Friday, June 8, 2012


When Duke was a B. Tech. student at Ag. Institute, Allahabad (1993-97) he attempted "Martin Luther-esque" stuff. When he bumped in a whole bunch of other-wise wonderful Bible-believing folks in college who weren't openly talking about the Biblical command that one must be immersed in water AFTER coming to a personal faith in Christ, he decided to write a tract that would throw direct, daring Biblical light on the whole issue and do a protest Martin Luther style. So, he sat down, did the necessary research and wrote a tract titled, "Water Baptism: Church Structures Vs Christ's Scriptures," and distributed it in college in the print-out xerox format, the hand-sketched cover of which you are seeing in this picture alongside this post. One of college friends, who was baptised as a baby, read this tract and years later was immersed in water in obedience to God's word. When this particular friend met Duke after 15 longs years in what appeared to be a chance-meeting in Singapore, he asked Duke, who was now in fulltime ministry, "Hey Duke, diid you ever get to print that water baptism tract you wrote while you were in college, which greatly influenced me, at all?" When Duke replied in the negative, this friend said he would be most happy to sponsor the printing of the same. That's when God put in Duke's heart an idea to write a book that would be called, "The Good news for the Google Generation." Water Baptism is not to be seen as an isolated event but as a obedient response to the Gospel - this was Duke's conviction. So he so decided to assemble the best of his Gospel presentations for the Google Generation in one book and place the write-up about water baptism which he did when he was still in college, in the last section of that book which would practically talk about responses to the Gospel. This book has just gone to the press, after final approval, and will be out shortly. Thank you, Lord!

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