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We praise God for the wonderful way he has led us in Grabbing the Google Generation From Gehenna Mission (G4 Mission) in 2013. This ministry for presentday people was founded by Duke Jeyaraj in 2006.

It was a year of SPIRITUAL BLESSING for us at G4 Mission. Duke and his wife, Evan Duke, had intense times of intercession through the year. During May and in November we had specially good week-long times of intercession. God taught us from His Word during these times on the theme of Restoration. We were part of the RZIM National Conference where we learnt edifying and enlightening truths from Dr. Ravi Zacharias and his speaking team during Sept 2013. Receiving a book from the great man for having won a Facebook contest RZIM ran was an unforgettable experience for Duke this year. While driving our car during 2013, we listened to Uncle R. Stanley's message, Arrows of Discouragement, which was a big blessing. We have been blessed by the preaching of our local pastor, Sis. Arlene Stubbs. Her series from the book of Hebrews enabled us to learn fresh lessons and taught us that our fight against popular false teaching like hyper-grace and health-wealth Gospel was on the right track. We were blessed by the messages of Rev. Valson Varghese and Rev. Younus Samuel as well in the church we are every Sunday if we not ministering elsewhere.

It was a year of MATERIAL BLESSINGS for us at G4 Mission. In 2013, the Lord graciously added very useful things. We don't do ministry to get things. But things are useful to do the ministry in a more efficient way. We were blessed with a Yellow Vespa Scooter in April 2013. We were blessed with a Benq GP 10 projector this year. As the icing in the God-given cake, we were blessed with a 20 20 Dell All-in-One Personal Computer this December. All the three gifts were given by Indians friends of our little work for the Lord. Three Indians made a single offering/donation/bank transfer for us to be able to buy these. "This is the Lord's doing and its marvellous in our eyes!"

It was a year of FINANCIAL BLESSINGS for us at G4 Mission. God moved the hearts of Indian folks of our ministry and as a result they made that online transfer, sent that money order, sent money through Western Union, etc, to us, this year. And as a result, every ministry bill is paid and all our needs were taken care of. We had offerings sent to us from those living Tinsukia to those in Tirunelveli! There were those who dropped in Rs.20, those who sent Rs.200 Rupees, those who sent Rs.2000 rupees Rupees, for our ministry this year at various time! And for each of those sacrificial givers we praise God! Even those in fulltime ministry were moved by the Spirit to send us an offering this year! Like we always do, we too have given more than a tithe of what we received to ministries we believe the Lord lead us to support, this year.

It was a year of MINISTERIAL BLESSINGS for us at G4 Mission. The following paragraphs talk about this.

Because Duke is in the final phase of writing of my Doctor of Ministry project, he could not take up too many preaching assignments this year. There were invitations to preach in places like Punjab, which Duke could not take up because of this very reason.

Every month of this year, we were able to have a Bible Study for a small group of Google Genners at our home/base. These Bible study messages were audio and video recorded and made available in (audio) and in (video) for a larger audience. In fact, our SoundCloud account was set up this year thanks to the generous giving of a young Indian man blessed by the online messages of Duke. Our Youtube video channel has now over 125,000 hits. In these monthly Bible Studies, Duke summarized the message of the books of 2nd Peter, John, I John, 2 John, 3 John, Jude and Revelation this year. Each time he used the name of the relevant Bible book as a summary for its message. For example, the message of Revelation was put in the acronym r-e-v-e-l-a-t-i-o-n. These Bible Study outlines were made available at - a place to visit for Duke’s sermon outlines which are still raw. Duke taught on Sexual Ethics, Fasting, Discipleship and Starting Workplace Small Group Fellowships, Intercession, etc, as well to small groups of Youtube Youth, this year, via Bible Studies at the G4 Mission rented base at various times.

From June 2013, we have had the FOUNTAIN OF TEARS AGAINST MOUNTAIN OF FEARS (name based on Jeremiah 9:1,10 given to us while we were fasting in May 2013) fasting prayer every month to encourage the Facebook Folks to seek God's face. It was a blessing to intercede for the lost, the leaders and nations before praying for personal needs amidst us. Some people received miracles after attending this event and we praise God and give him the glory. Prayer is the stop that keeps us going!

