Friday, May 20, 2011


Singapore is the land of Merlion. Duke Jeyaraj and Evanelin Duke recently ministered there.

The Lord opened the door for Duke and Evan to preach in the country of Singapore in Feb-Mar 2011.

They were invited by PROFIT Fellowship - a fellowship of professionals who gather under the banner of GEMS ministry, all working in Singapore.

They preached in different events organised by Profit and also in two different churches during their two week stay.

Duke spoke in a young professionals meet of Profit in which about 50 young professionals gathered.

Duke used the story of the two wayward sisters found in Ezekiel 23 and preached a Gospel message to them.

Some young people came to Christ following the meeting.

Duke preached to a group of GEMS supporters in the GEMS Missions Centre in Singapore. A group of about 30 gathered.

Duke spoke to them from the life of Daniel and challenged them to be Daniels in their place of work. Placing their hands in their heart, they vowed to be Daniels.

Duke spoke to the senior professionals involved with Profit in yet another meeting. Duke spoke to them from the life of Nehemiah. They were touched by that thought - provoking message.

Evangelin Duke address about 15 home-makers of Singapore in a Profit event on how to do ministry even though you stayed at home. This talk was extremely practical.

Duke and Evan spent two days ministering in the Christ Church, Singapore.

Duke spoke to the teens, twenties and parents in a Saturday meeting. He spoke on the subject of Relationships. Relationships between parents-children, boys-girls, friends, and younsters-older folk. The Lord blessed the message and Duke spent time answering questions from the young people and their parents.

The next day, Duke preached in the Sunday service of the Christ Church. He challenged the Church for the ministry of intercession.

After the service, Duke spoke to the teens of the church on overcoming temptations using an outline that involved 5 Bs. The teens came forward, knelt down and committed their lives for holy living.

During the same time, Evan, Duke's wife spoke to about 30 women of this church on the task of witnessing in a very practical way.

Duke, later spoke in the church lead by Pastor Jacob for Telugu workers in Singapore.

Duke preached a message from the book of Ecclesiastes - a Gospel message. The Lord blessed that message which the pastor interpreted into Telugu. At the end of the message, 20 young boys came forward and gave their lives to Christ.

In the first weekend of March 2011, in a beachside bungalow in Singapore, Duke-Evan spoke to a crowd that gradually swelled to 50. It was a Profit Family Camp Meeting.

Duke spoke five messages titled under spread over 36 hours:

How To Prepare To Receive From God (from a Psalm)
Marks of a Backsliding Believer (from the book of Malachi)
Market Place Evangelism - Whys and Hows (from the book of Amos and from other portions of the Bible)
Why God Created Marriage (from various passages)
Why Market Place Evangelism Is Most Urgent (from various passages)

Evan preached two pivotal messages in this camp:

Small Start. Smashing Finish.
The Holy Spirit - The Oil Who Makes Us Toil For The Lord

People were immensely blessed. After Evan's sessions, people had encounters with the Holy Spirit.After Duke's message on Evangelism, the campers were divided into groups and they enacted skits using what they learnt. After the final message of Duke a vast majority of the campers dedicated their time, talents, treasures to do God's Work through Profit ministries.

About 100 message CDS of Duke-Evan and 40 plus books of Duke on what the Bible teaches about hot topics such as sex, love, marriage and more (STRAIGHT TALK) were sold during these meetings.

Duke's magazine, The Days of Your Youth, was given free to those who asked for it (about 100 mags).

This was the fifth country that Duke preached in after India, Germany, Nepal, Bangladesh.

Please contact us at +91-8886040605 if you desire to buy the DVDs of the messages that Duke Jeyaraj preached in the country of Singapore.

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