Thursday, July 26, 2012

Edifying the Google Generation Thro’ God’s Books & FaceBook!

A Brief November 2011 Ministry Report
November 2011 began with the mid-night month-end prayer for the Google Generation held at Bro. Duke’s rented base in Hyderabad ending by 1 am with a message of encouragement.

On a particular Sunday morning this month, Bro. Duke shared God’s Word in the Sunday Morning English Service of the Olcott Memorial CSI Church in Vellore. His message was loud and clear: “We need the Protestant Reformation to continue in our churches!” This message was also apt and timely because 31 October 1517 marked the day when Martin Luther hammered his thesis explaining where the church had gone away from Scripture on a Roman Catholic Church wall in Germany.

Bro. Duke led a riveting Bible Study summarizing the message of the book of Philippians using the very name of the book as an acronym on a Sunday evening of this month at his base. Happiness that doesn’t depend upon happenings was one of the topics that Bro. Duke spoke about. The base which is also Bro. Duke’s home was crammed with 25 young working professionals from various multinational companies.

On the last day of the month of November, from 11:30 pm, Bro. Duke led a month-end midnight prayer again at his base which 15 Google Genners joined. After this meeting which filled spiritual petrol in the souls of those who came got over, a bunch of young women prayed way past mid-night with Sis. Evan, Bro. Duke’s wife.  



Through out 2011 and even through this month, through a FaceBook event in which 300 people from all over the world joined, Bro. Duke encouraged people to read through the entire Bible.

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