Duke and Evan ministered in a camp for corporates in Bangalore, this year. The husband-wife duo not only preached in various sessions together but also answered questions posed by the young pros who came from different cities to attend this camp. Duke’s doctoral course research is about developing discipleship strategies for IT Professionals. Braving hairline fracture, Evan Duke stood to hear IT Professionals talk about their personal struggles and gave them Biblical answers that came from a warm heart and an eloquent tongue, this year. Her message in the birthday party of an 8-year-old this year titled, “Little Boys of the Bible,” was talked about long after it was shared. Evan shared an encouraging Word from Job in the Living Spring English Church - Assemblies of God this year. An International Student present testified to the blessings of that message.

Helping churches in their existing youth ministry is one task we are often called for. Rev. Chaitanya Gera, invited Duke to minister to the youth of his church this year. The direct, dynamic messages moved Google Genners who attended the special 1 day meeting organised by Capstone Church. The questions of young people on a rainbow range of topics were answered with clarity and conviction.

Duke encouraged the believers of a large AG church during their lent season fasting prayer with two messages, this year. Duke spoke in the Sunday Services in towns as diverse as Trichy, Kolkata, New Delhi and Chennai this year. One of his most-remembered messages was from the Bible character of Uriah. He used this character to call the church believers to become faithful soldiers for Jesus. Duke even addressed the married women of a leading church telling them ways from the Bible as to how to understand typical men better, this year.

Both Duke and Evan were involved in direct counseling, internet counseling and phone counseling this year. Marriages broken-down, questions about porn-watching, masturbation, sex, relationships, life partner choice confusion, etc. were answered, biblically and frankly with a heart of compassion. Young people were constantly told what they should hear, not what they wanted to hear.

Writing remains Duke’s primary call. The South India Assemblies of God published Duke’s article on effective youth ministry in their magazine in 2013. Through Facebook updates (, through blog posts (, Duke continued to wrap Bible Truth around contemporary events Jesus style, even this year. We continued to publish our magazine that does that, The Days of Your Youth, this year as well, though we were limited by Duke’s doctoral course commitments. Not only that. We printed two of our Gospel tracts for the Google Generation this year. They were called Bubbly Outside, Yet Empty Inside? And Two Who Willingly Walked Into Tough Situations: Dhoni and Guess Who? The Bubbly tract and the Dhoni tract were given in 10 different locations (malls, railways stations, traffic signals, outside college campuses, etc) during 10 different months by G4 Mission volunteers (including Duke) this year. A fellowship in Singapore ordered 300 copies of the Bubbly tract this year. A medical college student fellowship ordered 1000 copies of the Bubbly tract this year. Some volunteers testified that they gave their first ever Gospel tract through G4 Mission this year! This year Duke made fully online his two books – No Beating About the Bush Straight Talk & Good News for the Google Generation - in his Scribd account - We continued to distribute our two books. Eight copies of our twin books were ordered by students of Angola origin in the month of December 2013. A young woman living in Jharkhand wrote to us saying, "I have already both your books. When are you going to write your next book?" Plans are on the anvil for two more books of Duke.

Fighting false doctrine that is thriving amidst the Google Generation is also a God-ordained task for us. While we don’t attack the preacher preaching this, we attack the doctrine. We give a rousing call for all believers and preachers to get back to the Bible. This year Duke preached a message in a roof-top of a home fellowship taking the roof off some popular false doctrines like the Health-Wealth Gospel and Hyper-Grace. That message is in Youtube ( Through Facebook debate Duke took on the popular-with-youth false doctrine of Hyper-grace.
During one of our travels in 2013, we encountered a couple who promoted Jehovah Witness teaching. We showed them from Scripture that Jesus was God and is God. The question we posed, "Where do you see that Jesus was an angel (which is what they claim) in the Bible?" stumped them.

Preaching old-fashioned evangelistic messages is our priority. During August this year, Duke preached a simple, straight Gospel message wrapped around contemporary events (including a quote from Actor Nagarjuna's dad!) to over 1000 college students in a Youth Alive event. Some of them came forward to receive Jesus. In an Orphanage this year, Duke preached a Gospel message from the Christmas narrative. Post that message, young people (from first standard to B. Tech first Year) came forward and received Jesus as Savior standing around a campfire. Our prayer is that the fire lit in their hearts should not die out. Neither should it die out in our hearts!

