Tuesday, January 11, 2011


After preaching to the youth of the largest church in India, the NLAG in Chennai, Duke hopped onto a flight in Chennai Airport. He was hoping and praying that the flight would not get delayed. Because if it did, he would not be able to preach later that evening (Nov 5, 2010) in yet another AG church in Hyderabad! Thankfully that Indian Airlines flight was in time. As Duke walked out of the Hyderabad Airport, he saw Siddarth and Genelia, two Tollywood actors. He whispered a prayer for their salvation. But before he could give them his Gospel tract they got onto their respective cars! Missed chance!

Duke was picked up by Monoj and his wife at the airport and driven straight to Revival Centre AG Church at Fateh Nagar, Hyderabad. Both Manoj and his wife work for IT firms in the city and take active part in the ministry of that AG church. Rev. Mathew George, the founding pastor of this church warmly welcomed Duke. Over 300 folks had gathered. The crowd included folks who did not know Jesus. The church's worship team lead the crowd into a wonderful time of worship. A young lady did the Master of Ceremonies part very well. Then Duke was invited to the stage.

He began with a description of how India prepared to receive Barack Obama the US President on its soil that very day - 5 Nov 2010. And he went to talk about how we must be prepared for the Second Coming of someone far, far greater - Jesus. He talked about the striking elements of great Day of the Lord with words that began with "S". This heart-pricking message is already uploaded by that church youth onto Youtube.com. Search that site with these key words: "RCAG Youth Ignite - Rev. Duke Jeyaraj" You will find four videos of about 10 minute length each. You may want to see it because, these days, we don't get to hear too many messages on the day of Judgement.

At the end of Duke's message about 20-30 youth came forward to accept Jesus as Savior. Duke taught them the sinner's prayer. After that, he also spoke for a few minutes to the believers in the congregation as to why Jesus was returning. He outlined the reasons from the Bible is a few minutes. It was a powerful time overall. God blessed the service. Duke also prayed for the core worship team of the church upon the invitation of the Pastor, Rev. Mathew George, who incidentally, was Duke's senior in Southern Asia Bible College. Then, after a delicious dinner which the Pastor's wife served very lovingly for Duke, he returned home in the car of Manoj. Please pray that fruits of this meeting will count for eternity and will remain.

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