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These talks are rooted in the Bible, practical in approach, wrapped around contemporary illustrations (from the world of Cricket, Music, etc) and compelling to listen to. To receive all these five CDs by courier please send Rs. 300/- using this information:

All DDs may be drawn on any Hyderabad branch of any bank in favor of "Duke Jeyaraj". Some of you, who work in the corporate companies, may find it easier to an online money transfer in the name of "Duke Jonathan G. Jeyaraj" ICICI Bank A/c. Number 024401000969 or Citibank A./c. Number5280774555 from wherever you are to to pay for these CDs by sending a mail to this id: or you could give us a call/send an SMS on +91- 9441352433

Hear what two folks who have heard Duke have got to say about his messages:

For some reason, I think when you preached in your church's youth convention even the cameras sat down and heard the Word! I say this because there is no picture of you preaching in the meetings for the record! I think our official photographer was totally absorbed in listening to the Word! – a youth pastor of a leading church in Kolkota , India.

You can keep crowd listening to you till the end because of the examples you give, which connects people to the actual life situations. Your messages and writings are useful to youth who quickly relate to topics of interest to them. – a young Engineer working with Infosys, Bangalore.

The following five are the VCD messages given directly in English by Duke….



What is the purpose of my life? Can anything or anyone make it meaningful? If you have asked those questions, this Video is for you! A message given to the young people who gathered at the New Life AG Church at Hyderabad during Summer For Jesus, May 2005. This message is an ideal gift for anyone who wants to hear of Jesus for the first time!



What makes the Bible God's Word? Why should I read it at all? How can Bible meditation become interesting? Duke Jeyaraj answers these questions in this message given to the youth who gathered at the New Life AG Church, Secunderabad, May 2005.



He is the most written about character in the Bible apart from Jesus Christ. Who? David. Dave, we shall call him. A challenge from his life given by Duke given to the google generation that gathered at the New Life AG Church, Secunderabad, May 2005.



The latest movie has so much to say about "true romance". What does the Bible have to say about it? Duke examines the answer using the Bible book of Song of Songs as the reference point. Topics such as Premarital Sex, Choice of Life Partner covered in this talk given to 700 yahoo youth who gathered at New Life AG Church at Secunderabad in Feb 2006.



A direct and daring talk given to a group of international students who gathered at the AG Church in Neredmet (Secunderabad) by Duke in Feb 2007. Topics such as pornography, petting, homosexuality, masturbation covered.


These CD covers were designed by Ruby Evangel, an young employee of Sierra Atlantic, an MNC in Hyderabad. Ruby is one of G-4 Mission's most active and creative volunteers.

Duke, the preacher

Duke Jeyaraj, the preacher featured in these CDs, has a blessed calling. Evan calls him, her Hubby. Dale calls him, "Daddy!" The Allahabad University calls him, their B. Tech grad of 1997. The Southern Asia Bible College calls him, their Academic Gold Medal Winner and Grad Speaker of 2001. Young people, in various colleges and churches, call him a captivating communicator, who calls a spade, a spade. And God calls Duke as his donkey, commissioned to carry his unchanging Word for a fast-changing generation of youth! Not bad, eh? And you can call on Duke using his email id ( or phone number (+91-9440327922) if you so desire. SMS Duke your feedback about this message to +91-9441352433. Meet Duke at the Web at .

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