On World Aids Day 2013 – December 1 – we had an evangelistic conversations dinner in a mall in Hyderabad.  People from different faiths joined in. As people ate food, Duke in a conversational manner, wrapped the Gospel around a AIDS awareness message with references to Tarun Tejpal, Zaheer Khan, etc. Duke led in sinners prayer following that dinner which some who joined the dinner joined in. Some questions the folks who gathered asked were also answered.

We are glad for the opportunity to impact more than one church denomination or more than one organization. This year, God gave us an opportunity to work in programs organized by the Assemblies of God, CSI, Baptist churches. This year, the Lord saw it good to have us speak in meetings organized by Heart-Shakers, Aradana TV, etc. In a RZIM meeting in Hyderabad this year, Duke shared on Bible’s views on Divorce.

God continued to bless you with volunteers as well praying and giving partners this year. Our volunteers help us with day-to-day ministry running. Sunil Babu, our volunteer, loaded countless Youtube videos of ours onto our Youtube channel ( and our SoundCloud channel ( so faithfully. Eugene Pandian helped design our magazine covers and host our main website, Rajasekhar edited some of our videos. Florussel uploaded Duke’s gospel articles to the Fenella Nirmal takes care of - our ministry news blog. Santosh William helps us with uploads onto Ruby Evangel Chandrasekar designed FB Ministry event invites. N Kingsley also did the same. Ravi Alamothu designed the inside pages of the Bubbly Gospel tract. Stephen Jothiraj helped in editing the articles I wrote. Prathusha Nakka helped with base arrangements before an event in the base and with Facebook ministry event invites. Joel Joseph helped with photography and Facebook ministry event invites. Jeyanthi Vuppula, Benjamin Taylor, Preeti Iona Vemu and others have helped in worship in our base events at various times. Bro. Chitty helped with Telugu translation of Duke’s messages. Bro. Christopher was there to help when it came to logistics and moving things. Silver Ramesh annan was there to advice us in his capacity as a Board Member of our ministry. This list of volunteers who helped our ministry this year is only half-full but our hearts of full of thanks to God for all of them.

For our financial partners (all of whom are Indians) what can we say? There are many ministries and you were kind to include us in the list of ministries you support and we are over-whelmed and we thank God you. There is reward for those who even give a cup of cold water to those who have gone for Jesus’ work, says the Bible. You have done much more. And much more will be your reward.

This year God saved our kids from what could have been a fatal accident in Wonderla, Bangalore. Evan Duke suffered from a hairline fracture that slowed her down for almost four-five months, this year. As we get busy with the ministry of saving “the Google Kids” the Devil targets us, our kids and our everything. But we aren’t about to slacken. We will keep at what God has called to do, till our last breath, with His Spirit enabling us.

Ours is not a 9 to 5 job done to earn some money. We look for ways to grab the Google Generation from going to Gehenna every possible way. That's one reason we give our tracts during journeys. During one train journey from Kolkata to Hyderabad, Duke walked through every compartment in that train and had the joy of giving tracts! During a flight journey this year Duke had the 'over the moon' experience of giving Gospel tracts to a Tamil movie actor.

God is blessing our ministry as this report reveal. Our children, Dale, 10 and Datasha,6, pray everyday, "Oh God of Israel, please bless me, expand our borders, let your hand be with me and keep me from evil!" God is answering this prayer.

In the ministry of Grabbing the Google Generation from going to Gehenna,
Duke Jeyaraj
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Duke is a full-time, itinerant, presenter/writer of Truths from the Bible to the Google Generation (the present-day people, the Youtube Youth, the Facebook Folks, the Twitter Troupe) who operates from out of his base in Hyderabad, India, and is someone who ministers cutting across denominational or organizational barriers.

He founded Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna (hell in Greek) Mission (G4 Mission) in February 2006 to creatively reach out to the Google Generation. This ministry, which Duke n his wife work for full-time, is supported by individual Indians who have been blessed by his preaching and writing ministry, and NOT by any particular organisation or group. This ministry is run on a day-to-day basis with the help of volunteers - you can be one such volunteer!

In case you want to, you could read the blogpost, "Just who is Duke Jeyaraj" here: & the post titled, "The Dukan Chronicle" (Duke's life testimony) here:

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