Monday, June 4, 2007

Duke Jeyaraj

Many Indians follow the game of Cricket religiously. I have found out that Cricket stories are great ways to start my messages to modern youth. The Lord enabled me to rework on a Gospel tract stapled with gripping cricket illustrations titled, "One Day at Centurion Park...One Day at Calvary" with Mark Boucher on the cover. I distributed the xerox version of this tract to interested folk around City Centre, Hyderabad - a swank shopping mall always crowded with modern youth, the kind of crowd this tract is aimed at - during the World Cup Final Week (April 28). I take a walk from the HSBC Global Resourcing Centre which is located pretty close to it during my break times to do that. There is no joy that comes close to doing direct evangelism like distributing tracts! I am also forwarding the soft copy of this tract both to believers and some folk who do not know Jesus including top journalists cia email.

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