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Duke Jeyaraj and Evan Duke
We are glad to let you know that the Lord did mighty things in our Trip to the South Indian Town of Trichy for ministry.Have a look at the pictures attached that sort of tell you the story of our trip in a colorful way.

The 120 in Shalom Gardens...

Over 120 young people from 7 towns/cities and the country of Rwanda attended the Countdown 2009 - a inter church youth camp organised by the Trichy Team under the fatherly patronage of Bro. Ravinderan in the serene Shalom Gardens in Trichy.

Young people from various backgrounds attended the camp
Datasha in Shalom Gardens, the venue for the camp

Duke challenged them by a message on temptations, first up, based on an imaginary interview he did with Bible Characters who beat temptation and lost to temptation. Almost all the audience vowed to the Lord that they would lead a holy life by incorporating the practical steps suggested in that powerful talk.

Duke answered questions, the young people had, for over two hours on varied topics such as life partner choice, women in preaching ministry, etc in this camp. In one other session, while Duke answered the questions posed by the guys in the camp on sex, love and marriage, and other intimate taboo matters, his wife, Evan, did the same with the ladies folk. The youth were enlightened. One person walked up to Duke to say that Duke was only the second person he had heard, who spoke so openly from the Bible with a down to earth approach on sexuality, coupled with gripping presentation skills, all his life and ministry . Our boldness and beauty of presentation comes from the Lord and we thank Him. We have miles to travel before we sleep and plenty of room to improve.

Evan, Duke's wife, taught the young people on the subject matter of relationships with parents, elders, friends and the opposite gender in a candid talk from the Bible. Hear this: Duke, who usually speaks with a Tamil Interpreter to Tamil audiences, served as her Tamil Translator! Later with Bharat of Karunya Institute of Technology, standing next to her to interpret, Evan preached a powerful message on the Holy Spirit. The flow of that message was just out of the world. And the booming voice with which it was delivered was appreciated, all the more, because it came from a lady's mouth. About 20 people received Holy Spirit Baptism. It was a powerful, powerful time.

After Evan's Holy Spirit Baptism session

Evan preaches as Bharat interprets into Tamil

Later Duke challenged the youth with the message, What Motivated Paul to Dedicate All His One Life To Jesus and His Work. 20 young people gave their lives for full-time ministry following that message by coming forward to the altar call given for missionary martyrdom (if there is a need for that). Almost, all of the rest of the youth vowed to use their time talent and treasures for God's Kingdom's extension in some way or the other.

Duke challenges the youth for ministry

The CDs, books, magazines we took along, carrying our messages, were sold briskly (for over 2000 rupees).

The youth from Rwanda pick up Duke's CDs, books and mags

The Red Revival Team from Bangalore also shared the pulpit with Duke and Evan and did a good job. The preaching of Bro. Hari, in the TD Jakes style, stood out. The Trichy Team lead in singing/worship in an anointed, creative way. Mike Praveen from this team, was the one with whom I was in touch with with regard to this camp. Uncle Ravinderan, the generous owner of the camp site, also chipped in with very apt devotional messages that blessed the youth.

The Red Revival Team who ministered mightily along with us

We were lovingly served by the energetic young people from the Tirchy Team. Every step we took in the camp site, they were here to assist us in getting us what we needed, be it water or food or whatever.

The Lord was at work in the Youth Camp, clearly. Great things, He did there!

Travel, Travel, Travel, People, People, People

Dale in front a tall tree in Kodai

In the home of Daniel and Ruby, in Chennai on the way back...

(Duke, Evan and the kids) had time to visit Kodaikanal Hills just for a day before the camp. We loved it! We met/stayed with old friends such as Christie (while going to the camp and she treated us with dinner) and Daniel and Ruby (while coming back from the camp). We stopped at Duke's place in Vellore, Duke's Chitappa's place in Tondiarpet, Chennai and also at Evan's grandparents place in Gudiyattham (Kuzhitigai interior village, actually). These times with relatives was refreshing. Duke's dad came to Trichy to take Dale along with him when the camp went on. And that gave more time to pray and prepare.

Evan with her friend Christie who works for God TV

Evan in Kuzhitigai, a small village with her grandmoms

Train bogie detaches.... The Gospel attaches to the co passengers...

We safely reached Hyderabad (even though some of the bogies of the train we travelled bafflingly detached during the journey - the problem was rectified). We gave Gospel tracts that Duke penned, Bubbly Outside, Yet Empty Inside, to folk around and also the Gospel Special magazine of The Days of Your Youth during our train travel. We vote, vouch for direct evangelism, any day!

One person we gave tracts to in the train became pally with our kids

Beat Temptations Bible Study

Duke leads II Samuel Beat Temptation Bible Study.....

Duke, almost immediately, 14 June, had to lead the Interchurch Bible Study in the home of Bro. Christopher. The Lord blessed the practical summary of the book of II Samuel that Duke lead. Lessons on beating sexual temptation, on leadership were learnt. Bro. Rajkumar cooked and served dinner for those who came. One Dentist drive 50 kms on his bike to attend this study! The message of the book wrapped around the name DAVID JESSIE!

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