian Origin working in Bloomington, Minnesota, The United States

Beautiful message this morning on the marks of a backslidden believer from the book of Malachi in the New Life AG Church today, Bro. Duke. It went straight to my heart. – A young woman working for IBM, Hyderabad.

Hey Brother Duke, what an amazing sermon this Sunday you preached in the New Life AG Church!  That was the first time I ever heard you preach and I learnt allot   - A teen-aged girl living in Hyderabad
Hai Duke, I was one year junior to you in Ida Scudder School, Vellore. I just happened to see your articles in this website, They are spiritually-uplifting and bring great blessings. – a nurse writing from Melbourne, Australia.

You can call Duke Jeyaraj’s message in New Life AG Church this morning on the marks of a backslidden Christian from the book of Malachi as ‘ a splash of cold water or a slap of love’ – media team of The New Life AG Church, Hyderabad, on their FaceBook page.

It was indeed a blessing for me to listen to you, brother Duke, share God's word. I wanted to speak to you and your wife personally after the sessions you both addressed in the Bethel IPA Youth Camp in Coimbatore (May 2012), but by then you had already gone. I'm a vivid reader of your articles in the 'Light of Life' magazine. I have also read some of your magazines. – a young woman writing from Coimbatore.

I tried this schedule for read through all the Bible which you came up as a FaceBook event. Finally after some delay due to work pressure, I finished the whole Bible yesterday following that schedule (22 July 2012). Though I couldn't keep up with the schedule on a daily basis, I wouldn’t have done this much had it not been for this event. Thank you so much, Duke. - a young lady doctor working with the Southern Railways living in Chennai who used Duke’s FaceBook event, “BIBLE READ IN FULL IN 8 MONTHS 4M MAY 1ST @ 6 CHAPTERS.”

Dear Duke and Evangelin, Thank you for gladly accepting our invitation to come for our church camp and  ministering God's Word to us (October 2011).  We were blessed by all your sessions and some still are talking about 7 Bs to beat temptation which Evangelin spoke about.  The climax was on the last session on the last day when you, Duke, spoke with passion as if you were continuing from the prophetic Word shared by Reynold.  This made a great impact on majority of the young people who responded to the altar call and came forward.  I was encouraged by your sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit. – Pastor Isaac Abel of Gateway International Ministries (GMI), Navi Mumbai
Dear Brother Duke and Sister Evan, It was such a joy to have you with us for the youth conference (May 2012).  The ministry was a great blessing to our young people and to our church.  We greatly appreciate your passion for the Lord and the great impact you are making among the young people.  You have a very lovely family.  May the Lord continue to bless you and the ministries richly. – Pastor David Prakasam of Bethel IPA Church, Coimbatore

Brother Duke, I am a fan of your sermons and I have read your magazine, The Days of Your Youth. It’s wonderful. It would be great to have you speak in a youth event in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. – a young man working with Teen Challenge, New Delhi

Well done dear Brother Duke! You are a sure inspiration! – A world-travelling preacher with the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, who lives in Bangalore, after reading Duke’s mass emailed ministry reports.

This collection of Duke’s writings is a very very hotgospelmailcall to the gagagoogle generation and will make so many to shout yahoo to Yeshua!!!
I firmly believe that it is much more than just clever communication, the conviction and urgency comes through clearly. Duke identifies well with the existential anxieties of the young people. The Gospel claims are without compromise, the data and the warrants for the claims  come from a variety of sources. Some of the sources may be challenged if we miss the big picture and purpose which is to confront this generation with the unique claims of Christ. Duke's love for cricket is obvious but his love for Christ is overpowering. The ability to see God's good news behind today's popular yet passing news is indeed truly amazing. My pastor Dr. Colton from Sri Lanka has often challenged us to clothe Christ in the garb of the people and communicate Him in the language of the people. I must admit that sometimes Duke stretches my imagination. In the past prophets were also known to be poets. The personal testimonies, the unique poetry and the prophetic challenge are all there. The deliberate style and the direct invitations cannot be missed.  I know that some scholars may criticize some of the co-relationships of ideas in this book as illogical oversimplifications, but on the other hand so many scholarly works are simply gathering dust. Young people need some one today who can practically explain the Bible, what we believe in and how it must affect our behavior. He deals with topics like the Holy Spirit, water baptism, death and hell without the ambiguity that is often seen today. I pray that this book will have a wide circulation and open up many doors for discussion. I can see that God has positioned Duke and his family for this great G4 mission. I wish my friend and former student God's blessings in his mission, and pledge my fullest support. Vade Retero Satana, Ipse Venena Bibas... an ancient Benedictine prayer that I pray this book will help accomplish.- Dr. David Balasingh in his foreword for Duke’s second book, The Good News For The Google Generation.

To God be the Glory. I am just a donkey carrying His Word to the Google Generation. – Duke Jeyaraj in response to all this.

Not just Searchers of Scripture but also Soldiers of the Cross!

A Brief January 2012 Ministry Report

In the month of January 2012, Bro. Duke taught a bunch of Google Genners at the G4 Mission rented base in Hyderabad lessons on how to meditate on the Bible. Young working professionals from various backgrounds joined in. Preeti Iona and Fru Elvis led in an anointed time of worship. Those who came for this once-a-month meeting were enthralled, equipped and edified.

In the same month, Bro. Duke travelled to Chennai to speak in the missionary awareness meetings of a church in ECR Road upon the invitation of Mr. Daniel Moses. Bro. Duke preached a message on the uniqueness of Christ, a message which was interpreted by his Tamil by Mr. A. Jeyaraj, Bro. Duke’s dad. As the meetings progressed, Mr. Joy Stephen, a young man who works for IBM, interpreted Bro. Duke’s message into Tamil, very eloquently and energetically. Bro. Duke presented Joseph as a holy missionary in one of his messages. He also brought a powerful missionary challenge from the life of the ordinary shepherd boy turned prophet, Amos. The church congregation made godly decisions to get involved in the important work of missions in a greater way.

Both while flying to Chennai and while flying back to Hyderabad, Bro. Duke gave out Gospel tracts to fellow co-passengers and select people in the airline crew. Upon spotting Actor Nasser in the Hyderabad airport, Duke gave out the “Bubbly Outside, Yet Empty Inside?” tract to him even as he was about board his flight. Everyone from the rich and famous to the rickshaw pullers must hear of Jesus, isn’t?

In the same month, Bro. Duke organized a tract distribution program. Three people who regularly attend the Bible Study he leads at his base joined in. The “Bubbly” tract written by Bro. Duke, was used. These tracts were given out to the largely-young crowd teeming into movie theatre at Kompally, Hyderabad. After the tract distribution was done, Bro. Duke encouraged this small team through a Bible verse on evangelism. This way, the young people who attend the Bible Studies that Bro. Duke leads have an opportunity to become soldiers of the cross and not just be mere searchers of Scripture! Bro. Duke and his wife Sis. Evan, joined the 21-day fast of the local church they attend – the New Life AG Church, Hyderabad – in this month. Rev. Younus Samuel asked Bro. Duke share God’s Word in the morning devotion during one of the days of this 21-day fast. Bro. Duke shared a Scripture-peppered pep talk titled, “Do Not Give Up!” This talk was webcast to a possibly world-wide audience. A young man who lived in North America, unknown to Bro. Duke, was so blessed by this webcasted talk that he had to pick up his phone and call him!