Wednesday, November 28, 2012


During May 2012, Duke Jeyaraj and Evangelin Duke were invited by Pastor Terry Pragasam and Pastor John Pragasam of Bethel IPA Church Coimbatore to minister in the youth camp of the English section of their church. A vibrant bunch of youth travelled to a Bible College perched beside gorgeous hills just outside the city of Coimbatore looking forward to an intimate meeting with God! And as both Duke and Evan brought relevant messages on topics such as preparing to receive from God, overcoming temptations, Holy Spirit, etc., there was a mighty move of God. Many youth gave their lives back to Jesus. Some spoke in tongues for the first time. There were tears shed in the altar. The questions of the youth were answered in a clear manner by the pastors and the guest speakers. So much about the youth camp which was for the Google Generation youth. There was another camp for the Google Generation couples in a beach resort in the outskirts of Chennai that Duke and Evan were part of this August. Daniel Pravin and his wife, Ruby, warmly invited Duke and Evan to minister in this couples’ camp. Duke preached messages to the couples from different churches who gathered on topics such as “The Cause and Cure for Curses!”, “Why and How of the Family Altar!”, etc. Evan addressed the grown children who had also come to this camp on topics close to their heart.  Duke and Evan combined to conduct fun games such as “Blind Volleyball” and entertaining quizzes (which also edified!).  In short, the couples and families had a whale of a time studying the Word, strolling across to the beach, etc! “We are still continuing to have the regular family prayer we started the day the camp ended!” was one testimony that Duke and Evan received from one of the campers months after the camp got over!


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