Monday, July 16, 2007

G-4 Mission Ministry Report by Evangelin Duke

Distributing “The days of the youth” magazine, which has the Gospel wrapped around contemporary events in every issue, to Vijay Adhiraj, the most popular small screen actor in Tamil Nadu, in the Hyderabad Airport, when he was enroute to preach in Trichy, was an exciting experience for Duke!

The past three months have been pretty hectic for us with so many meetings to address, but the Lord gave us grace upon grace to do them all with substance and style. In April, Duke preached to the teens of the New Life AG Church at OM Auditorium, Hyderabad. He taught them on the topic, “Keeping Your Body, Pure and Holy!” A powerful time of total consecration of the head, heart and heels to Jesus by these tender hearts followed. 80 youth from Hyderabad and Warangal, attended the Emmanual House of Worship Youth Camp at a serene catholic centre in Warangal in May. Duke shared the pulpit with E.U.’s seasoned evangelist, P. C. Varghese. As the theme was on Holiness, Duke preached four messages from the book, in which, we repeatedly read, God being addressed as “the Holy One of Israel” – the Book of Isaiah. The young people testified to the relevance and riveting nature of the messages shared. When Duke preached in the Summer for Jesus Youth Convention at the New Life AG Church, Secunderabad, this May, he was speaking there for the third time in 6 years – thanks to Pastor Younus Samuel. The theme this year, “Live God Loud!” The four message he preached there were fiery and fascinating, loud and liberating. When a young girl walked up to Duke with tears brimming in her eyes to tell him about how the Lord cut her heart through one of the messages he shared, it told the bigger story about the impact this meeting was having on the 500 youth who attended. Duke flew up to Chennai, hopped onto a train, distributed tracts on the way, to reach the Tamil city of Trichy to speak to a group of Karunya Institute of Technology Students who had invited their friends from other colleges in COSEK 2007 this May. The 200 who gathered were treated with some fine practical Bible teaching on very essential subjects like finding God’s will in marriage, healing, witnessing in the corporate world, finishing fantastically, etc. When he narrated how he handed over The Days Of Your Youth magazine to Vijay Adhiraj, popular Tamil Serial actor and Harsha Bhogle, ace Sports Commentator, at the Hyderabad Airport, enroute to Trichy, the youth listened with their eyes popping out. Upon the encouragement of the other speaker of the Camp, Freddy Joseph, the youth lapped up the books and cds that carried Duke’s messages and articles in a hurry, hungrily. The sale for over Rs.4000/- broke our ministry record for best literature sale in a camp! The final Summer Camp that Duke addressed was the Youth for Christ camp which was hosted in a Bible College in Miyapur, Hyderabad that saw over 100 youth attending. The theme for the camp was “Countdown”. Duke’s sermons on the Second Coming had the youth sitting at the edge of their seats. What was more, their hearts were cut, as one young person who walked up to Duke, testified! Each of four different organizers of these four different youth camps gave us an offering! God bless them! Our prayer is that the “fruits remain!” Tracts – the reprinted Bubbly Outside, Empty Inside tract and One Day at Centurion Park, One Day at Calvary’s Hill tract - were distributed repeatedly at City Centre, a posh shopping mall drawing the Flickr Generation at Road No.10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, near Duke’s office. It was a small effort in our ministry goal of flicking the flickr generation from the Fire (You know which Fire I talk about, right?!).

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