Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We are glad you wrote….
(Testimonies received through emails)

Your message touched me, Duke!
I felt God speaking to me during the third message that Duke Jeyaraj preached in Summer for Jesus Youth Convention at the New Life AG Church, Hyderabad, on May 24, 2007. The message was titled 'I cannot be silent' - a passionate challenge for witnessing from Isaiah 6, geared to youth. I had to lead worship for the first time, the same day and to be honest I was tensed. But the message encouraged me. It was a challenge from Above.... “Don’t disappoint God. Be bold in what you are doing for God and He will help you!” I knew God was calling me to do His will. I started writing a prayer during the message time. It went this way: “I cannot do it on my own. I need you Lord. Here I am ready to do Your will. Have your way in me. Blind the audience towards me and open their eyes towards You and Your Kingdom. You lead your people through me as You want!" The message also said nothing is impossible for God, and this strengthened me, and I said " I’ m gonna give You the best, Lord" Thank God, for such a powerful, encouraging message – it was a blessing!
-Sarah Gracy, Hyderabad

Your magazine was a blessing, Duke!
Hi Duke, Two Sundays back you gave me the magazine you write for, The Days of Your Youth in the New Life AG church, Hyderabad. That issue had two articles on choosing one’s life partner. These articles were a blessing for me. Do you have a softcopy of the same? Or incase I need more of it how can I collect it from you? I'd like to share it will some friends here at the prayer group I have in my company (a MNC).
- a young woman who works in one of the leading MNCs in Hyderabad

Your website is wonderful, Duke!
Hi,You may have been conferred upon so many adjectives about your gifts. I echo them all. -An young woman in the United States.

Today, I found myself browsing through Christian websites and I must say your site, is indeed overwhelming.I would like to congratulate you on the woderful work that you are doing. May God continue to bless you as you continue to serve him.The articles on this site such as the one on Anna Nicole Smith, the Playboy centerfold, 20 Excuses Young People Give To Marry An Unbeliever (just to name a few) really touched my heart. Had I been equipped with this kind of stuff when I was still a teen, I wouldn't have made the choices that I did then. But now that God, through His grace, has given me this opportunity to touch other people's lives by distributing this magazine to my friends and neighbors, I am grabbing it with both hands. Let me put it this way: I am currently living in a town where moral values are in lack and I know that this magazine, through God's help, will surely touch lives here in my town.
- Fatima Madinga, Pretoria, South Africa

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