Sunday, August 28, 2011


On January 26, 2010, Duke Jeyaraj, preached in the Bethel City Cathedral, a leading church in the city of Coimbatore upon the invitation of Rev. Terry Pragasam. 1600 young people from various parts of the city and the state of Tamil Nadu showed up, despite having the option of attending other events in the city featuring leading speakers. In his first message, Duke called for sexual purity by preaching a message on this not-often-openly-talked-about subject, from the Bible, using presentday illustrations, without beating about the bush. Surprisingly, when Duke, moved by the Spirit, called those who were repenting from sexual sin to come forward after this talk, there were rows of young men and women, who came forward! A powerful time of commitment followed. Just before lunch, Duke preached yet another message. The Bible text he chose was from Psalm 78. Starting with a story from George Bush Jr.'s autobiography, He went on to talk about Ephraim who turned back on the day of battle. In this very practical message, he outlined ways to overcome temptation without turning back. And as the Spirit lead him to do so, Duke finished with a energetic ministry involvement challenge. When the clarion call for ministry involvement (presently, whereever one was) and fulltime ministry (down the line) was given, over 70 per cent of the audience responded! The move of God was unmistakable in that meeting which also featured the message and music of Bro. Isaac Joe! After this meeting, Duke was invited to the studio of Bethel City Cathedral to be featured in an interview on what the Bible Teaches on hot youth issues.While travelling to the city of Coimbatore by air, Duke took the opportunity to pass out his Gospel tract, "Bubbly Outside, Yet Empty Inside!" to some of the airline staff. Preaching is just one way to be a witness for Jesus, is it not?

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