Sunday, March 17, 2013


Words of Testimony Received By Us (Duke/Evan) at Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission (G4 Mission)  (prepared in March 2013)

 This is an awesome message - a Christian minister for those in prisons in Corpos Christi, Texas, after watching Duke Jeyaraj’s message video clip on YouTube encouraging youth to say ‘no’ to premarital sex titled, "Sex before Marriage: Preeti Zinta Vs Bible".
You nailed it! – after Duke included the Gospel in his speech on How To Save The Earth in an International School in an Indian City.
This is my Sunday message. – a brother from Bahrain after reading Duke’s Facebook post on the “Life of Pi and animals that say hi.”
We were really blessed with your powerful and heart touching message at AG church today. - a Microsoft employee working in a particular Indian city.
Good Message – Rev. P.S. Rajamoni, senior Assemblies of God leader of India on Duke's Christmas eve post Facebook post with an originally prepared Christmas season message outline.
May you continue to be the great BIG blessing you are in the lives of many... Have a great day!! – an upcoming model and movie star wishing Duke on his birthday.
Thank you so much for your Facebook post. I work in a hospital but I too believe in waking up early. But it’s true that many times that I have pulled up the blanket and slept. I felt God sent this article through you to me. Thanks brother! – an Indian nurse working in Florida after Duke’s Facebook article on the importance of rising up early starting with a Tim Cook (Apple CEO) anecdote.
You are such a big blessing to us Duke Anna. Your words are just right for this generation and very practical. – a young woman writing from San Jose, California.
I really love this piece and I can just picture Evan in all your descriptions. I think I know her well enough to say that you are truly blessed with a wife that fulfills all the criteria mentioned in Proverbs 31 :10-31. God bless you both. -  a young medical doctor living in Aizawl, India, commenting on Duke’s Facebook post on how he met and married his wife, Evan.
I have read your article, “How I Met and Married My Wife,”  so many times. But when you posted it again on Facebook I still could read it with just as much interest as the first time that I read it. – a young medical doctor writing from an Indian City.
I have never really come across someone who is so gifted in writing packed with such clear expressions like you. God bless you and continue blessing the G4 Mission – a young medical doctor writing from an Indian city.
You were indeed a great blessing to us! Proud of you and keep changing our world...for the better! – the pastor of a large church in a big Indian city after Duke spoke to the young people of that church.

My two children decided to be "come what may followers of LORD Jesus" following your message in the church I attend – a college professor writing from an Indian city.
On an eventful day 3 September 2012, our 9-year-old son Dale, with tears streaming down his eyes, received Jesus as his personal savior. My wife and I turned a time of discipline into a time of Gospel-sharing and Dale responded positively. We did not want to make the blunder of sharing the Gospel with the entire world, giving an altar call for the entire world, without giving one to our own kids! Dale, I am glad to notice, is growing in the Lord. We see him voluntarily picking up his Bible and reading it. Please keep praying for him. – for this Facebook post put by Duke, there were 288 likes (as on 8 March 2013) and countless comments. 

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