Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tears in the eyes of the Parents & the Youth!

A brief October 2011 ministry report

In month of October 2011, Bro. Duke was in the states of Orissa, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh! For a week, the family of Duke holidayed with the family Mr. Mark Gnanasigamoni and Mrs. Alice Moni, who were kind to have the Dukes in their sweet home in Rayagada, Orissa. They drove through jungles, played in ponds and bathed in waterfalls! Then, Bro. Duke spent a week doing his doctoral course studies in the Southern Asia Bible College,  Bangalore. After a week in Bangalore, Bro. Duke was flown to Chennai so that he could address some of  the young working professionals of Wipro in a beachside resort. After Duke’s Gospel presentation wrapped around the life of Steve Jobs, the late Apple CEO, many of them came forward, knelt down in the altar and received Jesus as Savior, with some fighting back the tears. The two pivotal presentations that Bro. Duke made that day have gone into a DVD, the image of which you see in this post.




Bro. Duke and his wife, Sis. Evan, were invited to speak to the youth and families of Navi Mumbai cluster of the Gateway Ministries International churches led by Pastor Issac Abel, in a camp at the YWAM base in Lonavala, Maharashtra. God moved mightily in this camp. Tears of joy flowed down the cheeks of the parents of some of these modern youth as they witnessed their young children commit for fulltime ministry after a rousing challenge that Bro. Duke made from the book of Ezekiel. Sis. Evan Duke preached about seven Bs that would the believer, overcome temptation, a session that greatly blessed the campers. She also preached on who the Holy Spirit was, the Blessings he brings, and how one could receive Him. Prayers for the campers to receive the Spirit were raised up in a session which the Spirit moved mightily. Bro. Duke taught the couples on five God's given purposes for marriage, a session which the couple testified was very useful. Bro. Duke led a quiz which involved rounds from the Bible, Church History and the secular world, replete with audio, picture rounds. This quiz encouraged the campers to connect the Word of God with the World of God. Sis. Evan taught the singles among the campers on how to wisely choose a life partner using Bible principles. The theme of this camp was Bearing Fruit That Will Last For Eternity. And all the messages preached were interwoven with this theme. The messages that Bro. Duke shared in this camp has gone to a DVD, the picture of which you will get to see in this post. Bro. Duke brought a practical lessons on sex, love, marriage and the Christian life from the book of Ruth in the Vizag Christian Assembly Church in Vizag, upon the invitation of Sister Anita Aidintantz in a Sunday morning youth special service. As we can see in one of the pictures in this page, several youngsters in the congregation went to the altar to make a commitment to live a pure life.





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