Thursday, June 7, 2007

Duke Jeyaraj
Have you ever wished that today's writers and preachers would preach like Paul and Jesus? Have you thought to yourself, "Paul quoted from the Athenian poets before going to Old Testament Truth in Acts 17. Will not 21st century Christian communicators ape that to arrest the attention of the audiences?" Have you pondered, "Jesus used the story of a building crash that killed 18 people to drive home a spiritual truth to his listeners about repentance instead of merely repeating and chanting the same old stuff. Will not this generation of preachers use contemporary events and wrap them around Bible truths to make it interesting for the listeners?" If those questions sound like those you have asked, then the following two websites will be mouth-watering and heart-inspiring for you:

Both these sites are maintained by Grabbing the Gadget (Google) Generation from Gehenna (Hell) Mission (G-4 Mission).

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