Friday, October 4, 2013


G4 Mission's ( updated 4-page Gospel tract written by Duke for the Google Gen, with color first page and last page is not only online but also printed.

Is there any purpose in my life? Is there any meaning to it? Will sex, money, fame give my life purpose? Is that all there is, to life? What happens after death? These are questions that YOU yourself asked as you hugged your pillow in your bedroom. These are questions which will not switch off from your mind, even as you switch off your bed-room lights. Duke Jeyaraj, answers these questions using Bible truth in this tract. Interestingly, he wraps the answers around contemporary events, movies, He refers to people/events like Boris Becker, Jiah Khan, Charles Spurgeon, Max Lucado, Boris Becker, Makkhi, Naan Ee, The Attacks of 26/11, Ram Gopal Verma, Dhoni, Tendulkar, World Cup Final 2011, 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist attack, Kasab, Tukaram Omble, Michael Schumacher, etc.

Duke Jeyaraj wrote the first version of this gospel tract for the use of the Google Gen youth group he led as a AG Pastor in New Delhi for them to distribute in Ansal Plaza in 2001. After he founded Grabbing the Google Generation from Grabbing De Google Generation 4m Gehenna Mission, a ministry to presentday people in 2006, he updated that tract and printed it. He does this from time to time. This tract has undergone multiple-printings. This edition is the 2013 edition. The volunteers of this ministry distribute this tract to Google Generation hangouts in Hyderabad. Log onto to know more about Duke and the G4 Mission. Or you could write to Duke at Or log into

God bless the following volunteers for helping out with this: Stephen Jothiraj (text-editing), Joel Joseph (cover design), Ravi Alamothu (inside pages layout), Rhema Teya Kathryn (cover model), Indian friends of this ministry (financial support).

Here is the link for this tract:

This tract can be read as blog at as well. Our volunteer Florussel manages this for us.

Price of this tract is Rs.5/- per tract to send to Indian addresses. Minimum order - 50 tracts. Please use bank info found at
For overseas address the tract becomes Rs.20/- each. Minimum order - 50/-

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