Thursday, December 22, 2011


Testimonies of encouragement that Duke and Evan have received off late

Duke Anna, The acronym ‘Numbers’ you used to outline the message of the book of Numbers - I listened to such a thing for the first time. – A Young Man working with Dell

Uncle Duke, now you are my inspiration for everything.....Never knew that you were so realistic..... That's really great.....

Wow.... ♥ ♥ Dats da most romantic story I’ve ever heard anna ♥ ♥

- Two comments by two young people after they read Duke’s article, “How I Met And Married My Wife!” which is part of his book, STRAIGHT TALK, on FaceBook.

Thanks Brother Duke. The poems were so creative and insightful that I felt inspired to circulate to everyone in my mailing list (by God's grace about 2000 including some outside Christian faith) after doing some slight value addition (addition of relevant pics) . I have incorporated one part of your 3 WC related poems in my essay on the WC triumph. – A writer of repute living in Hyderabad

Dear Brother Duke, All glory to Jesus that He has anointed you to deliver his messages that are very much pressingly relevant these days. The topics many preachers do not dare to even think about, the topics many fail to address, you preach those very topics to the crowd frankly! It will help many people surely to come out of their secret sins and be a useful in hands of the Saviour. – A viewer of Duke’s message clips on sex, love, marriage and more on

I came with a heavy burden for the Bible Study meeting at your base. Now everything has gone away. God spoke to me through each and every word you spoke today. I also had severe stomach pain while on the way. God healed that pain. I am totally okay. – A Young Man working for a corporate company in Hyderabad

Duke, We are always blessed by your messages - especially the ones related to the Cricket World Cup:) – an Indian young couple living in the US

Duke, It is amazing to see the way God is using you and Evangeline. Sometimes it makes me very proud that I know you personally. - a postdoctoral research scholar of Indian origin in the US

Duke, After seeing your programs on YouTube in the Islamic Nation I work in, the locals allow us to have prayer in our project work premises! – A YouTube Viewer writing-in from an Islamic Nation

Duke, I listened to the DVD of yours with the message on Relationships with one’s parents, patrons, peers and pair. Liked all the examples you have quoted in that message. You have the anointing to be able to link it so well! This message will fit our topic on relationships in the Value Education curriculum of the School I teach in. – a volunteer Teacher writing in from an Indian city.

Dear Evangelin Akka, Your article, 'Are you desperate for a miracle?' was amazing. – a college student from Chennai

Dear Sister Evan, I was there for that message and I tell you that it was an amazing one! A life transforming one and I think you should give more messages like that! – A college principal in Hyderabad who listened to Evan speak the message, FROM REJECT TO A MAGNET, shared with the women of the New Life AG Church, Hyderabad, March 2011

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