Monday, September 9, 2013


 God blessed the COSEK 2013 camp for young working professionals in Claret Nivas, Bangalore during the last weekend of July 2013. COSEK which stands for "Chosen for the Operation of Salvation for the Expansion of His Kingdom" has Karunya University alumni working in the Corporate World in the thick of things for the Lord. Around 60 professionals gathered for this event organised by HeartShakers from Bangalore and Chennai. Duke's messages from Jeroboam's life (on repenting from backsliding), Joseph's life (on overcoming temptations on day-to-day basis, especially those at work) and Paul's life (on godly habits to develop and doing tent-making ministry) blessed those who came. Times at the altar was powerful. Evan Duke taught on wise life partner choice/handling breakups/etc. The youth were all ears. Duke and Evan joined to answer the questions of the youngsters in Q n A session. The climax was the commitment the campers made to come out of their comfort zone and move to areas where God wants them to be in following Duke's message which you can hear here:

Duke's kids - Dale (9) and Datasha(5) also joined their parents in this camp! It was a time of fun and play as well. It must be noted that Evan Duke ministered despite still not having fully recovered from the toe hairline fracture in this camp. Both Duke and Evan spent time, one on one, with several of the campers, counseling and praying. Those two days were 'heaven on earth'. Have a look at the pictures from the camp on this column and praise God with us!

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