Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Days of Your Youth is the magazine published by G-4 Mission

The Goal of this Magazine
This magazine serves as the voice of Grabbing the Gadget Generation from Gehenna Mission (G Power 4 Mission) – an interdenominational youth organization founded by Duke Jeyaraj in February 2006. Its vision is to crisply and captivatingly connect the world of yahoo Youth with the Word of Yahweh so that young people would remember their creator in the days of their youth. Its burden is to make unchanging Word of God relevant to the fast-changing World of Youth. G Power 4 Mission is funded by the freewill offerings/donations of individual Indians interested in the fulfillment of the above-mentioned vision and goal

Subscription for this magazine
The subscription for this magazine is just Rs.100/- for readers within India (and $10 for readers outside India). You will get at least 6 issues per year when you subscribe. Life subscription is Rs.1000/- .

The Address to send the subscription
The address for sending the subscriptions and posting money orders is as follows:

The Days Of Your Youth,
C/0 Duke Jeyaraj, LIG-B-316,
Dr. A. S. Rao Nagar, Hyderabad 500 062,
Telephone: +91-9441352433 or + 91-9440327922

Online transfer information
All DDs may be drawn on any Hyderabad branch of any bank in favor of “Duke Jeyaraj”. Some of you may find it easier to do an online money transfer in the name of “Duke Jonathan G. Jeyaraj” ICICI Bank A/c. Number 024401000969. Or walk-in to any ICICI branch in India and do a cash deposit in the same account. If you do so, the money you sent, will reach us, in two hours time. Send a SMS to +91-9441352433 after such a transfer, so that you can receive an acknowledgement.

Editorial Team
Shruti Joy
Evangelin Duke
Steve Jothiraj

Photo Fishing for the magazine
Florussel Sathya (She has shot some pictures in this magazine as well)

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